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Finished! (diff)
18:26 Ticket #945 (admin18n: string collect fails, po file creation breaks (Link to pach ...) created by jowenn@…
I've encountered a few problems while using the admini18n tool: *)String …
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spelling correction (diff)
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Remove spam (diff)
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minor edit (diff)
10:24 Ticket #944 (Comment on docs/gs/static.html) created by anonymous
In the newer version of CherryPy?, serve_page = servePage. -percious
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06:01 Ticket #941 (render() in view processing assumes a cherrypy response exists) closed by max
wontfix: I believe turbogears.view.render can be left as is, assuming a cherrypy …
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06:01 Ticket #943 (Provide a version of view.render() function that can work outside web ...) created by max
turbogears.view.render() gives useful functionality which can be useful …
05:46 Ticket #937 (tg-admin toolbox usage message) closed by max
fixed: Fixed usage string. Command "tg-admin toolbox -?" shows an error, which …
05:45 Ticket #940 (upgraded to 0.9a6 and now I'm getting AttributeError: 'int' object has no ...) closed by max
invalid: I do not see that TG could be blamed for this; please use TG mailing list …
01:48 Ticket #942 (install antispam solution on Trac instance at turbogears.org) created by max
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Partially edited document, the rest should be done by tomorrow (diff)
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Fixed link (diff)
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Linked to more explanatory article (diff)
16:53 Ticket #941 (render() in view processing assumes a cherrypy response exists) created by tlesher@…
If you try to use turbogears.view.render() outside the context of a …
13:30 Ticket #940 (upgraded to 0.9a6 and now I'm getting AttributeError: 'int' object has no ...) created by S Brown <trac.turbogears@…>
Partial trace: File "/home/sjbrown/ezide/ezide/utils.py", line 37, in …
10:42 Ticket #939 (soprovider won't work without web context) created by anonymous
contrary to what the wiki suggests [1] it is not possible to create new …
07:06 Ticket #938 (syntax error in scheduler.py) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed at [1531], Thanks for pointing it out. @Jorge: Please run nosetests …
06:36 Ticket #938 (syntax error in scheduler.py) created by Jiri Popek <jiri.popek@…>
invalid syntax error raises when app starts. (latest svn - 1530) line 123 …
04:12 Ticket #937 (tg-admin toolbox usage message) created by ronaldoussoren@…
The usage message of "tg-admin toolbox" is slightly wrong: […] The …
04:11 Ticket #935 (invalid syntax in scheduler.py when starting app) closed by alberto
duplicate: Fixed in [1530]
04:11 Ticket #934 (invalid syntax in scheduler.py when starting app) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [1530]


07:45 Ticket #929 ([PATCH] Widget Browser looks ugly when widget is viewed separately.) closed by alberto
fixed: Committed at [1528]. Thanks Roger! :)
04:43 Ticket #935 (invalid syntax in scheduler.py when starting app) created by Jiri Popek <jiri.popek@…>
Can not start app after svn checkout to latest version 1296. …
04:42 Ticket #934 (invalid syntax in scheduler.py when starting app) created by Jiri Popek <jiri.popek@…>
Can not start app after svn checkout to latest version 1296. …


09:34 Ticket #933 (provide feedback on Ajax calls in admi18n) created by ksenia.marasanova@…
After entering translation strings into the i18n grid this morning for …
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00:47 Ticket #932 (Add dependency_links declaration to TurboGears setup.py) created by mscott@…
By doing this, it becomes possible to package a patched TurboGears as an …
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converted from restructured text to wiki formatting (diff)


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04:34 Ticket #930 ([PATCH] Add standard way to unit test stateful/multiuser scenarios) created by thesamet
The current testing tools provided by TurboGears do not give “one obvious …
01:26 Ticket #893 (Comment on download/mac.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed, please report if this doesn't works and reopen this ticket.
01:26 Ticket #770 (Comment on docs/toolbox/catwalk.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fix
01:26 Ticket #765 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fix
01:26 Ticket #722 (friendly doc fix to "Getting Started with TurboGears") closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: I added #1 the other two seems a little obvious, your exposing in html …
00:10 Ticket #929 ([PATCH] Widget Browser looks ugly when widget is viewed separately.) created by roger.demetrescu
With the new features of having Sample/Description/Source?


