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17:06 Ticket #216 (Comment on docs/deployment/mod_python.html) created by anonymous
Does not work on linux; logic to config files fails. I'm told to see …
15:58 hosting edited by kevin
15:35 TurboGearsOnDreamHost edited by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
Added link that helps TG development. (diff)
10:28 DocumentationPlayground edited by spleeman@…
Removed the routes integration as it seems it doesn't work as advertised. (diff)
09:51 DocumentationPlayground edited by spleeman@…
Updated to point to my new RoutesIntegration page (diff)
09:48 RoutesIntegration edited by spleeman@…
09:37 hosting created by anonymous
09:36 RoutesIntegration created by spleeman@…
Added a stub for routes integration. I have the code, I just don't have …
09:25 ToolBox edited by anonymous
02:14 Ticket #215 (Comment on docs/cookies.html) created by ikorolev@…
It would be useful to mention, that getting cookie operation often works …
01:39 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
01:38 DocumentationPlayground edited by sdelatorre
01:36 TurboGearsOnDreamHost created by sdelatorre
00:52 CheckedCheckBox edited by nic at bellamy dot co dot nz
Added name= to input (duh) (diff)


17:42 DeployAsWindowsService edited by anonymous
15:45 Ticket #214 (Cheetah templates support) created by jal@…
This simple patch to view.py adds [ http://www.cheetahtemplate.org cheetah …


22:03 Ticket #213 (catwalk: add/edit does not work since changeset 259) created by gabor@…
i'm using svn-head turbogears starting with r259,i am unable to edit/add …
21:42 Ticket #212 ([PATCH] catwalk: use [ **args ] instead of [ eval ]) created by gabor@…
catwalk.py uses eval() to edit/create-new objects. the attached patch …
19:45 IdentityManagement edited by mtreiber@…
more changes to match current object names (diff)
17:32 Ticket #211 ([PATCH] Feed templates produce incorrect output) created by Ryan Forsythe <flamingweasel@…>
There were a lot of py:summary instead of py:content attribs in the feed …
17:28 IdentityManagement edited by mtreiber@…
updated to reflect new object names (diff)
16:34 ModPythonIntegration edited by anders@…
added some info about the problems with zipped eggs (diff)


16:16 Ticket #210 ([307] Nose version requirement change breaks install.) created by steve.tindle@…
When trying to do a python setup.py develop, setup tools tries to …
15:57 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add DeployAsWindowsService (diff)
15:48 Ticket #209 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by anonymous
Rather than seeing "our beautiful page", I received this instead: […]
15:07 Ticket #108 (clean up overstuffed __init__.pys) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [308].
13:53 Ticket #208 ([PATCH] Autocomplete widget) created by jchu@…
Attached is a patch to svn to add an autocomplete widget to the bunch.
10:35 Ticket #207 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) created by Matthew Bevan
I can confirm that CP 2.1 continues to add trailing slashes to …
10:19 Ticket #206 (Support setting IdentityProvider per controller) created by Splee
Ability to set an identity filter per controller, probably in a similar …
02:12 Ticket #205 (Allow conditional parameters in std.url with None) created by exogen@…
It would be nice if parameters given to std.url with a value of None were …


20:15 Ticket #204 ([PATCH] DOMSerializer for Kid to MochiKit) created by jchu@…
The attached class can be used to pass DOM calls back to the browser …
11:29 SimpleAdminIdeas edited by anonymous
+ suggestion of form gen framework (diff)
08:26 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:40 Ticket #203 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) created by anonymous
This page ( http://www.turbogears.org/docs/gettingstarted.html) does not …
07:16 Ticket #70 (AttributeError when testing controller methods) closed by kevin
duplicate: As a matter of course, I try not to change the code under test for the …
06:44 Ticket #202 (Move identity defaults into main config files) created by kevin
Currently, turbogears/identity/config-defaults.txt contains the default …
01:21 Ticket #201 (SQLObject does not catch SQL keywords used as names in models) created by anonymous
I've attached a model file for which the "tg-admin sql create" command …


