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13:49 Ticket #1347 (tgsetup.py has outdated link for MacPython) created by stickystyle
TurboGears Installer TurboGears supports Python 2.3, but 2.4 is …
12:26 Ticket #1346 (Use a callable to provide default value) created by ksenia


21:09 Ticket #1343 ([PATCH] Allow inversion of identity conditions in decorators) created by ferguscan
Created a CompoundPredicate called NotAny, in the same vein as Any
16:25 Ticket #1045 ([PATCH] tg-admin i18n collect can't get kid text separated by simple tags ...) closed by faide
fixed: Thanks.
14:51 Ticket #1296 ([PATCH] for kid with i18n) closed by faide
fixed: http://trac.turbogears.org/ticket/1301 as been applied to TurboKid? to fix …
14:50 Ticket #1301 ([PATCH] Improved reloading mechanism in TurboKid) closed by faide


20:32 Ticket #1339 (nosetests fail with sqlalchemy / Elixir) closed by mnewby
invalid: Though this doesn't appear to be documented (outside the source anyway), …
14:08 Ticket #1342 (Adapt the failing (controller related) tests in trunk to a ...) created by alberto
There are a bunch of failing tests in trunk since the merge from the cp3 …
04:24 Ticket #1341 ([PATCH] better error reporting in templates) created by dalke
We had a function "sid_url" attached to "tg" for global use across all …


13:46 Ticket #1340 (Raising IdentityFailure fails if a unicode string was posted) created by noam
Hello, I have a page called addMessage, which adds a message. It is the …
01:42 Ticket #1292 (Improvement of patch #1290) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2802], thanks kuffs


11:09 Ticket #1339 (nosetests fail with sqlalchemy / Elixir) created by nerkles
When running nosetests with an SA or Elixir (or a little of both) model, …
04:53 Ticket #1251 (Enhancement proposal for SQLAlchemy default model) closed by fredlin
fixed: accepted in [2797], thanks!
04:48 Ticket #1315 ([patch] Move session.on setting from prod.cfg/dev.cfg to app.cfg) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [2794] :)


16:25 Ticket #1337 (SQLObject and international characters) closed by mettwoch
fixed: I've found the missing information myself. Simply put this in the …
15:21 Ticket #1338 (custom identity model classes break on Toolbox) created by kov
Bug reported on the Debian package ( http://bugs.debian.org/415909): …


11:00 Ticket #1337 (SQLObject and international characters) created by mettwoch
Problem inserting special non-ASCII chars with SQLObject Default codepage …
07:15 Ticket #1336 (SecureResource should check the "require" attribute) created by volvox
SecureResource? does not check whether there is a 'require' attribute A …


09:13 Ticket #1335 (Widgets with name preceeded by an underscore are silently ignored) created by ksenia.marasanova@…
At this moment you can't have widgets with name preceeded by an …
08:32 Ticket #1309 ([PATCH] SELECTED attributes of SelectionField won't disappear once it gets ...) closed by alberto
fixed: Applied at [2784]. Thanks! Alberto
08:22 Ticket #1331 (CSRF protection in twForms) closed by alberto
fixed: Applied both patches at [2783] with slight changes: * SecureFormMixin?
08:16 Ticket #1330 (TableForms miss hidden fields) closed by alberto
fixed: Fix committed in [2783]


08:48 Ticket #1334 (exception_handler() doesn't work when using SQLAlchemy) created by JeroenDekkers
If you're using SQLAlchemy exception_handler() doesn't work. The problem …
06:55 Ticket #1328 ([PATCH] CheckBox should allow alternate validators) closed by godoy
fixed: Fixed in [2781] for the trunk and [2782] for the 1.0 branch.
01:35 Ticket #1333 (deepcopy error, caused by PlainText) created by dalke
I tried to use the schema […] as the validator for a form. Doing so …
01:08 Ticket #1332 ([PATCH] Add an option to AutoCompleteField to give it focus on load) created by grover
This adds a parameter to AutoCompleteField to give it focus on load.


07:10 Ticket #1331 (CSRF protection in twForms) created by __pv
It would be nice if ToscaWidgets? forms had a form token for CSRF …
06:47 Ticket #1330 (TableForms miss hidden fields) created by __pv
Line 10 of twForms/toscawidgets/widgets/forms/templates/table_form.html …
06:43 Ticket #1329 (UnicodeError on nested Mako + Genshi) created by __pv
The following code results to an UnicodeError?, although it seems to me …


18:50 Ticket #1328 ([PATCH] CheckBox should allow alternate validators) created by shday
The current behaviour is that the CheckBox? widget will always get the …


11:14 Ticket #1327 ([PATCH] TurboGears should let you specify a default doctype) created by alastair
When using Genshi, you can conveniently change the output format that's …


10:57 Ticket #1326 ([PATCH] Some minor updates to twForms and twGrids) created by wavy
First patch adds the (strangely missing) option to provide a callable as …


20:26 Ticket #1325 ([PATCH] savisit creates extra orphan visits) created by corvus
SqlAlchemyVisitManager? is missing a session.flush() call after it creates …
19:43 Ticket #1271 ([PATCH] add the by_email_address class method to the SA identity model) closed by faide
fixed: closed by commits: - 2761 (in branch 1.0) - 2762 (in trunk)
10:42 Ticket #1324 ([Errno 13] Permission denied while writing _speedups.pyd) created by shday
This error happened in the middle of night on my dev server. The was no …


09:26 Ticket #1322 ([PATCH]: make twGrids easier to customise) closed by alberto
fixed: Comitted it at [2752]. Thanks Wavy! :) Alberto


06:27 Ticket #1323 (CalendarDatePicker choose wrong javascript encoding) created by guest
There is a problem with the way CalendarLangFileLink choose …


12:00 Ticket #1322 ([PATCH]: make twGrids easier to customise) created by wavy
Simple refactor of twGrids to make subclassing easier. Adds a _widgets …
10:40 Ticket #1321 ([PATCH] tg.paginate.href_next et al. are broken) created by alastair
The @paginate decorator's …
09:48 Ticket #1320 ([PATCH] @paginate should allow specification of a descending default ...) created by alastair
Currently, @paginate allows the user to specify the name of the …
09:41 Ticket #1319 ([PATCH] @paginate barfs if you try to sort on a column whose data is ...) created by alastair
If you map against a select, you can generate columns (attributes) …
09:35 Ticket #1318 ([PATCH] @paginate doesn't support SQLAlchemy list properties) created by alastair
If you have a class that has a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship …


16:51 Ticket #1317 ([Patch] Hard coded paths in tgsetup) created by cappen
It seems that around line 199 in the tgsetup.py file, the path …
16:21 Ticket #1316 (KeyError on page reload) created by SHelmberger
I tried to update my blog site to Turbogears 1.01 and get a […] when …
09:56 Ticket #316 ([PATCH] Modify turbogears.url so that it can return an absolute path) reopened by singletoned
Can this ticket be reopened? There are lots of valid reasons for wanting …


22:01 Ticket #1315 ([patch] Move session.on setting from prod.cfg/dev.cfg to app.cfg) created by fredlin
session.on setting influence the whole app from development to deployment, …
09:48 Ticket #1314 (SelectionField does not format values being rendered in template) created by rick446
As documented in …
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