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11:57 Ticket #746 ('tg-admin sql create' does not accept configuration file name) closed by elvelind
duplicate: duplicate of #703
01:55 Ticket #1159 (Add database dump/restore facility to Catwalk) created by talin
It would be useful if the database could be dumped / restored from the …
00:19 Ticket #1158 (Put the identity model classes in their own file) created by talin
This is a just suggestion, really: Now that we can have multiple model …
00:01 Ticket #1157 (Add 'Genshi' to list of components in ticket system.) created by talin
00:00 Ticket #1156 (Improve error reporting in Genshi templates) created by talin
While much of the error reporting has been improved with the adoption of …


21:31 Ticket #1044 (paginate fails with compound widget and validation) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: in that case I'll close this ticket in favor or that one. by the way wiki …
05:24 Ticket #1061 (Superfluous activemapper relations in quickstart model.py template) closed by splee
fixed: Yes, this was fixed with r1997. Until ActiveMapper? is a little more …
00:57 Ticket #1155 (Add each package's <url link> in Toolbox Info page) created by fredlin
To make finding TG relate modules' documents easier, I suggest to add …


20:58 Ticket #633 (Comment on docs/gettingstarted.html) closed by jorge.vargas
worksforme: […]
20:42 Ticket #305 (SQLObject doesn't correctly handle certain DSN strings) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: ok done  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/RoughDocs/dburi
19:44 Ticket #1152 ([PATCH] allow SO Visit to use user-defined class) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed in r1999 and r2000 thanks
10:12 Ticket #1154 (SQLObject returning random old data) created by italomaia
After a update, sqlobject sometimes returns old data. Some times it …


10:58 Ticket #1153 (Toolbox port usage conflicts with artsd) created by ajones
In some installations artsd runs on port 7654. The toolbox also runs on …


03:39 Ticket #1152 ([PATCH] allow SO Visit to use user-defined class) created by grover
SA/SO identity already have this, as does SA visit. SO visit lets you load …


15:49 Ticket #1151 (VisitManagers should delete expired entries in tg_visit) created by grover
Otherwise tg_visit will just keep all its stale visit entries forever. It …
11:42 Ticket #1150 (Role of RPC widget is not well defined.) created by ajones
The use case for the RPC widget (widgets/RPC.py) is not well defined. It …
03:39 Ticket #1148 (Migrate FastData docs Was: Comment on ...) closed by fredlin
fixed: migrated to  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/DataController


11:05 Ticket #1018 (Add turbogears.quickstart.template category to CogBin) reopened by plewis
Sorry, not sure if I've done something wrong, but this category isn't …
01:46 Ticket #1149 (Broken links on docs/deployment/config.html) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: actually you got the old docs look for "deployment" in …


02:33 Ticket #1149 (Broken links on docs/deployment/config.html) created by aross
At  http://www.turbogears.org/docs/deployment/config.html both links under …


22:06 Ticket #1148 (Migrate FastData docs Was: Comment on ...) created by nyenyec
The page text suggests using: […] But this results in: […]


10:47 Ticket #1134 ([PATCH] RSS template assumes utf-8 encoding) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: I agree with you both the feed engine should be redone. isn't there …
10:42 Ticket #291 (Unable to run TG on unix domain socket) reopened by jorge.vargas
actually if this is a CP problem we should report it to their trac and …
02:41 Ticket #1124 (Using an alternative template engine makes TG return wrong charset) closed by max
fixed: Fixed in Subversion for both 1.0 branch and trunk.
02:15 Ticket #1143 ([PATCH] SQLAlchemy Identity classes don't allow adding related objects) closed by max
fixed: It is already applied in SVN after 1.0b1.
01:27 Ticket #83 (add typeconv to firebird connection URIs) closed by max
invalid: I suppose you just go ahead and add it to dburi, no?
01:25 Ticket #823 (TurboTunes song grid widget doesn't fill the box) closed by max
wontfix: Doesn't look like we have TurboTunes? around anymore.
01:23 Ticket #868 (Remove all default Trac articles from wiki) closed by max
01:19 Ticket #221 (CherryPy locks .kid files on Windows) closed by max
worksforme: I develop on Windows and I don't have any problems editing Kid files while …
01:18 Ticket #1047 (empty string for the source) closed by max
invalid: Works just fine in 1.0b1
01:11 Ticket #1140 ([PATCH] cherrypy module in qstemplates is needed when quickstarting ...) closed by max
fixed: Works for me in 1.0b1. I have sync'ed the templates using snippets from …
01:00 Ticket #713 (DateTimeConverter doesn't call super in __init__) closed by max
fixed: Super call is there (validators.py, right?)
00:54 Ticket #1064 (Template Functions in an imported module don't work) closed by max
invalid: I close this ticket because there is no way to reproduce/fix this.
00:49 Ticket #291 (Unable to run TG on unix domain socket) closed by max
worksforme: TurboGears correctly passes server settings to CherryPy?: […] CherryPy?


