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05:29 Ticket #1310 (TurboJson jsonify_object rollback assertion) created by callan
TurboJson?-1.0 appears to be have some very odd problems where …


00:38 Ticket #1309 ([PATCH] SELECTED attributes of SelectionField won't disappear once it gets ...) created by ts1
The original code adds _selected_verb attributes to user-supplied …


17:21 Ticket #1308 (jsonify not parsed correctly with Python 2.5 on Mac OS X) created by travis
Here's the traceback (running paster pylons example): […]


10:16 Ticket #1307 ([PATCH] turbojson.jsonify_sqlobject doesn't support InheritbleSQLObject.) created by llucax
I'm sorry if this is not the place to report this bug, but I can't find a …


09:55 Ticket #1306 (URL Wrong on CogBin) closed by khorn
duplicate: This is a duplicate...please see #1265 The fix is in SVN and is waiting …


18:50 Ticket #1306 (URL Wrong on CogBin) created by mgaiman
The URL for documentation on the top menu bar of the …


08:25 Ticket #1305 (Display the record instead of an id in CatWalk ForeignKey) created by noam
Hello, Currently (1.0.1) in CatWalk, ForeignKey? columns are displayed as …


18:59 Ticket #1303 (An accordion widget proposal) closed by quadword
18:55 Ticket #1304 (An accordion widget proposal) created by quadword
I'm developing an AccordionWidget? for including in TG. Can someone help me …
18:55 Ticket #1303 (An accordion widget proposal) created by quadword
I'm developing an AccordionWidget? for including in TG. Can someone help me …


03:22 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) reopened by chrisz
But now it is the same as it was before. The idea was to completely get …
02:34 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) closed by fredlin
fixed: fix 'again' in [2590]:( thanks :-P


23:42 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) reopened by plewis
I don't think this patch got applied cleanly. saprovider still has …
23:12 Ticket #1302 ("registration" add on is broken) closed by plewis
invalid: I'm moving this ticket to …
01:21 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2582], thanks!


20:56 Ticket #1302 ("registration" add on is broken) created by vegas
The registration add on described at …
15:53 Ticket #1301 ([PATCH] Improved reloading mechanism in TurboKid) created by chrisz
The reloading mechanism in TurboKid? did not work properly when you have …
10:59 Ticket #1300 (Update/remove changelog page) created by Felix.Schwarz
 http://www.turbogears.org/about/changelog.html is out of date and should …


16:25 Ticket #1299 (Initialize / NoneType not callable bug) created by chrisz
The following problem was reported by Ben Sizer on the mailing list …


13:12 Ticket #1295 (Change submit-button's default ID) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed at [2577]. Thanks for reporting it. Alberto
03:55 Ticket #1298 ([PATCH] improved quickstart controller test) created by chrisz
The quickstart controller test shuts down TurboGears after each test, if …


21:14 Ticket #1297 (Using Tabber widget results in <style> being dumped into <body> instead of ...) created by anseljh
I am trying to use the Tabber widget. This is in one of my controllers: …
18:18 Ticket #1296 ([PATCH] for kid with i18n) created by faide
Performances with i18n fix. When activating i18n filter, even withtout …
11:44 Ticket #1283 ([PATCH] adding HTTP1.1 cache control to TG) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: see …
09:41 Ticket #1295 (Change submit-button's default ID) created by joshua
The ID default's to "submit", which results in overriding the form's …
05:23 Ticket #1294 (TGFastData doesn't work with ForeignKeys) created by Juhani
With TGFastData-0.9a6, forms don't work with foreign key columns. It …


20:05 Ticket #1293 (Need to pass format options to kid serialization) created by engie
I wanted to set strip_lines=false as a format for the serialisation of a …
16:10 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) created by chrisz
This improves the patch in ticket #1290. Instead of calling class_mapper, …
13:34 Ticket #1285 (Paginate error) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: please post this to the mailing list with the differences of your prod and …
10:26 Ticket #1291 (DateTimeConverter and Pagination query strings do not validate) created by abostick
Using DateTimeConverter?() for validation with paginated result sets mostly …
02:08 Ticket #1288 ([PATCH] make 1.0.1 work on python 2.5) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2558], thanks!
02:01 Ticket #1264 ([PATCH] TurboGears 1.0.1 not installable with python2.3) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2556], thanks!
01:50 Ticket #1290 ([PATCH] Automatic creation of identity model tables for SQLAlchemy) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2554], thanks!
01:35 Ticket #1289 ([PATCH] fix project controller test for 1.0 branch (tag case)) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2551], thanks!