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21:55 Ticket #757 (Comment on docs/TurboTunes/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: #481 is the same as this.
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Readability++ (diff)
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reverse sorted list syntax updated (diff)
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Tupla - > Tuple (english is killing me xP~) (diff)
11:20 SQLObjectQuickRef created by italomaia@…
Just putting together some tips i have seem
08:53 soldapprovider.patch attached to IdentityManagement by andy.kilner@…
Authenticate using LDAP
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added notes for those going through tutorials (diff)
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03:29 soClasses created by jorge.vargas
03:08 Ticket #440 (tg-admin sql create fails on joins with SQLObject R1530) closed by jorge.vargas
03:03 Ticket #928 (tg-admin sql create throws exception on simple todolist tutorial using ...) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: this is a case of mix in sqlobject please see #297 so far it affects all …
02:09 Ticket #928 (tg-admin sql create throws exception on simple todolist tutorial using ...) created by anonymous
Environment Ubuntu Hoary GNU/Linux, Python 2.4.1, TurboGears 0.9a6 …


14:48 Ticket #926 (Problem using destroySelf with sqlobject.dburi="sqlite://...") created by anonymous
This is related to ticket #763. When using …
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I think the convention was to add new sites at the bottom (diff)
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Perhaps a caveat (diff)
03:40 Ticket #924 (i18n toolbox docs) created by rune.hansen@…
The introduction text accompanying i18n in the toolbox is wrong. […]
03:04 Ticket #923 (${commenton) created by anonymous
<a href=" http://phentermine-online-swicki.eurekster.com/">Phentermine …
02:11 Ticket #226 (Tg-admin sql create causes endless loop if DB does not exist) closed by jorge.vargas
worksforme: _mysql_exceptions.OperationalError?: (1049, "Unknown database …


15:08 Ticket #922 ([PATCH] update TG to support sqlalchemy API 0.2) created by max
There were major changes in SQLAlchemy 0.2 API and TG code need to be …
11:56 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by ian@…
09:53 Ticket #921 (Friendly URLs in page 4 of wiki tutorial) created by srinivasanr@…
In the Page 4 of the Wiki tutorial(0.9a6), under the Friendly URLs section …
09:51 Ticket #919 (Changeset 1376 broke model.py with no identity) closed by godoy
fixed: Fixed in [1519] and [1520] (1.0 and trunk respectively).
07:21 Ticket #733 (Comment on docs/gs/server.html) closed by kevin
fixed: Docudo has this feature, so as soon as we finish the transition, we're all …
07:21 Ticket #312 (Enable comments on doc pages - everywhere, to post comments, questions and ...) closed by kevin
fixed: Docudo has this feature, so as soon as we transition, we're all set.
02:07 Ticket #463 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: 2 other bugs like this, all printing is going to be handle by docudo.
01:52 Ticket #416 (Add resources for learning JavaScript) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: I agree with godoy. Do we have resources to learn http or XML ? what I …
01:48 Ticket #144 (Add Widget/Forms docs) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: SimpleWidgetForm and Using JavaScript? Widgets with TurboGears as well as …
01:41 Ticket #130 (marketing materials page) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: lots of new icons, all over the place
01:40 Ticket #111 (Documentation update 0.9) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: #1 is done #2 is vague #3 is done #4 is in progress or has a migrate tag …
01:15 Ticket #920 (change identity prompt in quickstart) created by fredlin
origin identity prompt in quickstart is: […] The identity prompt in …
01:10 Ticket #102 (Fix printability) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: work for docudo
01:03 Ticket #877 (Comment on docs/gs/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: this is the same as #733
01:01 Ticket #814 (Comment on download/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
01:00 Ticket #786 (Comment on docs/tutorials/wiki20/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: send to docudo
00:59 Ticket #772 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page4.html) closed by jorge.vargas
worksforme: it's the same CSS so it should work on all or none
00:46 Ticket #755 (Comment on preview/download/nix.html) closed by jorge.vargas
00:44 Ticket #726 (Another minor doc fix to "Getting Started") closed by jorge.vargas
00:31 Ticket #621 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page5.html) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: there is no page.q.select at page 5 of old docs. please reopen if I'm …
00:06 Ticket #585 (Comment on download/install.html) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: dup of another I close today, anyway InstallBehindProxy
00:02 Ticket #660 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by jorge.vargas


