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#1961 Widget browser broken in TG 1.1 chrisz defect high 1.1 HEAD major
#2008 [PATCH] Turbogears does not support genshi.new_text_syntax option faide enhancement high 1.0 HEAD normal
#2010 [PATCH] Fix deprecation warning caused by using retrieve_javascrip/css with ToscaWidgets Chris Arndt defect high 1.1 HEAD major
#2011 toscawidgets deprecated and disabled retrieve_javascript and retrieve_css faide defect high 1.1 HEAD blocker
#1648 Paginate decorator for arbitrary list-like objects anonymous enhancement normal 1.0.4b3 normal
#1722 admi18n javascript is broken anonymous defect normal major
#1914 Improper SPAN/DIV nesting in FieldSet widgets Chris Arndt defect normal normal
#1953 [PATCH] Add request filter to handle file uploads from buggy Flash clients Chris Arndt defect normal 1.1 HEAD normal
#1974 [PATCH] Ordering of JS and CSS widgets at render time rejoc enhancement normal 1.0.6 normal
#1996 [PATCH] Support for dispatching based on HTTP method for REST APIs faide enhancement normal 1.0.7 normal
#2014 [PATCH] WidgetLists do not inherit fields faide enhancement normal 1.1b1 minor
#2038 Work on the CSS to clean up the dom structure faide task normal 1.1b1 normal
#2041 test.cfg has become the default configuration file over dev.cfg faide defect normal 1.1 HEAD normal
#2044 'turbogears.access' logger does not conform to common/combined log format Chris Arndt defect normal 1.0.7 normal
#316 [PATCH] Modify turbogears.url so that it can return an absolute path Chris Arndt defect low minor
#1764 [PATCH] Add SQLAlchemy support to testutil.DBTest kskuhlman enhancement low 1.1 HEAD minor
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