20:45 Ticket #200 ([PATCH] turbogears.url() doesn't handle unicode properly) created by bruno@…
When passing a unicode string as first arg to turbogears.url(), one get …
20:20 Ticket #199 (turbogears.identity broken inside tg-admin shell) created by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
When using "tg-admin shell" to create new users / groups, nothing is …
17:53 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
17:52 DeployAsWindowsService created by sdelatorre
17:48 Ticket #198 ([PATCH] relative template declaration) created by dwayne@…
I submit a patch to be able to declare template in expose decorator …
16:45 Ticket #195 ([PATCH] More Catwalk errors with mixed-case class names) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
14:58 Ticket #197 (move version info to a separate release.py file) created by kevin
Currently, information about the project is stored in setup.py and an …
14:27 Ticket #196 (Be able to throw away a random value in a URL) created by kevin
Rune Hansen made the request to be able to generate a random value for the …
12:32 Ticket #195 ([PATCH] More Catwalk errors with mixed-case class names) created by joeysmith@…
Patch at  http://joeysmith.com/tg2.patch
12:30 Ticket #194 ([PATCH] tg-admin toolbox doesn't work on some *nix platforms) created by joeysmith@…
The server doesn't start until after you close the browser window. I've …
00:58 Ticket #193 (Explain why WSGI might be better with LightTPD) created by Modjoe
Pardon my ignorance but why would someone want to use the more complicated …


22:30 Ticket #192 (bad script tag in turbogears/widgets/__init__.py's JSLink()) created by anders@…
just browsing through the source for widgets to see how it was coming and …
18:49 Ticket #191 (add sessions docs) created by nicko@…
I appreciate that the documentation is in a state of flux but is there any …
18:23 Ticket #190 (FormEncode does not export the Invalid class) created by sthurgood
When using validators I get an exception from line 108 of controllers.py: …
14:11 Ticket #189 (Comment on docs/wiki20/index.html) created by anonymous
It would be nice if it mentioned that the code in the video and the …
14:06 Ticket #188 (Source filenames at top of code blocks) created by marxcarl@…
It would be really nice if all the source code blocks had the file name …
13:03 Ticket #187 (Update about/changelog.html) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
11:09 Ticket #186 (Safari encoding of XMLHttpRequest) created by rune.hansen@…
Safari has a bug where it ignores the encodings of XMLHttpRequests. …
08:20 DreamWeaverIntegration edited by citizenkahn@…
too used to mediawiki I guess… (diff)
08:16 DreamWeaverIntegration created by citizenkahn@…
DreamWeaver? Info for editing kid files
08:04 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
08:04 DocumentationPlayground edited by citizenkahn@…
adding dreamweaver info (diff)
06:39 Ticket #185 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) created by anonymous
Is there a printable version of this document?
06:37 Ticket #184 (Create Printable TurboTunes) created by anonymous
Is there a printable version of this document?
05:05 Ticket #183 (just a tiny typo error) created by anonymous
Sorry to bother for such a small issue but there is a typo error here : …


13:43 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
13:43 WikiStart edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
12:49 Ticket #138 (eliminate validation_error and has_error) closed by kevin
fixed: done in [281].
12:38 Ticket #182 (Comment on about/extras.html) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
JSONification is chang(ed|ing), right? Also applies to about/index.html
11:22 Ticket #181 (Provide better dummy request/response for testing) created by kevin
From Matthew Clark on the mailing list: […]
10:48 Ticket #180 (tg-admin sql create won't let you manually specify --egg) created by kevin
when trying to deploy to production, you'll need to be able to set up your …
06:43 Ticket #179 (URL redirection doesn't work for hosts other than "localhost:8080".) created by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
Today when I issue a raise …


20:48 Ticket #80 ([PATCH] Implicit transaction support) closed by barry.pedeson@…
fixed: Revision [278] fixed the "..already gone through ROLLBACK" problem during …
20:31 Ticket #178 ([PATCH] unicode charachters are not properly handled by CatWalk) created by ronald Jaramillo
CatWalk doesn't handle unicode characters properly. The root of the …
10:47 Ticket #177 (Comment on docs/deployment/mod_python.html) created by anonymous
If you're running linux and get a "file not found: dev.cfg", see: …
07:43 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add howto for PasteScript (diff)
07:40 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add OS specific Installs (diff)
07:28 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add SqlobjectCaching (diff)


