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22:49 Ticket #1209 (Data already flushed does not rollback if exception occurs) created by sanjay
Summary If we use multiple flushes (SQLAlchemy) sequentially in a …


20:58 Ticket #1208 ([PATCH] Support updating multiple joins in FastData) created by wavy
datacontroller.py: Adds support in _updateJoins to handle MultipleJoins?
17:09 Ticket #1207 (formmaker handles notNone=True in SQLobject columns) created by wavy
Added code to add reflect a column's notNone attribute. If a column has …
06:12 Ticket #582 ([PATCH] CatWalk cannot handle multiple RelatedJoin to the same model in ...) closed by Joost
duplicate: I'm clossing this one as its a dupplicate of …
04:18 Ticket #1145 ([PATCH] kid.encoding setting in ap.cfg doesn't work) closed by Joost
duplicate: http://trac.turbogears.org/turbogears/ticket/468
03:51 Ticket #1206 ([PATCH] i18n testsuite broken after r2203) created by Joost


15:55 Ticket #1205 (/login redirect fails with SecureResource) created by tic
The setup: A system running FastCGI w/ the dispatcher (changing both …
09:24 Ticket #1204 (test_identity is faulty) created by Felix.Schwarz
test_identity.py can be considered faulty. The attached patch uncovers the …
04:07 Ticket #1203 (testutil.call_with_request unusable with "raise redirect()") created by Felix.Schwarz
Calls with testutil.call_with_request(method, request) will always fail if …


15:36 Ticket #1201 (run_with_transaction to use MultiorderGenericFunction) closed by alberto
fixed: commited at [1226]. Thanks!
13:28 Ticket #1202 (add a PylonsHostFramework) created by gldnspud
The Pylons example included with Toscawidgets mentions that some …
10:15 Ticket #1201 (run_with_transaction to use MultiorderGenericFunction) created by Dennis
run_with_transaction is a generic function. It is difficult to customize …


16:46 Ticket #1200 (kid-0.9.4: generate_content() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given)) created by jeffk
from svn trunk checkout, installed with "python setup.py develop", …
07:21 Ticket #1199 (Application mount point != virtual path prefix.) created by tic
In startup.py, VirtualPathFilter:on_start_resource(), the request's …


13:01 Ticket #1198 (PATCH DBTest barfs when using Genshi, because inspect.isclass sucks) created by winjer
The DBTest database table dropping/creation routines barf when you use …
07:18 Ticket #1197 (SQLAlchemy, "MySQL server has gone away", Programming Error) closed by splee
fixed: Fixed by r2201
07:02 Ticket #1197 (SQLAlchemy, "MySQL server has gone away", Programming Error) created by splee
Issues with MySQLdb and SQLAlchemy cause MySQL server has gone away, …


19:26 Ticket #1196 (TurboJson unit tests don't work) closed by kevin
fixed: fixed in [2200].
19:24 Ticket #1196 (TurboJson unit tests don't work) created by kevin
The unit tests expect jsonify.encode() to return a string. I think a lot …
19:23 Ticket #1195 (TurboJson should not require SQLObject) closed by kevin
19:22 Ticket #1195 (TurboJson should not require SQLObject) created by kevin
Currently, TurboJson? requires SQLObject. It should work fine, even if …
09:43 Ticket #1194 (import sqlalchemy.ext.assignmapper in model.py) created by maurizio.boscaini
tg-admin quickstart -i -s myapp in model.py you need to add: from …
07:56 Ticket #847 (AutoCompleteField in master.kid doesn't work on non-root page) closed by alberto
fixed: The best soultion for this problem is to list the widget instance in the …


09:32 Ticket #1193 (Make tg_flash more style flexible) created by allan.garcia
Make tg_flash more beautiful with turbogears.flash() method accepting two …


07:55 Ticket #1192 (CalendarDateTimePicker need to accept callables for default values) closed by alberto
wontfix: Why dont you make your own picker by subclassing? […] You get the …
05:55 Ticket #1192 (CalendarDateTimePicker need to accept callables for default values) created by guest
I think this is a must. In my project I want the user to input a range of …
05:35 Ticket #978 (Callable not resolved at request time in Forms API) reopened by guest
Perhaps a better message in the exception is needed in this case.
05:24 Ticket #978 (Callable not resolved at request time in Forms API) closed by guest
wontfix: Just add a validator to your selection widget declaration: […] and …