23:49 Ticket #631 (typos for preview download page) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: can't remenber date
23:45 Ticket #561 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html - provide more direct instruction) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: TestGears? is deprecated in favor of nose
23:45 Ticket #560 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html - code is incorrect) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: congrat anon next time #1 close the ticket #2 and leave your name :)
23:43 Ticket #559 (Doc for editing controller needs clarification at ...) closed by jorge.vargas
23:34 Ticket #453 (Comment on docs/admin.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: ambiguous
23:34 Ticket #439 (Comment on docs/admin.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: it seems someone fixed
23:31 Ticket #427 (Comment on download/mac.html) closed by jorge.vargas
23:30 Ticket #363 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page4.html) closed by jorge.vargas
worksforme: maybe it was fix and ticket wasn't closed
23:29 Ticket #353 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page2.html) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: maybe this is too late but... I have similar problems with gentoo's …
23:13 Ticket #295 (Comment on docs/plugins/template.html - Need to explain install of Cheetah ...) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: due to dependancies cheetah is now pull in automatically
23:01 Ticket #188 (Source filenames at top of code blocks) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: honestly I have no idea what he is saying. is he refering to a header? …
22:56 Ticket #184 (Create Printable TurboTunes) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: please reopen this if you need it.
22:55 Ticket #182 (Comment on about/extras.html) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: no idea what it is but this is so old.... that's gone
22:54 Ticket #633 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: as simon said 154 @turbogears.expose() 155 def default(self, …
22:38 Ticket #187 (Update about/changelog.html) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: too old, and fixed at least I have seen it updated recently
22:33 Ticket #918 (Comment on widgets/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: I'm not sure if this was change after you file the bug but, in …
22:30 Ticket #917 (Comment on docs/tutorials/wiki20/page3.html) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: your looking at the wrong docs there is a folder name newdocs you …
22:24 Ticket #916 (Comment on download/index.html) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: this kind of questions are better in the mailing list, in fact it has …
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20:25 Ticket #919 (Changeset 1376 broke model.py with no identity) created by jorge.vargas
a quickstarted project with no identity renders from sqlobject import * …
18:26 SQLObjectAutoUpdateField edited by anonymous
16:55 PassingArgumentsToCallables edited by godoy
Adding "add-ons" to help making lists where the "id" column is not the key … (diff)
16:20 Ticket #918 (Comment on widgets/index.html) created by anonymous
It would be useful to say what you're supposed to type in the "Get …


06:13 Ticket #917 (Comment on docs/tutorials/wiki20/page3.html) created by dazza@…
(NOTE: this is in the preview section of the website) For the save method …
05:31 Ticket #916 (Comment on download/index.html) created by zhoukeqiang@…
I don't know how to install TG in my work computer offline? Would you add …
04:09 Ticket #915 (layout_params cannot use python variables) created by doug@…
Having had a quick dig through the code, I think this is a TG problem, not …
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13:39 Ticket #914 (callable widget parmeters are not working) created by jowenn@…
According to the comments in the widget code it should be possible to pass …


05:16 Ticket #718 (Installation problem (cElementTree-1.0.5-20051216.tar.gz)) closed by Ustas
fixed: Yes, ISA was the main problem. Thank you.


