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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#285 = anonymous enhancement normal normal
#337 Make the shell automatically commit on exit anonymous defect normal normal
#578 Not output tg_flash when tg_format==json and tg_flash is None anonymous task normal minor
#687 Add entry point for Toolbox tools anonymous enhancement normal normal
#798 [PATCH] message collection tools should detect gettext calls in Kid templates ericvrp defect normal 0.9a4 normal
#811 [PATCH] detect correct python binary in start-<project>.py jorge.vargas defect normal 0.9a5 normal
#820 confusing error messages configuring logging anonymous defect normal 0.9a5 normal
#826 [Patch] TG Email Wrapper anonymous enhancement normal 0.9a5 normal
#833 Quick started SQL Alchemy project won't run anonymous defect normal 0.9a5 major
#837 [PATCH] Alternative Py2.3 compatible quickstart templates anonymous defect normal 0.9a5 normal
#848 [PATCH] DateTimeConvertor fails to throw empty exception anonymous defect normal 0.9a5 normal
#863 Cryptic error message for configuration syntax error Fuzzyman defect normal 0.9a6 normal
#866 [PATCH] config.py logging enhancement anonymous enhancement normal 0.9a6 normal
#870 sqlalchemy in database.py is annoying anonymous defect normal normal
#879 Incorrect handling when serveFile returns [] anonymous defect normal 0.9a6 normal
#898 Default sqlite dburi in dev.cfg fails on Win32 max defect normal 0.9a6 normal
#905 [PATCH] Support checkbox and radio input fields in remoteFormRequest anonymous defect normal 0.9a6 major
#919 Changeset 1376 broke model.py with no identity anonymous defect normal 0.9a5 minor
#922 [PATCH] update TG to support sqlalchemy API 0.2 anonymous task normal 0.9a6 major
#977 [PATCH] DBTest patch to better clean up the db after every test anonymous defect normal 0.9a6 normal
#1025 Validator decorateor runs when no data is posted in controller anonymous defect normal 0.9a6 normal
#1094 [PATCH] DBTest trying to drop tables that don't exist anonymous defect normal normal
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