22:47 Ticket #176 (Comment on docs/admin.html) created by anonymous
where on the file system does tg-admin live? how do you invoke it?
17:15 Ticket #88 (Identity somodel should use UnicodeCol instead of StringCol) closed by jeff@…
fixed: Changed to use UnicodeCols?.
17:15 Ticket #175 (Changeset 277 broke trunk/turbogears/identity/provider/base.py) closed by jeff@…
fixed: Yeah. Sorry.
16:00 Milestone 1.1b3 completed
15:27 Ticket #175 (Changeset 277 broke trunk/turbogears/identity/provider/base.py) created by jens@…
changeset:277 changes trunk/turbogears/identity/provider/base.py to use …
07:10 Ticket #174 (Comment on docs/toolbox/index.html) created by anonymous
I get a page not found error for all the links on this page.
03:24 CheckedCheckBox edited by nic at bellamy dot co dot nz
Reformatted; added dynamic example (diff)
03:06 SelectingOption edited by nic at bellamy dot co dot nz
Added dynamic select box example (diff)


23:47 Ticket #173 ([PATCH] Widget raises KeyError in input if params' keys don't contain the ...) created by wkurdziolek@…
The Widget class raises a KeyError exception in the input method on line …
17:01 Ticket #172 ([RESOURCE] A LSB-compliant initscript for Linux) created by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
This adds a LSB compliant initscript that can be used on Linux. Only two …
16:32 Ticket #171 ([PATCH] New calendar-pt-utf8.js) created by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
This file adds a calendar in portuguese with diacriticals added. It …
16:28 Ticket #170 ([PATCH] Patch for calendar-pt.js) created by Jorge Godoy <jgodoy@…>
The way it is now, the pt version of the calendar won't show up properly, …
14:57 Ticket #133 (Provide more hooks in Identity code for user customization) closed by jeff@…
fixed: You won't have to touch the filter unless you're looking to add HTTPAuth …
14:54 Ticket #131 (Move turbogears.identity.{current,provider} to cherrypy.request) closed by jeff@…
fixed: Change 255 addressed this.
14:40 Ticket #154 (Toolbox errors) closed by Richard (koorb)
fixed: All issues appear to be fixed as of revision 272
13:31 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] web shell should give model objects) closed by kevin
fixed: I did basically what the patch says. I changed a bit to reflect that …
13:05 Ticket #169 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html - add template name) created by Michael Schneider
In the section "Edit your template" I would suggest that you add the name …
12:54 Ticket #168 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html - Add ref to controllers.py) created by Michael Schneider
In the section "Write Your Controllers" I would suggest that these …
12:52 Ticket #80 ([PATCH] Implicit transaction support) reopened by barry.pederson@…
This commit seems to have broken one of my pages, where I had passed a …
12:50 Ticket #167 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html - add quickstart info) created by michael.l.schneider@…
I would suggest that you include the tg-admin quickstart screen in the …
11:33 Ticket #59 ([PATCH] Add "defined" and "value_of" to Kid templating) closed by kevin
fixed: That's a clever solution, but the simpler solution is to just change Kid …
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08:52 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by splee
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14:54 Ticket #166 ([wikki docs] dev.cfg examples) created by michael.l.schneider@…
For total newbies to SQLObject, it would be nice to see the section of the …
14:41 Ticket #85 (SQLObject cache needs to be cleared in a multiprocess server) closed by kevin
fixed: The changes made for ticket #80 should fix this as well (committed in …
14:36 Ticket #80 ([PATCH] Implicit transaction support) closed by kevin
fixed: database.py now has a new run_with_transaction function which will commit …
09:34 TurbogearsFaq edited by anonymous


22:17 SelectingOption edited by anonymous
fixed small typo (diff)
10:57 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by kevin
09:59 Ticket #165 (tg-admin sql upgrade dies with an attribute error) created by kevin
Scott Benjamin, among others, spotted this: […]