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16:37 DocumentationPlayground edited by jorge.vargas
11:35 Ticket #913 (Comment on index.html) closed by kevin
fixed: I've added a link to the Trac. Thanks for the report!
08:37 Ticket #913 (Comment on index.html) created by gwhulbert@…
I can no longer find a link to the milestone page ... --gh
08:16 TurboGearsOnDreamHost edited by tic
0.9/SVN tg-wrapper config module name change (diff)
08:13 Ticket #912 (quickstarted projects choke on "database schema has changed") created by tic
If you run tg-admin quickstart project, say "yes" to identity and use …


17:30 Ticket #911 ([PATCH][TEST] addRemoveName in Catwalk is being ignored) created by dan@…
It seems that when I customize the addRemoveName parameter, Catwalk no …
16:16 Ticket #910 ([PATCH] Fix CatWalk to handle SQLMultipleJoin / SQLRelatedJoin) created by jacob@…
When I replace an SQLObject RelatedJoin? or MultipleJoin? with an …
10:19 Ticket #909 (TG1.0 20 Minute Wiki feedback) created by kevin
From Aaron Digulla on the mailing list: Some feedback on the new Wiki …
09:17 Ticket #907 (widgets.TableForm shows labels for widgets that should be "label-less") closed by godoy
fixed: The fix allowd me to pass an empty label to remove the auto-generated one. …
06:33 Ticket #908 (tg-admin fails if setuptools is too old and/or an old version of TG is ...) created by Aaron Digulla
I ran the setup as described on the download (not the upgrade page) …


18:02 Ticket #907 (widgets.TableForm shows labels for widgets that should be "label-less") created by godoy
I've already reported that on the trunk mailing list …
17:52 Ticket #906 (Migrate TurboTunes tutorial) created by anonymous
The controllers file on: …
16:21 Ticket #905 ([PATCH] Support checkbox and radio input fields in remoteFormRequest) created by anonymous
In the turbogears/widgets/static/ajax.js, remoteFormRequest does not play …
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11:53 WidgetList edited by fredlin
Widgets One Page List (diff)
11:24 WidgetList edited by fredlin
11:22 WidgetList edited by fredlin
11:07 WidgetList edited by fredlin
11:06 WidgetList edited by fredlin
09:51 Ticket #904 (VisitManager startup timing issue) created by thesamet
The VisitManager sometimes raises, at start up, the following exception: …
09:38 Ticket #903 (Logging handler in sample-prod.cfg gives error) created by arnarbi at gmail.com
In sample-prod.cfg …
06:59 WidgetList edited by fredlin
06:55 WidgetList edited by fredlin
06:49 WidgetList edited by fredlin
06:48 WidgetList created by fredlin
06:09 Ticket #902 ([PATCH] All input widgets should have a "field_id" param to allow ...) created by alberto
This param should override the autogenerated id for the field. Without …
06:02 DocumentationPlayground edited by fredlin


16:04 Ticket #900 (Support between gettext (i18n) and validators.) closed by max
15:07 Ticket #744 (admi18n wrong dealing with non-english utf-8 characters) closed by max
fixed: Indeed. Please retest with r1504.
14:44 Ticket #901 (py23 test failures) created by HalWine <hal.wine@…>
Under py23, something definately isn't working as expected in the tests. …
11:12 InstallBehindProxy edited by arnarbi@…
10:26 Ticket #900 (Support between gettext (i18n) and validators.) created by Drejer
I would like to mention, that i am NOT using the svn version, why this may …
10:05 Ticket #744 (admi18n wrong dealing with non-english utf-8 characters) reopened by matej
Nope, it's the same with current svn. The only thing being different is …
09:16 Ticket #899 (turbogears.url misunderstands same-name fields from cherrypy.paramMap) created by anonymous
I have a login page which users get redirected to, which rebuilds the …
09:06 Ticket #898 (Default sqlite dburi in dev.cfg fails on Win32) closed by max
fixed: Fixed in r1500.
05:55 Ticket #744 (admi18n wrong dealing with non-english utf-8 characters) closed by max
fixed: I made major changes to i18n implementation that should fix this bug among …


