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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Severity
#2240 Improve the config system of TG2 enhancement high trunk major
#1655 Create some kind of "component" architecture for TG2 plewis defect normal trunk normal
#2126 Write tests for DecoratedController faide defect normal trunk normal
#2159 add a --clean option to quickstart faide defect normal trunk normal
#2164 add the toolbox back to turbogears 2? faide task normal trunk normal
#2169 Migrating turbogears to pip jorge.vargas task normal trunk normal
#2206 Query setuptools entry points for plugins faide enhancement normal trunk normal
#2231 Add http verb based predicates enhancement normal 2.0 normal
#2238 Server error instead of stack trace when code contains non-ascii chars defect normal 2.0b5 major
#2283 In model.auth.User, expose password-hashing mechanism Gustavo enhancement normal 2.0b7 normal
#2323 Make .mako the default for Mako templates (instead of .mak) task normal 2.0 normal
#2397 TG2 Google App Engine compatibility. splee enhancement normal 2.1 normal
#2525 test_caching fails in TG 2.1 defect normal 2.1 normal
#2479 Port to the new Bunch package defect low 2.1b1 normal
#2508 Exilir support enhancement low 2.1 normal
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