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16:20 Ticket #22 (Update CherryPy to 2.1-rc2) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [48]
15:39 Ticket #22 (Update CherryPy to 2.1-rc2) created by kevin
15:31 Ticket #13 (Make sure all files that need to be distributed with an app appear in the ...) closed by kevin
fixed: Fixed in [47].
15:18 Ticket #20 (Lazy instantiation of SQLObjects) closed by kevin
wontfix: There's been more discussion of this. Doing lazy initialization is …
13:16 Ticket #21 (Corrections to the 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial, Page 4) closed by kevin
fixed: thanks for the corrections. This is fixed in [45].
12:48 Ticket #21 (Corrections to the 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial, Page 4) created by sdelatorre+turbogears@…
I spotted a few errors on Page 4 of the 20 minute wiki tutorial: 1. …
11:15 Ticket #20 (Lazy instantiation of SQLObjects) created by kevin
Sometimes, it is good to collect up information or be able to otherwise …
09:52 Ticket #19 (Simple CRUD) created by kevin
Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete? is a *very* common pattern in a web app …
09:50 Ticket #18 (Upgrade to MochiKit 1.4 to support animation) created by kevin
MochiKit? does not yet have any animation/visual effects features, which …
09:46 Ticket #17 (Web-based interactive shell) created by kevin
This shell should work in the major modern browsers (IE6, Firefox and …
09:33 Ticket #16 (Improved Kid error reporting) created by kevin
Ian Bicking provided this hint: Since I happened to be looking at the …
09:30 Ticket #8 (Basic authentication) closed by anonymous
duplicate: I'm closing this in favor of #11*


11:07 Ticket #15 (Add a Template Browser to the Toolbox) created by dw-it-mail@…
See email thread at  http://tinyurl.com/9r3ep Idea is that: tg-admin …


12:07 Ticket #14 (Update documentation for Greatest (0.8)) created by kevin
Do a documentation/website sweep to make sure the changes in 0.8 are …
12:06 Ticket #13 (Make sure all files that need to be distributed with an app appear in the ...) created by kevin
Some people may build an egg without committing to svn or cvs. If that's …
12:05 Ticket #12 (Static content doesn't work for applications that are included in a larger ...) created by kevin
Since static files are configured in the config file, if they are included …
11:55 Ticket #3 (SQLObject egg metadata for quickstart projects) closed by kevin
fixed: Done in [36]. Note that this means that tg-admin sql commands now require …
10:32 Ticket #10 (Use setuptools to generate tg-admin script) closed by kevin
fixed: Done in [35]. Additionally, the script is now called tg-admin.
10:24 Ticket #4 (Update FormEncode and remove our StringBoolean) closed by kevin
fixed: This is done in [34].
09:39 Ticket #11 (Simple authentication/authorization framework) created by kevin
Authentication and authorization are needed for almost any non-trivial …


23:16 Ticket #10 (Use setuptools to generate tg-admin script) created by kevin
The turbogears-admin script should be generated by setuptools using the …
23:15 Ticket #2 (Update SQLObject to 0.7.0) closed by kevin
fixed: Done in [33].
21:59 Ticket #5 (docgen needs to handle versions) closed by kevin
fixed: At the moment, I have started generating the website out of the TurboGears
09:41 Ticket #7 (Be able to specify a content-type via expose) closed by kevin
fixed: Finished in [28].


19:00 Ticket #9 (cherrypy autoreload magic causes headaches) created by Attila Vágvölgyi
If I embrace the whole file contents in two prints like […] it can be …
08:28 Ticket #8 (Basic authentication) created by Lethalman
CherryPy? doesn't provide ad authentication method so i'm making an …


22:22 Ticket #7 (Be able to specify a content-type via expose) created by kevin
As of right now, you can only explicitly expose a template for html …
22:12 DocumentationPlayground created by kevin
22:09 WikiStart edited by kevin
22:01 Ticket #6 (Make JSON serialization flexible) created by kevin
Bob Ippolito has provided a usefully subclassable JSON serializer: …
21:58 Ticket #5 (docgen needs to handle versions) created by kevin
docgen.py, the website generator for TurboGears, needs to be able to …
21:56 Ticket #4 (Update FormEncode and remove our StringBoolean) created by kevin
The latest version of FormEncode has an augmented boolean validator that …
21:55 Ticket #3 (SQLObject egg metadata for quickstart projects) created by kevin
From Ian Bicking on the mailing list: I thought I'd note that the …
21:46 Ticket #2 (Update SQLObject to 0.7.0) created by kevin
SQLObject 0.7.0 has been released and should be incorporated.
21:42 Ticket #1 (Site-wide master template covering multiple apps) created by kevin
It needs to be possible to apply headers and footers to multiple …


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