15:12 IdentityManagement edited by anonymous
14:00 DocumentationPlayground edited by luca
add a link to the FAQs (diff)
13:57 TurbogearsFaq edited by luca
add instalation from nightly tarballs (diff)
12:20 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
11:07 Ticket #164 (decodingFilter should be enabled by default) created by jonathan-lists@…
The CherryPy? decodeFilter isn't enabled by default in TurboGears? This …
09:49 DefaultTemplates created by Richard (koorb)
Suggestion for more doc's
09:41 DocumentationPlayground edited by Richard (koorb)
DefaultTemplates suggestion (diff)
09:37 ApacheIntegration edited by hupp@…
just reference origional (diff)
09:28 DocumentationPlayground edited by hupp@…
09:26 ApacheIntegration edited by hupp@…
typo (diff)
09:25 ApacheIntegration created by hupp@…
09:12 Ticket #163 (New variables for stdvars) created by kevin
Dan Jacob has suggested some new variables for stdvars. This ticket needs …
01:31 Ticket #60 (Escaping of $ in Kid templates is not always handled correctly) closed by dstanek
fixed: Fixed. * Kid changeset:  http://lesscode.org/projects/kid/changeset/218


21:38 FeedObject edited by anders@…
syntax highlighting (diff)
17:02 WidgetsBrainStorming edited by anonymous
17:01 WidgetsBrainStorming edited
13:38 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
13:00 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
11:27 DocumentationPlayground edited by michele
added Jeff post: creating your own identity model (diff)
10:52 WidgetsBrainStorming edited by anonymous
Added link to QuickForm?, thought it might be usefull (diff)
09:41 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
09:40 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
09:39 SqlobjectCaching edited by kevin
09:13 SqlobjectCaching created by kevin
08:17 DocumentationPlayground edited by kevin
08:03 HibernateVsSqlObject edited by kevin
07:13 Ticket #162 (Mochikit errors when kid output XHTML) created by samoied@…
When kid.outputformat=xhtml, javascript into <script> statements are …


23:44 Ticket #71 (Kid problems with XML comments and py:extends) closed by dstanek
fixed: This has been fixed in the Kid repository. See …
22:30 Ticket #161 (SQL Monitor for monitoring performance) created by bob@…
When building apps that need to scale up, it helps to know what your …


08:42 IdentityManagement edited by Richard (koorb)
tidy up (diff)
03:46 IdentityManagement edited by anonymous


20:39 IdentityManagement edited by ggodfrey+turbogears@…
18:24 Ticket #129 (SQLObject classes imported into model.py aren't loaded on tg-admin shell) closed by elvelind@…
fixed: When looking closer it does solve it. It was just not applied properly. …
17:48 Ticket #129 (SQLObject classes imported into model.py aren't loaded on tg-admin shell) reopened by elvelind@…
seems like the patch don't really solve the ticket
14:29 ModPythonIntegration edited by mattc
07:44 Ticket #160 (tg-admin toolbox on windows gets stuck in an infinite loop) created by scott.benjamin@…
When running the rev 244 svn version on Windows XP and executing "tg-admin …
07:41 FancyStatus created by reflog@…
thought people might like it too
07:35 DocumentationPlayground edited by reflog@…


17:39 Ticket #159 (Using a decorator between @turbogears.expose and the method makes ...) created by jchu@…
If I have a method that looks like this turbogears.expose doesn't detect …
12:45 Ticket #158 (Update docs for turbogears.i18n package for 0.9 release) created by aka.roderik@…
There's a trac entry in the documentationPlayground that somewhat …
10:23 Ticket #157 (validators in expose cripple arguments) created by anonymous
@turbogears.expose(validators=dict(Unit=validators.Number())) def …
07:40 Ticket #156 (The turbogears.expose() decorator hides the docstring) created by jens@…
The hiding of the docstring makes epydoc output less useful for exposed …
04:29 Ticket #155 (make tg.url() more useful) created by Jens
after playing a bit with tg.url() i am missing a feature to obtain the …
03:07 Internationalization edited by anonymous


