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Milestone 2.0

Completed 10 years ago (05/27/09 12:00:00)


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TurboGears 2.0 involves a serious (but mostly backwards compatible) shakeup of the project foundations in order to support pervasive Python WSGI capabilities. What this ultimately means is a great deal more flexibility in combining and reusing TurboGears applications plus applications and "middleware" developed at other projects!

TurboGears 2.0 will be based on Pylons 1.0 branch , and will replicate the core turbogears api as closely as is feasible. In some cases, we will make backwards incompatible changes in order to clean up API's, or because they are not reasonable given our new foundation.

The TurboGears decorators will be maintain the same API, but will be rewritten to register information in the application, and the functionality to implement their behaviors will be housed in the TurboGears base controller. One small exception to the API stability rule, is that we will be implementing an improved content negotiation system for the stacked exposed decorators.

The new system will allow content type choices via accept headers, dotted extensions to the url (index.html indicates that a user wants html, while index.json indicated that the user wants the call to return JSON, and index.rss indicates a desire for an RSS feed, dotted extensions will override accept headers, and the tg_format parameter (present but deprecated) will allow you to override both by passing explicitly requesting a particular parameter.

There will also be enhancements to the Identity system, and perhaps other TG components.

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