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14:47 DeployWithAnEgg edited by Aggelos Orfanakos
Added some more details regarding the files required for deployment. (diff)
12:45 InterNationalization created by michele
start collecting some link regarding i18n


09:34 Ticket #86 (Nicer error handler for quickstarted projects) created by kevin
A better error handling page (one that looks nicer and is more usable from …


09:04 Ticket #85 (SQLObject cache needs to be cleared in a multiprocess server) created by kevin
Ian Bicking wrote: […]
08:00 CheckedCheckBox created by elvelind@…
07:57 DocumentationPlayground edited by elvelind@…


15:24 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by william
add link to fastformward (diff)
15:12 CachingTechniques edited by william
cachingtechniques: add link to memcached (diff)
12:38 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations edited by SuperJared
added Debian Sarge… (diff)
12:35 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared
fixed text (diff)
12:34 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations created by SuperJared
Added OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations page
12:25 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared
Added OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations (diff)
11:20 SelectingOption created by kevin
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11:19 DocumentationPlayground edited by kevin
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10:47 CachingTechniques created by kevin
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10:43 HibernateVsSqlObject edited by kevin


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15:34 WikiStart edited by SuperJared
Reformatting (added resources) (diff)
15:05 DeployWithAnEgg created by michele
12:56 IdentityManagement created by SuperJared
Added IdentityManagement page
12:39 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared
Added IdentityManagement page (diff)
11:27 LighttpdIntegration edited by rmunn@…
Added link to yet another way to do it (diff)
11:17 HibernateVsSqlObject edited by luca
SQLObject have lazy updates (diff)
09:21 HibernateVsSqlObject created by kevin
09:15 DocumentationPlayground edited by kevin


23:18 Ticket #84 (Add deployment goodies) created by kevin
Jonathan LaCour? posted a howto describing the use of TurboGears with …
19:11 Ticket #46 (Wrong mime-code on error page) closed by elvelind@…
fixed: fixed in cherrypy changeset [771].


21:46 Ticket #83 (add typeconv to firebird connection URIs) created by kevin
Before using a kinterbasdb connection, it is often necessary to set …
05:58 Ticket #82 (Comment on docs/wiki20/index.html) created by rafi
if you clink the 'download now' it brings you to a non existing page: …


23:13 Ticket #81 (In turbogears.controllers, Root should be renamed to RootController) created by michele
This is just a cosmetic issue. Anyway, since Root extends Controller IMHO …
19:38 Ticket #80 ([PATCH] Implicit transaction support) created by anonymous
I'm spotting lots of calls to hub.begin(), .commit(), .roolback() in my …


21:55 Ticket #79 (JSON should use the same encoding as Kid) created by kevin
Unicode values should be encoding using utf8 by default, but should use …
15:48 Ticket #78 (additional API friendliness for SQLObjects) created by kevin
Todd Greenwood wrote this, comparing Django's methods to the ones created …
15:42 Ticket #77 ([PATCH] Importing SQLObject classes into model.py doesn't work) created by anonymous
I'm trying to import into model.py several modules, all located in the …
10:42 Ticket #76 (Identity tables can overlap applications table) created by anonymous
Identity will create tables User_table, Permissions, groups. This can …
10:39 Ticket #75 (Identity loses get/post parameters after login) created by anonymous
Identity does not manage correctly the urls: example: /project/edit?id=4 …


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21:38 DocumentationPlayground edited by kevin
21:37 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin
20:08 WikiMacros edited by anonymous
tagged macros with python processor (diff)
19:27 Ticket #74 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page2.html) created by anonymous
how about addind a page 1 link ?
18:25 WikiStart edited by anonymous
16:36 SystemInstall created by gh
Debian information from my saved email to/from the turbogears list
16:19 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by gh
Added a new page to document System issues (diff)
12:20 ExtendingQuickstart edited by ianb@…
Added a little Why section (diff)
11:56 ExtendingQuickstart created by elvelind@…
11:00 DocumentationPlayground edited by elvelind@…
09:55 LighttpdIntegration edited by speno@…
got to plug scgi, right? (diff)
09:17 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin
08:43 Ticket #73 (Support for positional parameters) created by kevin
It would be convenient to be able to do positional parameters for any …
06:00 Ticket #72 (Comment on docs/index.html) created by anonymous
Mozilla 1.4.3 shows docs/index.html as just a green rectangle with the …
04:10 FormEncode edited by anonymous
03:30 wiki-diff-tutorial.zip attached to WikiDiffTutorial by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
wiki diff tutorial project zip
03:26 WikiDiffTutorial created by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
It's not perfect, but it works
03:09 DocumentationPlayground edited by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
Follow up to the File Upload Tutorial (diff)


