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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#507 Relative Imports simon defect high TurboGears
#1282 MoinMoin Header Chris Arndt defect low Web site
#1442 Wiki banner hides text when viewed with IE7 Chris Arndt defect normal Web site
#1483 Make TG support SA 0.4 paj defect high SQLAlchemy 1.0.3
#1621 [TEST] CompoundFormField widget can sometimes bypass validation anonymous defect normal TurboGears
#1702 Scheduler doesn't ever shut down if interval_task was executing when interrupt sent Chris Arndt defect low TurboGears
#1761 https authentication raises exception if the forward_url has FileField etc. anonymous defect normal Identity
#1768 TurboGears egg can not be built from non-svn directory chrisz defect normal Deployment
#1888 top_level_dir (in config) don't resolve correctly in namespace packages anonymous defect normal TurboGears 1.0.5
#2386 AttributeError when mapping a subclass with database.session_mapper defect high SQLAlchemy 1.1
#2390 [PATCH] Displaying nested TG widgets from Genshi templates may give Internal Error Chris Arndt defect normal TG Widgets 1.1
#2392 Enabling i18n.run_template_filter does not enable translation filter in Kid templates Chris Arndt defect normal I18n 1.1
#2518 Kid is not a dependency for TG1.1.1 anymore but is still needed for TG widget defect normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
#1745 [Recipe] RESTful pagination using the @paginate decorator Chris Arndt documentation normal Documentation 1.0
#1778 1.0/RoughDocs/GettingStartedTemplate Document Review: A replacement for 1.0/GettingStarted/Kid Chris Arndt documentation normal Documentation 1.0
#2367 Document i18n procedures for Genshi templates Chris Arndt documentation normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
#867 Background tasks, like a one-time forked schedule jorge.vargas enhancement normal TurboGears 0.9a6
#1343 [PATCH] Allow inversion of identity conditions in decorators anonymous enhancement normal Identity 1.0
#1795 [PATCH] collect strings marked for i18n in Mako templates anonymous enhancement normal TurboGears
#1965 [PATCH] Improved Number validator, setting number of decimals anonymous enhancement normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
#1500 Remember to update "upgrade instructions" page when releasing Chris Arndt task high Documentation 1.0.3
#1712 Need unit tests for scheduler module vince1979 task low TurboGears
#2024 Using CherryPy Filters to handle the same parameter on each controller method Chris Arndt task normal Documentation 1.0
#2383 Add more tests for Genshi template engine plugin Chris Arndt task normal View 1.1 HEAD

Resolution: invalid (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2009 Catwalk connection polling anonymous defect normal Toolbox 1.0.7

Resolution: wontfix (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1993 [PATCH] @validate recursion guard revisited defect normal TurboGears 1.0.7
#2426 Exception when importing turbogears with python -OO defect low TurboGears 1.1
#1073 No way to discover available quickstart templates elvelind enhancement normal tg-admin (non-toolbox) 0.9a6
#1879 Identity should use a sql query to get the user's permissions anonymous enhancement normal Identity 1.1 HEAD
#1448 Create a script that converts SVN log messages into trac wiki format to help maintainer Chris Arndt task low Web site
#1861 Reorganize turbogears.util into a package anonymous task low TurboGears
#2040 Need to refactor pygettext faide task normal TurboGears 1.0.7

Resolution: duplicate (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1101 DBTest + sqlalchemy problems anonymous defect normal SQLAlchemy 0.9a5
#34 Add downloadable docs Chris Arndt task low Documentation 1.0b2
#601 tg-admin should expose command to call create_extension_model for extensions anonymous task normal tg-admin (non-toolbox)
#1305 Display the record instead of an id in CatWalk ForeignKey anonymous task low Toolbox.Catwalk 1.0

Resolution: worksforme (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1929 Exceptions during test suite run because visit extension model tables not present anonymous defect low Tests 1.1 HEAD
#1959 Exceeding maximum recursion depth causes Python to crash anonymous defect normal TurboGears 1.0.5
#2419 tg-admin sql create fails with sqlobject on installed apps Chris Arndt defect normal tg-admin (non-toolbox) 1.0.8
#1744 Create official doc about quickstarting a TurboGears project Chris Arndt documentation high Documentation 1.0
#2374 Replace TG 1.0 favicon with a prettier one jon task high Quickstart Templates 1.1 HEAD

Resolution: migrated (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2048 Drive letter separator in Windows dburi not substituted when using package specific dburi Chris Arndt defect normal TurboGears 1.0.7
#1971 Improve determination of content type in view.base.render anonymous enhancement normal TurboGears 1.0.6
#2257 .po files : same msgid records could be "deduplicated" rejoc enhancement normal I18n 1.1 HEAD
#2549 Mounting should be done with cherrypy.root.mount enhancement normal TurboGears 1.1.2
#1813 Refactor database configuration chrisz task normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
#2032 Add test for SafeMultipartFilter faide task normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
#2043 Revisit loading of test configuration in turbogears.testutil faide task normal Tests 1.0.7
#2366 Find better solution for validation of arguments to controller methods set as error_handler Chris Arndt task normal TurboGears 1.1 HEAD
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