15:08 Ticket #1147 ([PATCH] KID pulls in i18n locale even when request is unavailable.) closed by splee
fixed: Fixed by [1960] and [1961]
14:27 Ticket #1147 ([PATCH] KID pulls in i18n locale even when request is unavailable.) created by mbevan
As per my …
13:09 Ticket #1146 (sqlalchemy + sqlite autoload doesn't work in 1.0b1) created by kkinder
sqlalchemy's autoload table reflection doesn't work (at least with sqlite) …


16:26 Ticket #1145 ([PATCH] kid.encoding setting in ap.cfg doesn't work) created by Joost
view.base._load_engines() gets called before the config files are loaded, …
13:58 Ticket #1144 (paginator get_href should take query params) created by talin
The paginator get_href call should accept additional an additional …


21:08 Ticket #1143 ([PATCH] SQLAlchemy Identity classes don't allow adding related objects) created by plewis
The User, Group, and Permission SQLAlchemy classes have circular …
07:21 Ticket #1137 ([PATCH] make turbogears.url work in the absense of cherrypy.request) closed by max
00:36 Ticket #1142 ([PATCH] calendar translation error) closed by olliwang
00:25 Ticket #1142 ([PATCH] calendar translation error) created by olliwang
There are some translation errors of calendar related to Traditional …


21:43 Ticket #1141 (Migrate widgets to genshi) created by jorge.vargas
tasks 1- check which widgets break 2- create genshi templates to …


22:49 Ticket #1140 ([PATCH] cherrypy module in qstemplates is needed when quickstarting ...) created by roger.demetrescu
This one is related to changes made in [1924] / [1926]. When I quickstart …
11:26 Ticket #969 ([changed]: Templates not extending master generate very unhelpfull error ...) closed by trlandet
fixed: I have changed too much to reproduce this just now, so I am closing this …
11:21 Ticket #1139 ([PATCH] SQLObject bug in handling of non default foreign keys) created by trlandet
I have 3 classes: […] Note: I have renamed classes etc, but as far …


20:02 Ticket #1138 (Bad Gateway encountered while installing 1.0b1) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: it should work now
10:43 Ticket #1138 (Bad Gateway encountered while installing 1.0b1) created by billzingler
When I run tgsetup.py, I get the following error: Downloading …


04:49 Ticket #1137 ([PATCH] make turbogears.url work in the absense of cherrypy.request) created by max
Currently if you try to use turbogears.url when CherryPy?'s request is not …


12:28 Ticket #1136 ([PATCH] Enable formencode and turbogears validator translation) created by ghorvath
This enables the translation of formencode and turbogears validator …
08:36 Ticket #1135 ([PATCH] fixes for lazystring __unicode__ and __str__ methods) created by ksenia.marasanova@…
This patch fixes the following problems: 1) __str__ function raises …
07:56 Ticket #1134 ([PATCH] RSS template assumes utf-8 encoding) created by ksenia.marasanova@…
rss2_0.kid assumes that the encoding is always utf-8. Remove encoding from …
07:05 Ticket #468 ([PATCH] Kid configuration settings ignored) reopened by ksenia.marasanova@…
Since changeset [http://trac.turbogears.org/turbogears/changeset/1728


15:01 Ticket #1133 (create model from multiple files.) created by jorge.vargas
"tg-admin sql *" should understand that the model can be in multiple …


22:22 Ticket #1132 (Meta tag disappears when kid.outputformat='xhtml') created by italomaia
Well, as is said, if the kid.outputformat is xhtml, the meta tag doesn't …
22:05 Ticket #320 (promoting "alternative components") closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: done thanks to Fred Lin aka gasolin for that …