15:00 Ticket #154 (Toolbox errors) created by Richard (koorb)
Toolbox seems to misbehave, at least on Mac OS 10.4.3 I have tried it on …
14:17 Ticket #153 (tg-admin sql create fails on project installed via egg) created by hal_wine@…
11:37 FileUploadTutorial edited by anonymous
Corrected the model code to create the two tables without errors. (Added … (diff)
07:21 TicketKeywords edited by Splee
07:17 TicketKeywords created by Splee
05:15 ToolBox created by Ronald Jaramillo


19:49 Ticket #140 (Comment on download/install.html) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
invalid: The install process is easy.
18:37 Ticket #68 (Link to previous pages in the 20 Minute Wiki.) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
15:09 Ticket #150 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html - I wanted an argument!) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
14:40 Ticket #121 (Comment on download/index.html) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
invalid: I believe, if I'm understanding the question correctly, that the …
13:04 Ticket #151 (About turbogears tutorials) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
invalid: sent an email to forward this to the mailing list
13:03 Ticket #152 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) closed by anonymous
invalid: page is the object returned from sqlobject.
12:42 KidHTMLEntities edited by anonymous
10:57 Ticket #152 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) created by anonymous
Why does the last line of the edit method call page.pagename rather …
10:11 KidHTMLEntities edited by anonymous
07:05 Ticket #151 (About turbogears tutorials) created by ezio@…
Hi all. Here in Italy, some python gurus signalled me your turbogears. I …
06:42 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by Splee
04:43 TurbogearsFaq edited by anonymous
04:41 KidHTMLEntities created by zcamster@…
00:45 SitesUsingTurboGears created by anonymous
00:44 WikiStart edited by anonymous


19:41 WidgetsBrainStorming edited by michele
update for comments on ticket #106 (diff)
17:46 Ticket #150 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html - I wanted an argument!) created by lee@…
In the "I wanted an argument!" section, the second code example last line, …
17:19 Ticket #149 ([PATCH]CatWalk doesn't like custom joins) created by jchu@…
I've created a new RelatedJoin? subclass called ExtraRelatedJoin?. The …
13:03 Ticket #148 (Widgets created outside of turbogears.widgets with templates cause ...) created by anonymous
The widget has to have a < in the template, so it has to do with kid …
08:26 WidgetsBrainStorming edited by michele
corrections (diff)


19:07 Ticket #95 (Improve the CatWalk workflow) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
18:16 Ticket #147 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
fixed: Fixed in svn.
16:30 Ticket #147 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html) created by oavtal@…
"tree select boxes" under "edit your template" should be …
13:31 WidgetsBrainStorming edited by michele
quick addition (hope is comprensible) (diff)
08:15 DocumentationPlayground edited by michele
add WidgetsBrainStorming (diff)
08:14 WidgetsBrainStorming created by michele
00:02 Ticket #29 (HTML entities cause non-obvious errors in Kid.) closed by rtomayko@…
fixed: I've committed a fix for this to Kid trunk. See …


15:35 Ticket #146 ([PATCH] Additional widgets + changes to input_values) created by Splee
Patch Attached Additional widgets: * TextArea? - Acts in the same …
14:10 Ticket #141 ("tg-admin sql <command>" broken dependancy in dev environment) closed by elvelind grandin
04:32 WikiStart edited by anonymous