00:03 Ticket #1191 (No easy way to start an egg-distributed project.) created by ajones
Currently projects that are distributed as an egg must have a local …


12:29 Ticket #1190 (slovenian Turbogears.po, Turbogears.mo, sl.py, sl_SI.py) created by mte
The small translation for use with gettext-enabled formencode.
05:07 Ticket #1189 (TurboDjango/TurboJinja do not support template inheritance) created by thesamet
Both template plugins currently do not support template inheritance as …


22:36 Ticket #1188 (./start-projectname.py prod.conf hangs) closed by dundeemt
invalid: My newness with the .cfg files and their use of setup.py as the flag …
22:34 Ticket #1186 (quickstart - prod.cfg not complete -- missing autoreload.package statement) closed by dundeemt
invalid: My newness with the .cfg files and their use of setup.py as the flag …
22:33 Ticket #1187 (start-projectname.py fails to look for autoreload.package in prod.cfg) closed by dundeemt
invalid: I've been informed on IRC that this is proper. My newness with the .cfg …
20:00 Ticket #1188 (./start-projectname.py prod.conf hangs) created by dundeemt
attempting to use prod.cfg doesn't allow cherrypy to start -- it hangs …
17:05 Ticket #1187 (start-projectname.py fails to look for autoreload.package in prod.cfg) created by dundeemt
If you delete dev.cfg and edit prod.cfg to include the line …
16:20 Ticket #1186 (quickstart - prod.cfg not complete -- missing autoreload.package statement) created by dundeemt
when moving to the prod.cfg file tg fails out with an error: "TurboGears


21:51 Ticket #1018 (Add turbogears.quickstart.template category to CogBin) closed by kevin
fixed: very sorry for the delay on this one. It's all set now!
11:41 Ticket #886 (Comment on docs/gs/predefined.html) closed by ajones
fixed: This is now well documented in ==  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/stdvars
11:29 Ticket #873 (Comment on docs/wiki20/page4.html) closed by ajones
11:26 Ticket #860 (Comment on docs/gs/headersfooters.html) closed by ajones
wontfix: After a lot of laziness and a little review I see no reason to include a …


06:00 Milestone 1.0b2 completed


20:17 Ticket #1163 (model.py_tmpl doesn't import assign_mapper (for SQLAlchemy projects)) closed by roger.demetrescu
fixed: Now it seems to be ok. Thanks. I'm re-closing it. PS: I think you meant …
10:50 Ticket #1163 (model.py_tmpl doesn't import assign_mapper (for SQLAlchemy projects)) reopened by roger.demetrescu
The import line was included inside the block: […] which means that …


21:17 Ticket #1163 (model.py_tmpl doesn't import assign_mapper (for SQLAlchemy projects)) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2149], thanks!
08:13 Ticket #1185 (controller method trying to flush the database session(sqlalchemy) even if ...) created by sanjay
The problem is discussed at …


14:49 Ticket #1184 (CalendarDatePicker returns a datetime, not a date) created by grover
returns a datetime with hour, minute, seconds equal to 0. Comparing this …


15:59 Ticket #1138 (Bad Gateway encountered while installing 1.0b1) reopened by bien
This is happening again. Is there a place to report "the server is down"? …


17:46 Ticket #1183 (TG home page update) created by john.m.camara
The TG home page needs to be updated. It still states that the TG Book is …


22:14 Ticket #1182 (tg-admin: Installation Error--pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound) created by jeffk
I am seeing a setuptools-related error when executing tg-admin. I am …
20:11 Ticket #883 (Add example to scheduler doc) closed by fredlin
fixed: Add the example to  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/Scheduler
03:08 Ticket #1181 (Update TurboGears to CherryPy 3) created by fredlin
I tried to update TG to CP3 but not success, TG trunk is too tight with …


23:10 Ticket #1180 (RuleDispatch missing) created by kuom
I downloaded the tgsetup.py script and when I ran it, it reported this …
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