23:01 Ticket #1290 ([PATCH] Automatic creation of identity model tables for SQLAlchemy) created by chrisz
For SQLObject, the visit/identity tables are created automatically, but …
20:44 Ticket #1289 ([PATCH] fix project controller test for 1.0 branch (tag case)) created by chrisz
Since HTML tags are rendered in lowercase by default in Kid 0.9.4, many …
15:42 Ticket #1288 ([PATCH] make 1.0.1 work on python 2.5) created by faide
the subject says it all :)
11:37 Ticket #1287 ([PATCH] paginate href fixed) created by tagful
input_values was reset to dict(tg_paginate_limit=limit) making href_* …
08:05 Ticket #1286 (Cheetah on python 2.5 win32 with compiled NameMapper) created by faide
As asked by Kevin
06:30 Ticket #1285 (Paginate error) created by tagful
Paginate caused an internal error when starting with dev.cfg, but has no …


20:52 Ticket #1284 ([PATCH] Safari Unicode fix in controllers.py raising TypeError) created by simonwittber
[…] A fix is in the diff file attached.
19:40 Ticket #1283 ([PATCH] adding HTTP1.1 cache control to TG) created by faide
Here is a patch that permits to use new args in the expose() method to …
15:51 Ticket #1282 (MoinMoin Header) created by chrisz
In the MoinMoin? Wiki, if you edit a page, a black box appears in the blue …
09:23 Ticket #1269 ([PATCH] Make quickstarted master.kid use tg.url()) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: actually they are the same :)


18:42 Ticket #1281 ([PATCH][TEST] identity throws exceptions for encrypted passwords with ...) created by Felix.Schwarz
The current identity encryption code does only work with 8 bit Python …
18:12 Ticket #45 (Change tutorial to include full files at each major step) closed by grayrest
wontfix: I'm not doing this for maintainability reasons. The tutorial has to be …
15:31 Ticket #1265 (Documentation link in The Cogbin does not work) reopened by jorge.vargas
then leave it open so he can see it :)
13:56 Ticket #1280 (TG on python 2.5) closed by elvelind
13:32 Ticket #1280 (TG on python 2.5) created by faide
I have posted the results of some of my tests on python 2.5 with TG in the …
11:01 Ticket #1265 (Documentation link in The Cogbin does not work) closed by fredlin
fixed: checked in [2536], thanks Kaali Still need Lee to fresh the site.


22:19 Ticket #1219 (model.py_tmpl patch: consistent single quoting and whitespace cleanup) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: next time please provide an svn diff form the root, this way we'll be sure …
21:49 Ticket #1213 (incomplete support for changing server.webpath) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed in r2528 and r2529, thanks
20:40 Ticket #644 (log_debug_info_filter.on comment) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: it seems like someone forgot to close this.
19:04 Ticket #1279 (b64decode should be decodestring for Python 2.3 compatability) created by pnfisher
turbogears/identity/visitor.py calls base64.b64decode -- b64decode does …
17:16 Ticket #1278 (Master.kid template "missing" if tags are malformed) created by eleddy
I was editing master.kid, from which many templates inherit, and added the …
15:33 Ticket #1277 (Buffet adapters get configuration data too late) created by cwells
The current implementation initializes the Buffet adapters prior to …
15:18 Ticket #1276 (TurboGears not Buffet-compliant) created by cwells
The Buffet API defines the signature for a Buffet adapter's init


