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14:12 Ticket #1074 ([PATCH] Import error in Quickstarted tests/test_model.py) created by BenArmston
On line 10 of tests/test_model.py uses database.set_db_uri However, …
11:41 Ticket #1073 (No way to discover available quickstart templates) created by tlesher
Right now there's no way to discover what quickstart templates are …
11:40 Ticket #1072 (Add a "tg-admin help" command) created by tlesher
For utilities that take a command argument (like tg-admin, cvs, or svn), …


23:26 Ticket #1071 (let the controller handler define response header Content-Type) created by dalke
As mentioned in ticket #1070, I have controllers which can respond in a …
21:27 Ticket #1070 ([PATCH] for controllers to override the 'format' via returned dict's ...) created by dalke
The comment at the bottom of …
11:25 Ticket #1069 (in some circumstances, nosetests fail in tgbig projects) created by nerkles
It's hard to pin down where this happens, but the error messages indicate …
09:20 Ticket #1068 (FormEncode-0.5.1 crashes when processing empty form in Opera.) created by jargon
When I use following form in Opera web browser: <form action="test" …
04:01 Ticket #1067 ((i18n) messages.pot and messages.po should contain project relative paths ...) created by ericvrp
messages.pot and messages.po as currently in turbogears-trunk contains …


08:37 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by ghiggins
Added website using Turbogears (diff)


07:56 Ticket #1066 ([PATCH] cannot use 'format' as a URL query parameter) created by dalke
I'm implementing a server against an existing specification which uses …


12:52 Ticket #1065 (There should be a way to specify which controller methods are wrapped in a ...) created by goodwill
There was once a talk of being able to set whether a controller would be …
08:04 Ticket #1064 (Template Functions in an imported module don't work) created by shahar
If I extend the function-defining module it's OK. But if I have several of …
03:56 Ticket #1063 (Identity/Visit creates duplicate tables) created by mgaiman
When quick starting a new project using 0.9a8 several duplicate tables get …


12:13 Ticket #905 ([PATCH] Support checkbox and radio input fields in remoteFormRequest) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [1738]
12:13 Ticket #1059 (Patch to solve problems of RemoteForm with checkbox and radio) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [1738]
11:49 Ticket #1042 (Initial invalid form data adjust_value bug) closed by alberto
fixed: This should be fixed in [1736]


22:25 Ticket #1062 (CatWalk not loading model after creation!) created by italomaia
Well, i created the skeleton for my model in modelDesigner, then copied …
22:08 Ticket #1061 (Superfluous activemapper relations in quickstart model.py template) created by ghiggins
File: root/trunk/turbogears/qstemplates/quickstart/+package+/model.py_tmpl …
22:06 SQLObjectQuickRef edited by italomaia
timetime doesn't exist . datetime is the right lib (diff)
19:06 Ticket #1060 (Autocompletefield displays incorrectly within relatively positioned blocks) created by PeterRussell
When an autocompletefield widget is contained within a block that has …
17:17 DocumentationPlayground edited by Andy Kilner
Fixed (diff)
14:01 Ticket #1059 (Patch to solve problems of RemoteForm with checkbox and radio) created by ferran@…
The RemoteForm widget doesn't work corrrectly with checboxes and radio …


14:53 DeployWithAnEgg edited by Andy Kilner
Added link to newsdoc (diff)
12:38 Ticket #1058 (eggs for installing turbogears outdated) created by jerojasro
I tried to install TG (0.9) networkless so I downloaded (wget'ed) all the …
05:14 NonPackagedKidTemplates edited by robinbryce
05:03 NonPackagedKidTemplates edited by robinbryce
04:33 NonPackagedKidTemplates edited by robinbryce
04:21 NonPackagedKidTemplates edited by robinbryce
04:02 NonPackagedKidTemplates edited by robinbryce
03:44 NonPackagedKidTemplates created by robinbryce
03:27 DocumentationPlayground edited by robinbryce


20:10 Ticket #1057 (CalendarDatePicker should support setting the default date) created by bjourne
[…] This doesn't work because the default property doesn't have a …
14:25 Ticket #1056 ([PATCH] CalendarDatePicker shouldn't override the specified language) created by bjourne
See …
13:51 Ticket #1055 ([PATCH] Fix for the swedish translation file of the javascript calendar) created by bjourne
Here is a patch that updates the calendar-sv.js file to work with the …
07:43 RestfullPath edited by timfreund
exposed() -> expose(), exposed() threw an AttributeError? (diff)
00:55 Ticket #201 (SQLObject does not catch SQL keywords used as names in models) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: for the keywords this is no easy task, and they change from db to db and …
00:26 Ticket #279 (tg-admin sql create leads to postgres sql in wrong order) reopened by yem_trac.turbogears.org@…
Reopening this ticket, as soClasses is a workaround, not a fix. …
00:24 DataBaseInstalation edited by jorge.vargas
added link to the lastest binaries of mysqlpython (diff)
00:17 Ticket #345 (Unicode with SQLIite) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: closing this it seems to be a dependancies error and the original autor or …