16:27 Ticket #897 (Universal Binary Python 2.4.3 Fail installing RuleDispatch using ...) closed by godoy
duplicate: As stated above, this is a duplicate of #835.
15:02 Ticket #898 (Default sqlite dburi in dev.cfg fails on Win32) created by tlesher@…
Version 0.96a added a hack to database.py for turning colons in sqlite …
09:19 Ticket #897 (Universal Binary Python 2.4.3 Fail installing RuleDispatch using ...) created by lateef.jackson@…
After a fresh machine build on my PPC mac I downloaded the latest …
01:55 Ticket #827 (Add decoding_filter section in quickstart app.cfg template) closed by max
wontfix: The docs is out-of-date, decoding_filter is already ON by default.
01:34 Ticket #895 ([PATCH]turbogears.scheduler.add_daytime_task broken) closed by max
fixed: Applied in r1496, thanks!
01:30 Ticket #826 ([Patch] TG Email Wrapper) closed by max
duplicate: I suppose all email-related ideas should go to #244.


20:03 Ticket #896 (Catwalk browse.py 'join_foreign_key' Problem) created by dan@…
In the browse.py file of Catwalk, join_foreign_key has problems if the …
11:38 Ticket #895 ([PATCH]turbogears.scheduler.add_daytime_task broken) created by Joost


15:48 DataGridWidget edited by mametller@…
fastdata is independent of turbogears (diff)
15:17 sosmbprovider.2.py attached to IdentityManagement by Joel Pearson
Removed extraneous comments - please ignore previous version
15:12 IdentityManagement edited by Joel Pearson
Corrected the file name: "sosmbprovider.py" (diff)
15:07 sosmbprovider.py attached to IdentityManagement by Joel Pearson
Example: authenticating against a Windows domain
14:55 Ticket #828 (Comment for 'Internationalizing your application' document) closed by max
14:47 IdentityManagement edited by Joel Pearson
Added Part III D. Authenticating against an external password source (diff)
14:04 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by mametller@…
none (diff)
14:02 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by mametller@…
soft (diff)


19:55 Ticket #893 (Comment on download/mac.html) created by anonymous
The installation instructions for Mac OSX read: Download MacPython?
18:05 StoringAndRetrievingFilesFromDatabase edited by godoy
17:57 StoringAndRetrievingFilesFromDatabase created by godoy
17:52 DocumentationPlayground edited by godoy
16:46 Ticket #892 (Other Javascript MIME types should also trigger JSON format) created by anonymous
Ticket #54 brought about the use of the Accept header as an alternative to …
08:08 Ticket #891 ([PATCH] Identity and unit testing) created by Joost
Hi, I'm having some trouble writing unit tests for a secured object. The …
06:11 Ticket #629 ([PATCH] IdentityManagementNotEnabledException in a freshly quickstarted ...) reopened by peter.russell@…
I think the bug is fixed only by the fact that since r1003 the test_model …


04:30 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
04:29 DocumentationPlayground edited by LMwangi
inital submit. (diff)
03:27 DocumentationPlayground edited by Lmwangi


19:42 Ticket #890 ([PATCH] You get a TypeException in the paginate decorator when set ...) created by pfrantz@…
Using allow_limit_override=True in the paginate decorator causes a Type …
19:32 Ticket #889 ([PATCH] url('foo') unexpected behaviour (server.webpath prepended)) created by anonymous
Using url('foo') when server.webpath is set yields unexpected (in my …
16:07 Ticket #800 ([PATCH] SQLalchemy selection in 0.9a5 does not generate requires) closed by godoy
fixed: Closed with [1489] and [1490].


