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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2188 Improve documentation on authentication, identification and authorization Gustavo task highest Documentation trunk
#2209 Include lazy translations in the documentation Gustavo task high Documentation trunk
#2261 Document how to test protected areas with repoze.who-testutil Gustavo defect high Documentation trunk
#2496 Error in the tut here at this link -http://tinyurl.com/2dl58pz documentation high TurboGears 2.1
#2502 Rename of default and lookup methods in TG 2.1 task high TurboGears trunk
#1423 TurboGears 2 Upgrade Guide for TurboGears 1.0 Users task normal Documentation trunk
#1831 Create "address book" tutorial mramm defect normal Documentation trunk
#1834 Write a debugging tg2 doc anonymous defect normal Documentation trunk
#2090 Provide documentation on how to modify the behavior of @expose('json') anybody task normal Documentation trunk
#2128 Document WsgiAppController jorge.vargas documentation normal TurboGears trunk
#2142 Document SecureFormMixin from TW percious defect normal Documentation trunk
#2181 Document how to handle many subdomains with the same application pedersen documentation normal TurboGears trunk
#2202 rewrite DevStatus.rst faide defect normal TurboGears 2.0
#2204 [PATCH] In the docs, add an example of using the model outside of the project percious enhancement normal Documentation trunk
#2208 [Patch] Adding FastCGI instructions jorge.vargas documentation normal Deployment trunk
#2213 Reflection tables on model for tg2. jorge.vargas documentation normal TurboGears 2.0
#2218 Document how to secure the whole application Gustavo task normal Documentation trunk
#2219 document tg.ignore_parameter for TG2 jorge.vargas documentation normal Documentation 2.0b6
#2220 No documentation for i18n under TG2 documentation normal TurboGears 2.0b6
#2225 Write a testing a turbogears application tutorial documentation normal TurboGears 2.0b5
#2228 Document Mako Template loader optimizations defect normal TurboGears 2.0b5
#2230 Placeholder ticket for Documents to check and update task normal TurboGears trunk
#2235 DataGrid and pagination tutorial/reference missing for TG2 documentation normal Documentation 2.1
#2278 Provide documentation on how to create a tgext package jorge.vargas documentation normal Documentation 2.0
#2296 sqlite db creation error in wiki20 tutorial defect normal TurboGears 2.0b7
#2328 Comment%20on%20index.html mramm defect normal Web site 2.0b7
#2332 Fixes for the Using PyAMF with TurboGears 2 recipe documentation normal TurboGears 2.0.1
#2354 Collection of documentation suggestions pedersen documentation normal TurboGears 2.1
#2355 Documentation Updates and Upgrades pedersen documentation normal TurboGears 2.0b7
#2360 Documentation for app_globals unclear mpedersen documentation normal Documentation 2.1
#2385 PATCH: Update TG2.1 and PyAMF documentation jorge.vargas defect normal TurboGears 2.1
#2400 Document webflash aka tg.flash defect normal TurboGears 2.1a1
#2422 documentation error documentation normal TurboGears 2.1a3
#2423 documentation error defect normal TurboGears 2.1a3
#2424 documentation error defect normal TurboGears 2.1a3
#2434 quickstart - documentation Chris Arndt defect normal Quickstart Templates 2.0.3
#2436 Line numbers in documentation are incorrect Chris Arndt defect normal Quickstart Templates 2.0.3
#2440 Doc error in ToscaSample tutorial defect normal Documentation 2.0.3
#2441 Doc error in ToscaSample tutorial defect normal Documentation 2.0.3
#2492 installing a TG2 project as an egg file throws "OSError: [Errno 20] Not a directory" on every request documentation normal TurboGears 2.1
#2315 PATCH: Recipes :: Adding FirePython logger to Turbogears enhancement low Documentation 2.1
#2329 Suggested Pagination doc documentation low TurboGears 2.0b7
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