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{12} Develix Bug Bounty tickets (14 matches)

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Ticket Status Summary
#77 closed [PATCH] Importing SQLObject classes into model.py doesn't work
#249 closed Catwalk permanently locks the database when attached.
#93 closed [PATCH] Add support for singleJoins (CatWalk)
#118 closed [PATCH] Add tests to quickstart project
#178 closed [PATCH] unicode charachters are not properly handled by CatWalk
#180 closed tg-admin sql create won't let you manually specify --egg
#297 closed [PATCH] i18n and turbogears.flash
#361 closed Identity (and Catwalk) fail to account for proxy when restricting access by IP address
#395 closed [PATCH]catwalk mangles NULL foreign keys
#402 closed std.url not behaving properly after a POST
#409 closed Kid's formatting puts blank space in a textarea
#568 closed CatWalk hangs in CatWalkState.createTable() when using Postgres
#272 closed turbogears.fastdata.DataController aborting when there's a 'title' attribute for a column
#16 closed Improved Kid error reporting
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