18:11 Ticket #69 (Include htmlrender.py for getting plain text (generally for email) out of ...) reopened by michele
Reopening. Just wondering before closing this, is there a way to specify …
17:54 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
17:51 WikiStart edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
17:31 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
17:29 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Added FreeBSDInstall (diff)
17:28 FreeBSDInstall created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
16:56 UbuntuInstall edited by michele
add a link to the DebianInstall since Ubuntu is debian based (diff)
16:53 WikiStart edited by michele
Move SimpleAdminIdeas to the DocumentationPlayground (diff)
16:52 DocumentationPlayground edited by michele
really small reorganization (diff)
16:48 Ticket #145 (Add Catwalk docs) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Add documentation for using CatWalk.
16:48 Ticket #144 (Add Widget/Forms docs) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Add documentation relating to the new Widgets/Forms? in TG 0.9.
16:47 Ticket #143 (Add Identity docs) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Add documentation of Jeff Watkin's identity module.
16:45 Ticket #142 (Add Caching document) created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Add caching document to docs vis-à-vis kevin's words: "A caching document …
16:33 Ticket #141 ("tg-admin sql <command>" broken dependancy in dev environment) created by splee
tg-admin sql <command> looks for it's requirements in the project's …
16:26 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Broke apart operating system specific considerations (diff)
16:23 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations edited
16:23 DebianInstall created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
16:22 GentooInstall created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
16:21 UbuntuInstall created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
16:19 MandrivaInstall created by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Breaking up OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations
15:17 Ticket #69 (Include htmlrender.py for getting plain text (generally for email) out of ...) closed by michele
fixed: Closing this. The plain text serializer is now included on Kid starting …
14:46 Ticket #76 (Identity tables can overlap applications table) closed by jeff@…
fixed: I checked in code to address this last night.
14:33 Ticket #105 (Documentation needs to reflect database driver installation) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
fixed: Diffs sent to kevin.
14:32 Ticket #122 (http://www.turbogears.org/about/status.html outdated) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
fixed: Diffs sent to kevin.
14:04 Ticket #89 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
worksforme: Following a standard install procedure, tg-admin should be placed in …
13:46 Ticket #72 (Comment on docs/index.html) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
invalid: I'm going to close this as it is most probably a Mozilla bug. The page …
13:22 Ticket #127 (Question about Widget.select.load()) closed by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
invalid: A question like this should be submitted to the …
13:17 WikiDiffTutorial edited by SuperJared <jared.kuolt@…>
Added information to links; Added python beautification (diff)
13:08 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations edited by SuperJared
13:04 DocumentationPlayground edited by SuperJared
removed SystemInstall (diff)
13:03 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations edited by SuperJared
Merged this page with legacy SystemInstall page (diff)
05:38 Ticket #129 (SQLObject classes imported into model.py aren't loaded on tg-admin shell) closed by elvelind@…
05:35 Ticket #67 (Database app testing improvements) closed by elvelind@…
fixed: commited


17:06 Internationalization edited by michele
better formatting (diff)
16:37 Ticket #140 (Comment on download/install.html) created by andrei
Hello. I think that turbogears is kind of dificult to install. Why …
16:09 Ticket #139 (Provide a cookieless implementation of identity using query parameters) created by anonymous
15:34 Ticket #138 (eliminate validation_error and has_error) created by kevin
In svn, a new has_error argument has been introduced on controller …
08:59 DocumentationPlayground edited by Ronald Jaramillo
Force Interantionalization to be a wiki link (it's not CamelCase) (diff)
08:22 Internationalization edited by anonymous
08:08 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:56 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:49 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
07:48 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:47 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:47 Internationalization edited by dan.jacob@…
07:45 Internationalization edited by anonymous
07:44 Internationalization created by dan.jacob@…
07:16 ExtendingQuickstart edited by anonymous
spelling (diff)
07:15 ExtendingQuickstart edited by anonymous
spelling (diff)
07:15 ExtendingQuickstart edited by anonymous
spelling (diff)
06:52 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
04:06 Ticket #123 (Upgrade to MochiKit 1.1) closed by elvelind@…
03:47 Ticket #120 (Update FormEncode to 0.3) closed by anonymous


21:42 Ticket #137 (Dependency for CherryPy incorrect) created by pythonhead@…
In setup.py for TurboGears 0.8a3 the CherryPy? minimum version is …
15:09 Ticket #92 (Return generates an error in CatWalk forms) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
12:51 Ticket #136 (add sqlobject.util.csvimport support for database tests) created by kevin
A way to import test data using the sqlobject csvimport feature would be …
12:48 Ticket #135 ([PATCH] web shell should give model objects) created by kevin
The tg-admin shell provides you with your model objects. The web-based …
12:14 FileUploadTutorial edited by ben@…
f.close should be f.close() (diff)
11:59 SelectingOption edited by anonymous
11:58 SelectingOption edited by koorb
tidied (diff)
08:39 TurbogearsFaq edited by michele
added identity sample app (diff)
08:37 DeployWithAnEgg edited by anonymous
typo fix (diff)
07:34 Ticket #134 (Update contributing doc to reflect 2.3 compatibility requirement) created by kevin
There are only a small number of common things required for 2.3 …
02:39 Ticket #132 (Identity code uses threading.local which isn't available in Python 2.3) closed by seancazzell@…
duplicate: Sorry, this is a dupe - Paul beat me to it!
02:36 Ticket #133 (Provide more hooks in Identity code for user customization) created by seancazzell@…
Currently, too much functionality is hard coded in the identity code …
01:32 Ticket #132 (Identity code uses threading.local which isn't available in Python 2.3) created by seancazzell@…
The identity code is storing the current logged in user and identity …


