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#1137 [PATCH] make turbogears.url work in the absense of cherrypy.request max enhancement high TurboGears 1.0b1
#1209 Data already flushed does not rollback if exception occurs splee defect high TurboGears 1.0b2
#134 Update contributing doc to reflect 2.3 compatibility requirement SuperJared defect normal Documentation
#468 [PATCH] Kid configuration settings ignored anonymous defect normal TurboGears
#909 TG1.0 20 Minute Wiki feedback anonymous defect normal Documentation 0.9a5
#1048 admi18n tool crashes when ran from a non-project dir anonymous defect normal Toolbox.admi18n
#1195 TurboJson should not require SQLObject kevin defect normal TurboGears 1.0b2
#1196 TurboJson unit tests don't work anonymous defect normal unassigned 1.0b2
#1197 SQLAlchemy, "MySQL server has gone away", Programming Error splee defect normal SQLAlchemy 1.0b2
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