23:54 DocumentationPlayground edited by rmunn@…
23:54 LighttpdIntegration created by rmunn@…
Posted sample, simple lighttpd configuration, as per mailing list exchange …
11:17 Ticket #71 (Kid problems with XML comments and py:extends) created by kevin
This is a placeholder to reference a Kid ticket …


12:00 Ticket #70 (AttributeError when testing controller methods) created by anonymous
Error when testing controller methods The test - …


18:05 FormEncode created by anonymous
initial content
18:03 TurboGears created by anonymous
for some reason the grayed out links to turbogears just bugged.
17:50 ModPythonIntegration edited by anonymous
17:49 ModPythonIntegration edited by leo mendoza
removed mpcp specific instructions (diff)
17:47 ModPythonIntegration edited by leo mendoza
newest mpcp.py has all these fixes already (diff)
17:38 ModPythonIntegration edited by leo mendoza
fixed exception handling bringing down entire server (diff)
16:34 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by michele.cella@…
Added turboengine (diff)
15:57 Ticket #69 (Include htmlrender.py for getting plain text (generally for email) out of ...) created by kevin
Ian Bicking pointed out this module that will provide a plain text version …
10:32 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
10:30 ModPythonIntegration created by leo mendoza
Initial Draft
10:22 DocumentationPlayground edited by leomendozaatgmail@…


15:05 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin


23:11 Ticket #56 (Improve the Debugging Bookmarklet) closed by kevin
fixed: Setting the milestone to reflect that this will appear in TurboGears 0.9.
22:33 Ticket #68 (Link to previous pages in the 20 Minute Wiki.) created by bmurdock@…
A link back to the previous page would be nice.
08:40 Ticket #67 (Database app testing improvements) created by kevin
TurboGears does not currently include any specific tools or support for …
07:56 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by william
add a link to FastFormward compatible with CP2.1 (diff)
01:39 Ticket #66 (Need SQLObject session storage driver in CP) created by GreanTea
Summary: How can we get the SQLObject team to work with the CP team to …


16:51 FileUploadTutorial edited by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
Fleshed out some comments, added templating of file listing (diff)
15:48 Ticket #39 (Comment on support/index.html) closed by kevin
fixed: the support/index.html link should not have existed any more. this page is …
15:32 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by william: add FastFormward
15:29 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by william
15:27 Milestone 0.8 completed
Codename: Greatest This release is focused on: 1. Deployment of …
15:11 Ticket #65 (SQLObject Logging) created by kevin
Change SQLObject code to use the logging module rather than print …
13:56 Ticket #64 (Comment on community/projects.html) closed by kevin
wontfix: Very interesting. Since IE6 is a supported browser in MochiKit?, this …
07:34 Ticket #64 (Comment on community/projects.html) created by anonymous
I only see the header of the project list. I have IE 6.0.2800.1106 on a …


19:14 wiki.zip attached to FileUploadTutorial by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
full files for the FileUploadTutorial
19:07 FileUploadTutorial created by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
initial add…
18:20 DocumentationPlayground edited by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
18:19 DocumentationPlayground edited by GreenTea <tgreenwoodgeer@…>
18:15 Ticket #63 (Comment on docs/index.html) created by GreenTea
A link to the wiki would be great!
18:14 Ticket #62 (Comment on community/index.html) created by GreenTea
a link to the wiki would be great!
16:02 Ticket #61 (SQLObject Caching cleanup and docs) created by kevin
SQLObject has a caching system to prevent repeated pulls of the same data …
16:01 Ticket #60 (Escaping of $ in Kid templates is not always handled correctly) created by kevin
When you escape like this: $$foo, Kid will sometimes output $$foo instead …
15:59 Ticket #59 ([PATCH] Add "defined" and "value_of" to Kid templating) created by kevin
Kid doesn't have nice functions for determining if some value is available …
15:35 Ticket #58 (Need to be able to use encodings other than utf8) closed by kevin
fixed: committed in [79]
15:26 Ticket #58 (Need to be able to use encodings other than utf8) created by kevin
soyangel at gmail submitted a patch to do this: […]
15:21 Ticket #57 (Investigate Django's cache system) created by kevin
Django has a very powerful cache system. See if it can be reasonably used …
15:20 Ticket #56 (Improve the Debugging Bookmarklet) created by kevin
Currently, the debugging bookmarklet in MochiKit? is just an alert box. …
15:14 Ticket #55 (Make base templates reload automatically) created by kevin
Currently, base templates defined either via view.baseTemplates or …
15:11 Ticket #54 (Use Accept header as an alternative to ?tg_format) created by kevin
15:09 Ticket #44 (Turbogears fails to raise a validators.Invalid exception.) closed by kevin
fixed: I just undid the first of the two lines that were changed and all was …
08:15 Ticket #51 (can't seem to log tickets against page 5 of the tutorial) closed by anonymous