18:46 TurbogearsFaq edited by michele
add 2 others faq (diff)
18:37 TurbogearsFaq edited by michele
3 new faq for Kid. Dealing with undefined values in Kid, Kid & HTML … (diff)
18:15 TurbogearsFaq edited by michele
small mockup (diff)
18:10 Ticket #131 (Move turbogears.identity.{current,provider} to cherrypy.request) created by Paul Clifford
turbogears/identity/init.py uses threading.local(), which isn't …
17:31 Ticket #67 (Database app testing improvements) reopened by jchu@…
Here is a patch to make DBTest work. Just to describe the changes: * A …
17:27 OperatingSystemSpecificConsiderations edited by toke.dk@…
16:31 TurbogearsFaq edited by anonymous
16:02 InterNationalization edited by anonymous
15:51 Ticket #130 (marketing materials page) created by kevin
include high-res PSDs of useful marketing graphics for TurboGears
15:46 Ticket #129 (SQLObject classes imported into model.py aren't loaded on tg-admin shell) created by jchu@…
I think it has to do with the import on line 33 of …
15:12 Ticket #128 (SQLObject test fixture data) created by ianb@…
SQLObject svn trunk has a module in sqlobject.util.csvimport for loading …
15:02 Ticket #127 (Question about Widget.select.load()) created by dennis.scales@…
I have a question about the loadList function in the tunes.kid file. I did …
14:01 Ticket #126 ([PATCH] Add tg-admin commands for i18n) created by elvelind@…
add commands to extract locale files and compile them.
13:38 Ticket #119 ([PATCH] Python 2.3 compatibility) reopened by Paul Clifford
A recent checkin to turbogears/toolbox/shell.py contained decorators, …
11:07 Ticket #125 (form errors should be displayed by forms not widgets) created by kevin
Currently, the widgets are displaying the error messages associated with …
10:47 Ticket #17 (Web-based interactive shell) closed by kevin
fixed: I'm going to close this one because the shell is in place. I believe …
10:41 Ticket #11 (Simple authentication/authorization framework) closed by kevin
fixed: Jeff Watkins' identity framework is in place in svn now. I'm going to …
10:39 Ticket #67 (Database app testing improvements) closed by kevin
fixed: There's now a simple implementation of this that uses sqlite memory …
10:37 Ticket #30 (Flash message should appear on current request if something is sent) closed by kevin
fixed: patch applied in [199]
10:26 Ticket #110 (There should be a Toolbox object to attach to your controller.) closed by kevin
fixed: You can... turbogears.toolbox.Toolbox
03:45 TurbogearsFaq edited by elvelind@…
03:21 Ticket #124 (Generate model code (from SQLObject classes) CatWalk) created by Ronald Jaramillo
bonono ask on the list: Would it be possible to add a "generate model …
01:00 SimpleDelete edited by anonymous
01:00 SimpleDelete edited by anonymous
00:59 SimpleDelete edited by luca
More complete example of delete class method. (diff)


23:59 SimpleDelete edited by luke@…
perhaps I misunderstand...clarify please? (diff)
23:10 Ticket #123 (Upgrade to MochiKit 1.1) created by kevin
19:40 SimpleDelete edited by anonymous
16:37 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add link to FromEncode? (diff)
16:23 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add link FeedObject (diff)
16:21 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add link FileUploadTutorial (diff)
16:19 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add link to SimpleDelete (diff)
13:21 Ticket #122 (http://www.turbogears.org/about/status.html outdated) created by anonymous
Cherrypy released 2.1 allready.
11:54 IdentityManagement edited by julo
missing "from" in step 8? (diff)
09:16 SystemInstall edited by anonymous
i (diff)
05:58 Ticket #121 (Comment on download/index.html) created by Piotr Szczepanik <piter@…>
Hey, is it possible to update this page to reflect latest TurboGears