07:14 WikiStart edited by william
Nightly tarballs  http://jewelry-box.pzkyy.info/farndon.html was pointing … (diff)
00:38 CompoundWidgets edited by fredlin
space (diff)


23:22 Ticket #1054 ([PATCH] Allow customization of the delay in AutoCompleteField widget) created by ecprice
Currently, the AutoCompleteField javascript has a hardcoded 0.2 second …
14:37 Ticket #1053 ([PATCH] Tiny refactoring in widgets.datagrid) created by hdiogenes
Very small correction to make code easier to understand. It's for 0.9a8, …
09:02 CompoundWidgets edited by alberto
08:26 CompoundWidgets edited by alberto
08:26 CompoundWidgets edited by alberto
08:25 compounddemo.v3.tar.bz2 attached to CompoundWidgets by alberto
Removed the unneeded images and added the "field_class" parameter in the …
08:18 CompoundWidgets edited by alberto
08:16 compounddemo.v2.tar.bz2 attached to CompoundWidgets by alberto
Updated version of the package to show the use of a CompoundFormField?
07:44 compounddemo.tar.bz2 attached to CompoundWidgets by alberto
Demo widget egg for an ultra-simple compound widget
07:43 CompoundWidgets created by alberto
06:57 Ticket #1052 (jsonify for SQLAlchemy mapped objects) created by Arnar
The following jsonify-methods seem to work for SA-mapped objects. […]


19:32 Ticket #1051 ([PATCH] links.py is not limiting the symbols been exported) created by roger.demetrescu
Importing * from turbogears.widgets brings those unnecessary symbols into …
16:57 Ticket #879 (Incorrect handling when serveFile returns []) closed by elvelind
fixed: commited in 1715.
11:50 Ticket #1050 (Comment on docs/deployment/hosting.html) created by victor.kryukov
The ServerPronto? link doesn't work for me.
11:33 Ticket #1049 (i18n_filter can't translate text with python expressions) created by ulysses
Text with Python expressions inside kid template can't get translated by …


17:58 Ticket #1048 (admi18n tool crashes when ran from a non-project dir) created by salty-horse
Using latest r1710. To reproduce: 1. Run tg-admin toolbox from a …


19:36 SQLObjectAutoUpdateField edited by khorn
12:05 Ticket #863 (Cryptic error message for configuration syntax error) closed by fuzzyman
fixed: All these issues *should* have been addressed by ConfigObj? 4.3.2. Once …
10:15 DownGrade edited by Kim
More minor spelling and formatting (diff)
09:57 DownGrade edited by Kim
minor edit of spelling (diff)


21:58 DownGrade created by jorge.vargas
Adding instructions on how to move to older TG releases
20:51 DocumentationPlayground edited by jorge.vargas
17:09 Ticket #1047 (empty string for the source) created by bjourne
This is what happens when you run tg-admin quickstart with the latest …
13:31 Ticket #1046 (TG 0.8.9 fails on install: HTTP 404 for setuptools) created by jluben
eps-linuxserv3:/home/jluben/TurboGears-0.8.9 # python ez_setup.py …


10:19 QuickStart edited by fredlin
09:13 QuickStart edited by fredlin
have tested in kid template, corrrect format (diff)
08:56 QuickStart edited by fredlin
Now steps capital is follow 'ABCD'.reverse() :-D (diff)
08:37 QuickStart edited by fredlin
what will happen if we change the priority of controllers and views … (diff)


19:25 Ticket #1045 ([PATCH] tg-admin i18n collect can't get kid text separated by simple tags ...) created by ulysses.almeida@…
With kid text separeted by simple tags "tg-admin i18n collect" command …
18:43 QuickStart edited by Kaan
18:40 QuickStart edited by Kaan
18:38 QuickStart edited by Kaan
Edited some text (diff)
17:43 QuickStart edited by Kaan
17:38 QuickStart edited by Kaan
Better to have this in straight html (diff)