00:49 Ticket #1182 (tg-admin: Installation Error--pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: until there is official packages for TG please stick with setuptools …
00:38 Ticket #830 (Widget.template does not allow to omit package name) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: based on alberto's comment this should be done.
00:37 Ticket #447 (CatWalk: Pressing [ENTER] should launch expected behavior) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: guess not
00:35 Ticket #991 (model designer: allow setting default=None on ForeignKeys) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: need more info…
00:34 Ticket #1153 (Toolbox port usage conflicts with artsd) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: I guess this was something that just happen on my install
00:22 Ticket #845 (Paginate is not working) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: after #1115 much of this code changed please check out of that fixed your …
00:22 Ticket #1013 (pagination not working) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: after #1115 much of this code changed please check out of that fixed your …
00:18 AjaxGrid edited by jorge.vargas


17:42 Ticket #1108 (TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported , when I try to convert an ...) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: need more input
17:38 Ticket #657 ("tg-admin sql create" copies external table to default database) closed by jorge.vargas
17:37 Ticket #583 (SQLObject Inheritables don't account for alternate id names) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: need more input
17:26 Ticket #1172 (Javascript dollar functions break kid.) closed by jorge.vargas
17:25 Ticket #1081 (can't access stdvars while in a py:def block in kid) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: please reopen if still valid
17:24 Ticket #915 (layout_params cannot use python variables) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: why not use the way TG does this? isn't that the goal of integrating with …
17:15 Ticket #409 (Kid's formatting puts blank space in a textarea) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: kid's ticket was commited in 0.9.4
15:55 Ticket #1275 (Kid error with three level widget injection) created by quadword
I have a simple kid template page which insert a widget class with the …
11:44 Ticket #818 (implement site_secret in passwords) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: if you provide a patch that doesn't affects any existing code this may be …
11:42 Ticket #1022 (IdentityFailure Redirect - Cherrypy causes 500 error if passing compound ...) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: giving this the same as the CP ticket
11:29 Ticket #906 (Migrate TurboTunes tutorial) reopened by jorge.vargas
sorry I shouldn't had closed this. please review #758 while your at this.
11:24 Ticket #906 (Migrate TurboTunes tutorial) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: added this to …
11:17 Ticket #782 (make vhosts for wiki.turbogears.org and docs.turbogears.org) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: @ajones yes
11:01 FormValidationWithWidgetsTwo edited by jorge.vargas
10:56 FormValidationWithWidgets edited by jorge.vargas
10:52 WidgetList edited by jorge.vargas
10:49 DiveIntoWidgets edited by jorge.vargas
10:49 IntroductionToWidgets edited by jorge.vargas
10:22 Ticket #1071 (let the controller handler define response header Content-Type) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: all patches refered to here have been applied some with different …
10:16 Ticket #1016 (Static-filter paths ignore server.webpath, disappear if path prepended) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: CP3 will be ported for 1.1 and this will no longer be needed
10:12 Ticket #943 (Provide a version of view.render() function that can work outside web ...) closed by jorge.vargas
invalid: please provide more details of what you want, as for email …
10:10 Ticket #892 (Other Javascript MIME types should also trigger JSON format) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: no more input
10:10 Ticket #1274 ([PATCH] resume() built-in function for kid templates.) created by llucax
I usually find myself showing data on a table that can be very large to …
10:09 Ticket #999 (tg.url does not work properly with RESTful style URLs) closed by jorge.vargas
worksforme: no more input
10:08 Ticket #1007 (VisitManager raises an exception while running nose) closed by jorge.vargas
duplicate: se #1217
10:02 Ticket #521 (Making turbogears.expose("xml-rpc") work) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: no more input therefore it's gone.
09:50 Ticket #932 (Add dependency_links declaration to TurboGears setup.py) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: based on others input they are plenty of better ways to do this, maybe we …
09:46 Ticket #1127 (Login URL in QS template using wrong cherrypy.request component) closed by jorge.vargas
wontfix: since the next mayor release of TG is going to CP3 I'll close this as …
08:57 Ticket #1260 (Cannot provide callable default to CalendarDatePicker) reopened by jorge.vargas
ahh sorry set back to TW
08:08 Ticket #1273 (SingleSelectField in a form should use validator from schema) created by Chris Arndt
As explained in this thread: …
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