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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2247 TG2 should use pylons.strict_c on by default defect high TurboGears 2.0b6
#2287 [PATCH] No simple way to make TurboGears 2 produce HTML enhancement high TurboGears 2.0rc1
#2378 General content_type ticket. defect high TurboGears trunk
#2069 Add caching tests faide defect normal TurboGears trunk
#2167 Catwalk did not recognise constrain on multiple columns percious defect normal Catwalk2
#2237 call_on_startup/shutdown should be called after config has been initialized defect normal TurboGears trunk
#2273 [PATCH] Pass toscawidgets parameters from TG config so can cache header created jorge.vargas enhancement normal TurboGears 2.0b7
#2307 TG2 admin pages fail validation if 1:M backref relationships are empty percious defect normal Catwalk2 2.0rc1
#2373 @expose('json') won't return lists defect normal TurboGears 2.1a1
#2300 Generate session secret when quickstarting enhancement lowest TurboGears 2.0b7

Resolution: migrated (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2293 a quickstart option to install elixir based rdbms interface. mramm enhancement normal Quickstart Templates 2.1
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