17:47 Ticket #945 (admin18n: string collect fails, po file creation breaks (Link to pach ...) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in r1673
17:45 Ticket #242 (Problems with I18N and (X)HTML entities) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in r1689
14:11 Ticket #1044 (paginate fails with compound widget and validation) created by randall@…
When a form has a compound widget, uses paginate and validation, paginate …
09:35 IdentityManagement edited by fredlin
08:25 IdentityManagement edited by fredlin
quickstart (diff)
05:25 Ticket #1043 (controllers.py: "foo" should not be used as a variable name in ...) created by grover
Surely you can come up with something meaningful? :)


07:59 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by NebuK


06:25 Ticket #1042 (Initial invalid form data adjust_value bug) created by Andy Kilner
When rendering/displaying a form such as a TableForm?, an invalid value for …


02:10 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by mgaiman


17:36 Ticket #979 (selectfield widgets should support the case where the value is the same as ...) closed by alberto
fixed: Implemented at [1682]
16:34 Ticket #1040 ([PATCH] [TEST] Add some tests to CalendarDatePickers widgets) closed by alberto
fixed: Done at [1679]. What a mess TG would be without you fixing all my stupid …
16:20 Ticket #1040 ([PATCH] [TEST] Add some tests to CalendarDatePickers widgets) reopened by roger.demetrescu
Hi Alberto ! You forgot to add file turbogears/widgets/tests/widget.kid …
15:48 Ticket #1040 ([PATCH] [TEST] Add some tests to CalendarDatePickers widgets) closed by alberto
fixed: Mmmm, yummy, yummy tests! ;) Comitted at [1677]. Thanks Roger!
15:40 Ticket #696 (NotEmpty validator doesn't work on CheckBoxList) closed by alberto
fixed: The fix for #1033 should solve this too. Please reopen if it doesn't. …
06:36 Ticket #1041 ([PATCH] Ease use of plain (non-ActiveMapper) sa-classes in identity) created by arnarbi
When using custom identity/visit classes with SA that do not use …
03:46 Ticket #970 (${commenton) closed by mgeisler
invalid: Spam.


03:37 OpenSourceTurboGearsApplications edited by viyyer
00:57 Ticket #749 ([PATCH] Toolbox: make breadcrumbs more consistent) reopened by roger.demetrescu
I see "Toolbox » Catwalk" doesn't show Toolbox anchor with decoration …
00:33 Ticket #1040 ([PATCH] [TEST] Add some tests to CalendarDatePickers widgets) created by roger.demetrescu
There are a couple of changesets that were necessary due the fact we don't …


23:57 Ticket #1027 (TurboDjango template) closed by fredlin
fixed: avaliable on CheeseShop?  http://www.python.org/pypi/TurboDjango
23:55 Ticket #1002 (Please change the easy_install path to the correct one) closed by fredlin
23:52 Ticket #921 (Friendly URLs in page 4 of wiki tutorial) closed by fredlin
fixed: already fixed
23:06 Ticket #647 (Comment on docs/deployment/mod_python.html) closed by fredlin
18:14 WikiStart edited by bert
change FIX (diff)
09:10 DebianInstall edited by maxb
Switch .pydistutils.cfg to using $py_version_short, setuptools versions … (diff)
09:06 Ticket #1037 (calendar widgets Chinese translation file can't work.) closed by nEO
fixed: Tested with r1672. It's working fine. close this bug.
08:46 DebianInstall edited by maxb
Improve .pydistutils.cfg (diff)
08:44 DebianInstall edited by maxb
Remove mention of 'usermod' method of adding users to groups. There's no … (diff)
08:39 DebianInstall edited by maxb
Remove sensationalist and downright incorrect assertions, rewriting more … (diff)


17:13 Ticket #696 (NotEmpty validator doesn't work on CheckBoxList) reopened by L33tminion
This problem does not appear to be fixed! […] The above form still …
14:32 Ticket #956 (Error received while following instructions at ...) closed by elvelind
duplicate: same as 917 which is fixed
14:30 Ticket #917 (Comment on docs/tutorials/wiki20/page3.html) closed by elvelind
fixed: This is indeed a problem in the docs. it's fixed in svn now and will be …
14:23 Ticket #1038 (Catwalk barfs in the IdentityManagement tutorial.) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in trunk. hopfully 0.9a9 will be released soon witht this fix.
14:22 SitesUsingTurboGears edited by owen
13:43 Ticket #1039 (TypeError when evaluating FieldStorage object as boolean) created by L33tminion
Problem: The cgi.FieldStorage object (call it file) generated by …
13:30 Ticket #1032 (TypeError on Form Validation) closed by L33tminion
invalid: As it turns out, only a small part of this is a bug and the rest of it is …
09:03 Ticket #1037 (calendar widgets Chinese translation file can't work.) reopened by nEO
hi, godoy Would you pls. copy the calendar-zh.js to …
07:34 Ticket #1037 (calendar widgets Chinese translation file can't work.) closed by godoy
fixed: Commited it at [1662] in 1.0 branch and [1663] in the trunk.
02:43 Ticket #1038 (Catwalk barfs in the IdentityManagement tutorial.) created by Joost
Catwalk barfs when trying to add new users as described in the …
02:32 Ticket #1037 (calendar widgets Chinese translation file can't work.) created by nEO
$tg/widgets/static/calendar/lang/calendar-zh.js contain a bug, the …