19:42 Ticket #1128 (turbogears.redirect() incorrectly used) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: see the reason in  http://tinyurl.com/eaxf8
19:19 Ticket #1129 (require CherryPy >= 2.2.1,<2.9.0 until compatible with CherryPy-3.x) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: it was fix in …
12:27 Ticket #1131 ([Patch] identity.SecureResource not catching IdentityExceptions properly) created by PeterRussell
Throwing an identity.IdentityException? inside a controller method is not …
06:26 Ticket #1130 (logging crashes when URL contains unicode symbols and user is logged in ...) created by dado1945
It is quite hard to reproduce this bug because it requires TurboGears
00:14 Ticket #1129 (require CherryPy >= 2.2.1,<2.9.0 until compatible with CherryPy-3.x) created by jeffk
If the trunk is not yet compatible with CherryPy?-3.x, this minor change to …


13:56 Ticket #1123 (update http://www.turbogears.org/download/ the URL is no longer needed.) closed by elvelind
fixed: Should be fixed everywhere now. Please report if you find any more places
13:37 Ticket #1120 ([patch]tg-admin tests command (alias for nosetests)) closed by elvelind
fixed: I belive the result on the mailinglist was that we shouldn't do this. …
13:33 Ticket #587 (Missing line of code in docs/wiki20/page2.html) closed by elvelind
fixed: removed that line from the docs.
13:30 Milestone 1.0b1 completed


19:56 Ticket #1128 (turbogears.redirect() incorrectly used) created by alain.spineux@…
Tutorial and code generated by quickstart use turbogears.redirect() like …
17:13 Ticket #1127 (Login URL in QS template using wrong cherrypy.request component) created by tic
Using the virtual_path_filter to remove prefixes (e.g. when deploying …
13:01 Ticket #642 (DataController has problem with BoolCol) closed by alberto
fixed: formmaker generates a CheckBox? for BoolCols? and I have dozens of …
12:56 Ticket #1106 ([PATCH] Fixes for test_sqlalchemy.py) closed by alberto
fixed: Comitted at [1922] Thanks!
12:48 Ticket #987 (Querystring arguments have limitations on their names) closed by alberto
fixed: This was fixed by a patch at #1066 which I comitted at [1803] with a …
12:06 Ticket #1126 (cannot use genshi template with a widget) closed by alberto
wontfix: This is a feature targeted at 1.1. It's currently only implemented in …
06:53 Ticket #1126 (cannot use genshi template with a widget) created by max
I've declared a widget that uses Genshi for templating: […] At render …
00:15 Ticket #1122 (Add a message on toolbox flagging missing components when ran outside of ...) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed in r1919


23:34 Ticket #1125 (500 error with Safari and serveFile) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: this the same as #1090 now the question is do we want to apply #1090
18:15 Ticket #28 (Kid rather slow with lot of markup) closed by kevin
wontfix: Genshi improves upon Kid in many ways, including speed. I'm closing this …
17:53 Ticket #1125 (500 error with Safari and serveFile) created by Naomi
We've discovered what appears to be a bug in TurboGears that makes it so …
13:01 Ticket #835 (Installation (and Update) of RuleDispatch-0.5a0.dev-r2115 fails on Mac OS ...) closed by elvelind
fixed: thanks to alberto we now have universal/fat eggs.
12:56 Ticket #1048 (admi18n tool crashes when ran from a non-project dir) closed by elvelind
fixed: actually it's need_project = True and that's fixed in 1919. There are …
10:36 Ticket #285 (=) closed by elvelind
fixed: This can be done right now by having a custom template engine for exemple …
10:07 Ticket #1124 (Using an alternative template engine makes TG return wrong charset) created by sakkew
ISO-8859-1 is returned by TG instead of UTF-8. How to reproduce: * …
09:22 Ticket #1057 (CalendarDatePicker should support setting the default date) closed by elvelind
wontfix: Unless there is a big reason for having it as an setter I will close this …
06:10 Ticket #831 (Add form validation for identity_from_login) closed by elvelind
wontfix: And I will close it as won't fix. If you really want to give the user info …
05:54 Ticket #1054 ([PATCH] Allow customization of the delay in AutoCompleteField widget) closed by elvelind
fixed: fixed in r1916. thanks
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