22:14 Ticket #120 (Update FormEncode to 0.3) created by kevin
21:38 Ticket #119 ([PATCH] Python 2.3 compatibility) closed by kevin
fixed: committed in [119]. Thanks!
20:33 SimpleDelete edited by luke@…
tab = spaces. (diff)
20:32 SimpleDelete edited by luke@…
typo fixed (diff)
20:31 SimpleDelete created by luke@…
Trivial, but not obvious.
20:23 DocumentationPlayground edited by luke@…
This is trvial, but was non obvious. (diff)
17:53 Ticket #94 (Add keyboard shortcuts for save and cancel actions (CatWalk)) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
17:53 Ticket #97 (Show default values (if defined) when adding new objects (CatWalk)) closed by Ronald Jaramillo
10:19 Ticket #119 ([PATCH] Python 2.3 compatibility) created by anonymous
Here's my current patch to make the trunk version of TurboGears work with …
03:32 SystemInstall edited by pythonhead@…


21:07 Ticket #118 ([PATCH] Add tests to quickstart project) created by kevin
quickstart should make it easy to start running Nose tests.
18:09 FileUploadTutorial edited by luca
Simplify total_data reading. (diff)
13:59 Ticket #117 (Update license file) created by kevin
The license documentation needs to be updated to include information about …
13:55 Ticket #116 (Entry point for registering widgets) created by kevin
Need to define a setuptools entry point for registering modules of …
13:54 Ticket #115 (Merge check_port monkeypatch from 0.8) created by kevin
13:54 Ticket #114 (Class-style declaration of Forms) created by kevin
The votes seem to be strongly in favor of doing class-style declaration of …
13:39 Ticket #113 ([PATCH] Split expose into separate decorators for processing input and ...) created by seancazzell@…
(See Also …
13:13 Ticket #112 (make the Toolbox not ugly) created by kevin
At the moment, the Toolbox has CatWalk's appearance and the widget browser …
13:13 Ticket #111 (Documentation update 0.9) created by kevin
Need to update the documentation for 0.9. This means: 1) writing or …
12:42 FeedObject edited by anonymous
12:42 FeedObject edited by elvelind@…
12:40 FeedObject edited by elvelind@…
12:35 Ticket #110 (There should be a Toolbox object to attach to your controller.) created by elvelind@…
Just as you can mount CatWalk on your controller you should be able to …
11:38 Ticket #74 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page2.html) closed by kevin
duplicate: Dupe of #68.
11:36 Ticket #53 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page6.html) closed by kevin
duplicate: dupe of #55
11:35 Ticket #52 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) closed by kevin
fixed: The left/right scrolling is there so that lines don't get broken up in bad …
11:15 Ticket #87 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) closed by kevin
invalid: alternateID=True must have been missing.
10:41 Ticket #63 (Comment on docs/index.html) closed by kevin
fixed: this exists here now.
10:41 Ticket #62 (Comment on community/index.html) closed by kevin
fixed: this exists now.
10:38 Ticket #50 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html (must restart server to see master.kid ...) closed by kevin
duplicate: I'm going to call this a dupe of #55, which will hopefully make it so that …
10:36 Ticket #49 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page3.html) closed by kevin
duplicate: I'm going to merge this ticket with #45*.
10:32 Ticket #47 (Comment on about/status.html) closed by kevin
fixed: 0.9 is the biggie and will have a bunch of new features. 1.0 will be …
10:10 Ticket #82 (Comment on docs/wiki20/index.html) closed by kevin
fixed: This appears to be fixed now.
09:25 Ticket #81 (In turbogears.controllers, Root should be renamed to RootController) closed by elvelind@…
04:32 FeedObject edited by elvelind@…
04:31 FeedObject created by elvelind@…
03:05 TurbogearsFaq edited by william
add link to LighttpdIntegration (diff)
03:03 LighttpdIntegration edited by william
add an improved lighhtpd rules to server tg applications (diff)
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