13:06 Ticket #917 (Comment on docs/tutorials/wiki20/page3.html) reopened by barryh
I don't think this person was looking at the wrong docs. I experienced …
04:37 Ticket #1036 (Web app returns HTTP 500 error if sqlalchemy is present) closed by alberto
worksforme: I believe this is a 0.9a6 and SA 0.2.* issue. The problem is that 0.9a6 …
04:31 Ticket #1036 (Web app returns HTTP 500 error if sqlalchemy is present) created by barryh
I recently encountered an issue with TurboGears 0.9a6 where a sample …


23:02 Milestone 0.9a7 completed
15:33 soldapprovider.py attached to IdentityManagement by bosticka
Ldap provider for post r1512 with filter adjusted for Active Directory …


21:19 DebianInstall edited by maxb
Remove easy-deb mention. There are real official .debs now, and the … (diff)
20:04 Ticket #1033 (validation isn't working as expected in MultipleSelectField) closed by alberto
fixed: Please try teh 1.0 branch since [1651] see if it solves your use-case. I'm …
17:10 Ticket #1035 (visit created and not saved for SQLAlchemy) closed by alberto
fixed: Comitted at [1649]. Thanks!
16:37 Ticket #1035 (visit created and not saved for SQLAlchemy) created by randall@…
In savisit.py, when a new visit is created, it is not saved. I've …
11:57 ExtendingQuickstart edited by milde
More Python syntax highlighting (diff)
11:56 ExtendingQuickstart edited by milde
Cheetah note; removing inherited template files (diff)
11:12 SimpleWidgetForm edited by milde
Forgot document title (diff)
11:11 SimpleWidgetForm edited by milde
Basic wiki-fication (diff)
08:01 DebianInstall edited by mgeisler
Add proper links to the bug numbers (diff)
07:54 DebianInstall edited by mgeisler
Information about python-turbogears from experimental (diff)
06:08 Ticket #1026 (tg-admin toolbox doesn't work outside a project's dir) closed by elvelind
fixed: it should finaly be fixed now. It works for me both inside and outside …
06:07 Ticket #1031 (tg.include_widgets = [...] breaks json-output) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed.
01:55 Ticket #1034 (FastData computing column defaults too early) created by icc
In SQLObject, a column default can be a simple value or a callable, which …


19:59 Ticket #1033 (validation isn't working as expected in MultipleSelectField) created by jerojasro
the validator that I pass to the MultipleSelectField? is "applied" only to …
18:52 Ticket #1032 (TypeError on Form Validation) created by L33tminion
I encounter this bug anytime I try to validate a form (using …
16:21 DataGridWidget edited by milde
FastDataGrids? and Identity (diff)
13:09 Ticket #1031 (tg.include_widgets = [...] breaks json-output) created by droggisch
With this exception: […] Turning tg.include_widgets off solves the …
07:02 Ticket #1026 (tg-admin toolbox doesn't work outside a project's dir) reopened by alberto
The widget browser at the toolbox now is broken in another way :( It seems …


17:52 Ticket #1028 (Link errors on the *nix download page) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed.
17:41 Ticket #730 (FastData ignores SQLObject title on Boolean columns) closed by elvelind
fixed: commited.
17:36 Ticket #1030 (quick easy bug fix for RelatedJoins in FastData) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in 1637. if you got patches, just attach them to a ticket and …
17:23 Ticket #483 (Toolbox should have its own configuration) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in 1635. there is now an -p/--port option and toolbox ignores …
15:21 Ticket #1026 (tg-admin toolbox doesn't work outside a project's dir) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed for real now No need for a db.
04:37 WikiStart edited by Kaan
New kid website link (diff)
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