20:26 Ticket #53 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page6.html) created by GreenTea
I had to restart the server in order to see the changes in the master.kid …
19:57 Ticket #52 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) created by GreenTea
line 4 below is cut off in the 'printable' version of this text. which …
19:55 Ticket #51 (can't seem to log tickets against page 5 of the tutorial) created by GreenTea
I'll retry, momentarily…
19:51 Ticket #50 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html (must restart server to see master.kid ...) created by GreenTea
I had to restart the server before the changes to the master.kid were …
18:38 Ticket #49 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by GreenTea
This section needs to show either the complete text of the file (perhaps …
18:18 Ticket #48 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by GreenTea
1. You have to first import Page and hub before you can use the Page item …
17:43 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by gunfighter@…
Link to Wikipedia CRUD page for the uninitiated masses. (diff)
14:50 Ticket #47 (Comment on about/status.html) created by anonymous
What is your estimated time frame for releasing 1.0?? Thank you!! :) tom
13:12 Ticket #46 (Wrong mime-code on error page) created by anonymous
Entering the URL  http://<hostname>:8080/static/images renders a page …
00:58 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin
00:18 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin
00:16 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by kevin


23:15 SimpleAdminIdeas created by kevin
23:11 WikiStart edited by kevin
15:13 Ticket #45 (Change tutorial to include full files at each major step) created by anonymous
This tutorial is NOT easy to follow. Instead of giving fragments of files, …
15:13 Ticket #44 (Turbogears fails to raise a validators.Invalid exception.) created by skrikstone@…
Traceback when no validation_error method is defined and a validator is …
07:00 Ticket #43 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) closed by njaddr-ni@…
invalid: Apologies, pls close the ticket. Was using the old version of tg with the …
06:13 Ticket #43 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by njaddr-ni@…
After adding the following line to page.kid: […] I get this error …


22:28 Ticket #40 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) closed by kevin
fixed: got it. Thanks!
22:27 Ticket #41 (Small Code Error in "Getting Started with TurboGears") closed by kevin
fixed: Thanks!
16:01 Ticket #42 (Comment on download/upgrade.html) closed by Norbert.Klamann@…
invalid: Don't know what went wrong but repeating the process solved the issue.
15:47 Ticket #42 (Comment on download/upgrade.html) created by Norbert.Klamann@…
The description does not work for me. On Windows there is no script named …


23:02 Ticket #41 (Small Code Error in "Getting Started with TurboGears") created by sbain
The one-line Kid template code for loading MochiKit? that is included under …
14:18 Ticket #40 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) created by anonymous
On line 5 of the updates to the save method, the parameter "name" is …


23:37 Ticket #38 (Comment on docs/admin.html) closed by kevin
fixed: This appears to be an issue with installing TurboGears with an older …
23:35 Ticket #37 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page6.html) closed by kevin
fixed: thanks again!
23:34 Ticket #36 (/docs/wiki20/index.html <> Printable Version) closed by kevin
invalid: You might be looking at a cached copy or something. For me, those two are …
23:32 Ticket #35 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) closed by kevin
fixed: got it, thanks!
23:30 Ticket #33 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) closed by kevin
fixed: Double quotes there would be a problem. I've changed it to single quotes. …
21:54 Ticket #39 (Comment on support/index.html) created by anonymous
same on the download page and a few others: IE5.5 not rendering correctly …
08:34 Ticket #38 (Comment on docs/admin.html) created by jbauer@…
This page lists tg-admin as the command line tool. After installing …
06:02 Ticket #37 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page6.html) created by plewis@…
I kept getting a Javascript error with the following line: […] The …
02:27 Ticket #36 (/docs/wiki20/index.html <> Printable Version) created by Chris Williams
The code sample for model.py at the bottom of this page: …


