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#2526 Non-restful methods and subcontrollers not found in nested RestControllers defect normal TurboGears 2.0b7
#2527 Installation for the Impatient does not function properly defect normal TurboGears 2.1
#2528 Form errors are cut off if they include a colon defect normal TurboGears 2.1rc1
#2531 Exception when trying to run turbogears2 project: ImportError: No module named pylonshq defect normal TurboGears 2.1
#2533 Warnings are reset when in debug mode defect normal TurboGears 2.1rc1
#2536 Beaker persists the session on every request in tg2 defect normal TurboGears 2.2
#2537 Multiple override_template usage issue (mixed decorated and classic call) defect normal TurboGears 2.1
#2541 NestedVariablesFilter interacts badly with identity.force_external_redirect=True defect normal TurboGears 1.0.8
#2546 Broken links in the Simple Widget Form Tutorial documentation normal TurboGears 2.1
#2534 [Patch] DataGrid, Enable missing attributes in attributewrapper Chris Arndt enhancement normal TG Widgets 1.1 HEAD
#2501 Renaming a task doesn't actually rename it vinces1979 defect normal Scheduler trunk
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