21:59 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by anonymous
20:34 Ticket #888 (provide a default logging directory config option) created by jorge.vargas
Hi I have been playing with the logging module and the Handlers that write …
19:37 Ticket #887 (turbogears.scheduler._start_scheduler()turbogears.scheduler._start_schedule ...) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed in 0.9a6
19:37 Ticket #887 (turbogears.scheduler._start_scheduler()turbogears.scheduler._start_schedule ...) created by jorge.vargas
Just to make a note for anyone running 0.9a5 this was fix in r1447
19:05 Ticket #822 (Comment on docs/scheduler.html) closed by jorge.vargas
18:37 Ticket #886 (Comment on docs/gs/predefined.html) created by anonymous
There should be a description at the end showing how to use currenttime …
17:20 logging edited by jorge.vargas
Sorry for all the other changes my wiki sux :) (diff)
17:19 LoggingConfigurationExamples created by jorge.vargas
17:18 LoggingConfiguration edited by jorge.vargas
17:18 logging edited by jorge.vargas
17:09 logging edited by jorge.vargas
16:37 logging edited by jorge.vargas
16:35 logging created by jorge.vargas
14:58 Ticket #808 (sql upgrade fails with 0.9.5a) closed by ivolooser
wontfix: godoy. Thanks for the hint. I think i got the point.
14:57 Ticket #885 (Database Logging Handler) created by ivolooser
The idea behind the Logging Handler comes from a Discussion at …
09:51 Ticket #884 (TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable in master.py) created by rob@…
Our old friend, NoneType? is not callable has come back: […] I think …
07:03 Ticket #883 (Add example to scheduler doc) created by kevin


23:21 DocumentationPlayground edited by sdelatorre
The DeployAsWindowsService item was fixed. (diff)
15:59 Ticket #882 (tg-admin sql drop fails with postgresql) created by arthur@…
When a model needs an order defined for creation, tg-admin sql drop …
12:59 Ticket #881 (Comment on about/sqlobject.html) created by sean@…
Format of page is messed up on IE6
12:05 Ticket #880 (Streamline Identity) created by jvanasco@…
Identity right now is a bit hard on the CPU and Database a- the id …
11:29 Ticket #879 (Incorrect handling when serveFile returns []) created by anonymous
When CP's serveFile detects that a file has not been modified, it returns …
10:51 Ticket #878 (Make TurboGears more system package friendly.) created by kevin
10:43 Ticket #877 (Comment on docs/gs/index.html) created by arthur@…
The Getting Starting guide is excellent, but a "Next Page" button on each …


17:23 Ticket #876 ([PATCH] - default identity provider) created by rpk@…
this is a patch that a member of my development team found for a project …


19:56 Ticket #581 (allow formmaker.py to handle inherited fields PATCH) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [1485]
19:55 Ticket #434 (datacontoller/datagrid don't respect inherited tables) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [1485]
16:11 Ticket #875 ([PATCH] Fixed the "DeployAsWindowsService" docs on the wiki) created by sdelatorre+tg@…
The "[http://trac.turbogears.org/turbogears/wiki/DeployAsWindowsService
16:10 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
16:01 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
15:59 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
15:58 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
minor text edits (diff)
15:56 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
fixed the text to match the new code. (diff)
15:52 DeployAsWindowsService edited by anonymous
15:50 DeployAsWindowsService edited by sdelatorre
Fixed the broken code sample (diff)
15:46 DeployAsWindowsService edited by anonymous
15:43 DeployAsWindowsService edited by anonymous
12:15 Ticket #874 ([PATCH] Jump Menu widget) created by fredlin
select a host from the menu, the page will be redirect to that link. …
10:04 Ticket #873 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page4.html) created by anonymous
i didnt notice -- you should also change the header of the 'save' function …
04:37 AjaxGrid edited by anonymous
04:29 Ticket #829 (Automatic installation fails) closed by kaapstorm
fixed: I had the same problem. This seemed to fix it: $ sudo apt-get install …
01:05 Ticket #872 (MySQLdb/gears does not reconnect if mysql drops connection) created by eastham@…
At present, TG is permanently hosed if you lose the mysql connection. …