22:24 Ticket #35 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) created by plewis@…
Additional problems with double quotes that throw an exception. […] …
21:34 Ticket #34 (Add downloadable docs) created by anonymous
A tarball for downloading all relevant documentation for TurboGears would …
21:27 Ticket #33 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by plewis@…
The link snippet: […] caused me a few problems. First, in my browser, …
10:17 Ticket #14 (Update documentation for Greatest (0.8)) closed by kevin
10:16 Ticket #32 (Flash message persists over multiple views) closed by kevin
fixed: I fixed the path of the cookie in 0.8.


15:20 Ticket #32 (Flash message persists over multiple views) created by anonymous
Calling controllers.get_flash() fails to clear the …
13:05 Ticket #1 (Site-wide master template covering multiple apps) closed by kevin
fixed: I've committed this change to Kid.
11:36 Ticket #31 (Restore the ability to directly call controller methods for testing) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [57]
11:34 Ticket #31 (Restore the ability to directly call controller methods for testing) created by kevin
Before TurboGears 0.5, it was possible to call a controller method and …
06:27 Ticket #30 (Flash message should appear on current request if something is sent) created by kevin
If a template or JSON is sent on the same request that a flash message is …


16:34 Ticket #29 (HTML entities cause non-obvious errors in Kid.) created by matt.bevan@…
Note: This ticket covers a problem well known and discussed on the IRC …
14:51 Ticket #28 (Kid rather slow with lot of markup) created by fneumann
I noticed my litte app to become slower with each record I added to my …
14:14 Ticket #23 (Update MochiKit to 0.9) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [54].
14:10 Ticket #24 (PackageHub appears to fail with sqlite databases) closed by kevin
invalid: I just tried this and it seems to be working fine. I hadn't taken a good …
10:00 Ticket #27 (util.createRequest has no built in knowledge of the app root) created by kevin
Since there is a convention for where an application root is, it would be …


22:31 Ticket #26 (tg-admin should tell you when you're in the wrong directory) created by kevin
The bug here is that turbogears-admin isn't doing enough to either: * …


15:04 Ticket #25 (EasyInstall "find links" needs to be inheritable) created by kevin
A couple of messages from Ian Bicking and Phillip Eby describe the …


23:34 Ticket #24 (PackageHub appears to fail with sqlite databases) created by kevin
The new PackageHub? appears to somehow create a connection on one thread …
16:01 Ticket #23 (Update MochiKit to 0.9) created by kevin


16:20 Ticket #22 (Update CherryPy to 2.1-rc2) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [48]
15:39 Ticket #22 (Update CherryPy to 2.1-rc2) created by kevin
15:31 Ticket #13 (Make sure all files that need to be distributed with an app appear in the ...) closed by kevin
fixed: Fixed in [47].
15:18 Ticket #20 (Lazy instantiation of SQLObjects) closed by kevin
wontfix: There's been more discussion of this. Doing lazy initialization is …
13:16 Ticket #21 (Corrections to the 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial, Page 4) closed by kevin
fixed: thanks for the corrections. This is fixed in [45].
12:48 Ticket #21 (Corrections to the 20 Minute Wiki Tutorial, Page 4) created by sdelatorre+turbogears@…
I spotted a few errors on Page 4 of the 20 minute wiki tutorial: 1. …
11:15 Ticket #20 (Lazy instantiation of SQLObjects) created by kevin
Sometimes, it is good to collect up information or be able to otherwise …
09:52 Ticket #19 (Simple CRUD) created by kevin
Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete? is a *very* common pattern in a web app …
09:50 Ticket #18 (Upgrade to MochiKit 1.4 to support animation) created by kevin
MochiKit? does not yet have any animation/visual effects features, which …
09:46 Ticket #17 (Web-based interactive shell) created by kevin
This shell should work in the major modern browsers (IE6, Firefox and …
09:33 Ticket #16 (Improved Kid error reporting) created by kevin
Ian Bicking provided this hint: Since I happened to be looking at the …
09:30 Ticket #8 (Basic authentication) closed by anonymous
duplicate: I'm closing this in favor of #11*


11:07 Ticket #15 (Add a Template Browser to the Toolbox) created by dw-it-mail@…
See email thread at  http://tinyurl.com/9r3ep Idea is that: tg-admin …
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