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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2336 possible security hole in default error handler pedersen defect highest TurboGears 2.0
#2347 2.0.1 broken with mod_wsgi defect highest TurboGears 2.0.1
#1820 crud list produces error NoSuchColumnError for some tables anonymous defect normal TurboGears trunk
#2335 [patch] tg.i18n.setup_i18n() doesn't set FormEncode translation when there's language in session defect normal TurboGears trunk
#2371 post_login in new project should not call tg.url() when calling redirect() defect normal TurboGears 2.0.1
#2399 [PATCH] Enable "delete" on on parental relations RestController defect normal TurboGears 2.0.1
#2471 Default templates in tg.devtools generate invalid redirects. defect normal unassigned 2.0.3
#2495 page not found (404) where all @expose decorators of the controller have custom_format defect normal TurboGears 2.0.3
#2523 [PATCH] possibly bug in TurboGears2-2.0.3-py2.5.egg/tg /controllers.py defect normal TurboGears 2.0.3
#701 [PATCH][TEST] catwalk.Browse.join_foreign_key makes bad SQLObject column name from joinColumn defect low Toolbox.Catwalk 1.0.4b1
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