20:15 Ticket #871 (params for get and post behave differently) created by jvanasco@…
GET and POST data are not available to the exposed method using the same …
19:47 RemoteForm edited by anonymous
16:00 Ticket #870 (sqlalchemy in database.py is annoying) created by jvanasco@…
I don't have a better title sorry. current sqlalchemy support does this …
10:15 Ticket #869 ([patch] config.py/startup.py log_config_map) created by rune.hansen@…
This is a proposition. I don't think this should be the final …
08:12 Ticket #868 (Remove all default Trac articles from wiki) created by rob@…
Hey guys This may seem a bit picky but I'm doing loads of searches on the …
08:08 Ticket #843 (Pagination for the widget browser) reopened by kevin
Of course, this ticket's not done yet though :)
08:08 Ticket #843 (Pagination for the widget browser) closed by kevin
fixed: I committed this patch in [1477]. Thanks, Roger!
08:07 Ticket #820 (confusing error messages configuring logging) closed by kevin
fixed: Fixed by #866.
08:06 Ticket #866 ([PATCH] config.py logging enhancement) closed by kevin
fixed: Committed in [1479]. Thanks!
06:10 PassingArgumentsToCallables edited by Singletoned <singletoned@…>
added an indent before the last classmethod so that it copy and pastes … (diff)
05:36 Ticket #867 (Background tasks, like a one-time forked schedule) created by rob@…
It would be good to have the ability to schedule a one-time background …
04:07 Ticket #866 ([PATCH] config.py logging enhancement) created by rune.hansen@…
This enhancement will expose all loggers contained in the logging package. …


20:15 PassingArgumentsToCallables edited by godoy
13:28 PassingArgumentsToCallables edited by mbevan
Fixed a stupid bug in the order of arguments to make_list. (diff)
09:32 hosting edited by kevin
08:31 hosting edited by kevin
08:11 Ticket #865 (Log page generation times) created by rob@…
It would be good if we could log the page generation time with the new …
07:13 hosting edited by kevin
07:12 hosting edited by kevin
06:14 Ticket #864 (newdocs/widgets/tutorials/examples/SimpleWidgetForm/ are trac html pages ...) created by anonymous
the form examples in trunk are just the trac html pages linking to the …
05:49 Ticket #863 (Cryptic error message for configuration syntax error) created by max
Adding line like "kid.encoding = latin1" (note missing quotes over latin1) …


22:28 IdentityManagement edited by anonymous
22:26 IdentityManagement edited by fredlin
correct typo (diff)
19:20 PassingArgumentsToCallables created by mbevan
19:12 StartupHook created by anonymous
19:11 DocumentationPlayground edited by anonymous
19:10 Ticket #854 (Request - Startup Hook) closed by jvanasco@…
worksforme: i really wish that someone would have tossed that into the docs. I'm …
18:34 Ticket #862 (SyntaxHighlighter library renders 5 quotes at the beginning of ...) created by roger.demetrescu
See: * Tabber/CheckBox/AutoCompleteField? "Source Code" at Toolbox Widget …
18:06 IdentityManagement edited by anonymous
17:52 Ticket #861 (Missing components for Trac bugs) created by godoy
A component "SQL Alchemy" is missing for filing bugs against SQL Alchemy …
17:41 Ticket #860 (Comment on docs/gs/headersfooters.html) created by aaron.bentley@…
The discussion of using template functions is a bit on the short side. …
17:35 DocumentationPlayground edited by mbevan
Added link to PassingArgumentsToCallables. (diff)
17:34 Milestone 0.9a6 completed
15:29 Ticket #859 (Comment on docs/gs/configuration.html) created by anonymous
It would be nice to have an example of how to specify the different …
13:47 Ticket #858 (so_to_dict function to support joins) created by jiri.popek@…
TextField? automatically fills itself when form is to be displayed. The …
12:24 Ticket #857 (Cannot add users while cherrypy not running) created by aaron.bentley@…
The TG_User object uses the identity framework to encrypt the passwords of …
09:19 Ticket #856 (app.cfg contanent may break toolbox) created by plahcim@…
app.cfg content propagates to tg-admin toolbox and in particular may lead …
07:06 Ticket #807 (request: move some session configuration into tg) closed by kevin
fixed: committed in [1461]. Note that I changed the config variable to …
06:59 Ticket #853 (turbogears/controller.py Python 2.3 incompatibility) closed by kevin
fixed: committed in [1460]
05:03 Ticket #855 (Catwalk back button does not work) created by stian@…
When using Catwalk as of TurboGears 0.9a5, the Back and Forward button in …
02:15 LoggingConfiguration created by max
initial version
02:06 DocumentationPlayground edited by max
added LoggingConfiguration link (diff)
00:51 Ticket #854 (Request - Startup Hook) created by jvanasco@…
It would be nice if TG supported some user defined startup code that can …


15:52 Ticket #853 (turbogears/controller.py Python 2.3 incompatibility) created by HalWine <hal.wine@…>
A basic QuickStart setup on python 2.3 fails (500 Server Error) on first …
08:10 Ticket #850 (Fail to insert/update records from a scheduled job with SQLite) created by ronald@…
Trying to update/insert records to a SQLite database from within a …
07:51 Ticket #849 ([PATCH] error info messages within a form) created by jiri.popek@…
- Some little changes in formmaker.py and datacontroller made to get a …
05:54 Ticket #847 (AutoCompleteField in master.kid doesn't work on non-root page) reopened by alberto
:(( I swear I thought they were.... :/ Then we should reopen this... or at …
05:43 Ticket #847 (AutoCompleteField in master.kid doesn't work on non-root page) closed by alberto
worksforme: Importing the form directly into your template shotcuts the mechanism by …
02:33 Ticket #848 ([PATCH] DateTimeConvertor fails to throw empty exception) created by andy@…
[…] This should throw an exception, but prints "None". I traced this …


23:56 Ticket #847 (AutoCompleteField in master.kid doesn't work on non-root page) created by andy@…
I have a search box (AutoCompleteField) that I want to have on every page, …
22:41 Ticket #846 ([PATCH] LocalizableJSLink doesn't work with missing "Accept-Language" or ...) closed by godoy
fixed: Closed with [1441] and [1442].
22:09 Ticket #846 ([PATCH] LocalizableJSLink doesn't work with missing "Accept-Language" or ...) created by roger.demetrescu
IE is really a bad boy.... doesn't send any "Accept-Charset" header. And …
14:37 Ticket #653 (Create a tab widget) closed by alberto
fixed: Committed a Tabber at [1416] Thanks Rooger for your initial attempt! :) …
13:18 Ticket #845 (Paginate is not working) created by kevin
I've added some debug logging to turbogears.paginate and it would appear …
12:02 Ticket #844 ([PATCH] Remove duplicated Tabber code) closed by alberto
fixed: Committed at [1429]. Thanks!
11:23 Ticket #844 ([PATCH] Remove duplicated Tabber code) created by Matt Good <tg@…>
Somehow the code for the CSS and JS of the new Tabber widget was …
11:11 Ticket #815 (Logging errors when starting the toolbox outside a TG project) closed by michele
fixed: Fixed, dunno when! ;-)
08:29 Ticket #843 (Pagination for the widget browser) created by alberto
Now that the widget browser is pulling so much code for the syntax …
08:17 Ticket #841 ([PATCH] Use tabs inside the widget browser) closed by alberto
fixed: Comitted your great patch + a few other enhancements between [1416] and …
06:59 Ticket #842 (specifying alternative exposed name for method in turbogears.expose()) created by anonymous
cherrypy.expose() has argument "alias" that allows programmer to specify …
06:03 Ticket #841 ([PATCH] Use tabs inside the widget browser) created by michele
I've made a small patch that uses a tabber (this one, #653) and makes the …
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