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22:53 Ticket #1412 (SQLObject Model Breaks Catwalk) created by Cerin
I used quickstart to setup a basic app with identity, and then I added two …
10:21 Ticket #1411 (malformed urls when using widgets.base.Link with webpath set to absolute ...) created by markus
I have used a CalendarDatePicker? and it didn't work. I chased the problem …


04:38 Ticket #1410 ([PATCH] Allow pagination of multiple variables) created by beef
This patch allows pagination of multiple variables, simply by using the …


14:20 Ticket #1409 (Make session available in templates) created by chrisz
If session_filter.on is set, then cherrypy.session should be added to …


21:40 Ticket #1408 (Comment on about/turbogears.html -- Broken Link) created by wcyee
The "Getting Started" link at the bottom of the about/turbogears.html page …


05:30 Ticket #1407 (InternalRedirect conflict with nested variables and decoding filter) created by simonk
(I think this is related to ticket #1340, but I don't want to hijack …


06:52 Ticket #1406 ([PATCH] visit cookie should set max-age to visit.timeout) created by j
the cookies should have the same timeout as the session does, this way it …


09:52 Ticket #1405 ([PATCH] i18n enhancements) created by droggisch
This ticket introduces some new concepts for i18n of JS-code plus a …
09:47 Ticket #1403 (ToscaWidgets paths mounted wrong when server.webpath used) closed by alberto
fixed: Well, I think the patch isn't that dodgy given the circumstances... :) …


08:52 Ticket #1404 ([PATCH] test_nested_widgets fails in isolation) created by PeterRussell
Background: In trying to debug a CompoundFormField?, I was trying to …


05:42 Ticket #193 (Explain why WSGI might be better with LightTPD) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: I linked to this ticket from …
05:06 Ticket #795 (turbogears behind mod_python) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: There is now a page on the docs wiki explaining how to use mod_python with …
04:12 Ticket #1350 (TGFastData doesn't work with DateTimeCol) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed by r2941
03:48 Ticket #1146 (sqlalchemy + sqlite autoload doesn't work in 1.0b1) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: It's already in  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/SQLAlchemy
03:10 Ticket #1390 (Error in docs (SimpleWidgetForm page)) closed by Chris Arndt
02:38 Ticket #1226 (Link to the thirdparty docs is broken (MoinMoin related)) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed by Elvelind on 2007-06-03


16:59 Ticket #1403 (ToscaWidgets paths mounted wrong when server.webpath used) created by paj
In my dev.cfg I've set server.webpath so my app is not mounted at the …
04:38 Ticket #1402 ([PATCH] Alternative Quickstart sqlalchemy model with Elixir) created by fredlin
Append -e/--elixir option to 'tg-admin quickstart' command. Then tg is …


10:10 Ticket #1319 ([PATCH] @paginate barfs if you try to sort on a column whose data is ...) closed by faide
10:06 Ticket #1318 ([PATCH] @paginate doesn't support SQLAlchemy list properties) closed by faide


18:34 Ticket #1401 ([PATCH] tg-admin sql does not work on a deployed egg) created by aji
Running tg-admin to create a new database for a deployed project fails. …


17:45 Ticket #1400 (twJQuery: thirdparty/jquery externals jquery.com connection refused) closed by alberto
wontfix: I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it (unless JQ's svn has changed …
10:33 Ticket #1400 (twJQuery: thirdparty/jquery externals jquery.com connection refused) created by jeffk
twJQuery's externals located at jquery.com have been refused connection …


22:39 Ticket #1391 (Nocheck predicate for SecureResource controllers) closed by renier
worksforme: I found that the way to do what I want now is by not subclassing …
13:24 Ticket #1254 (Support for user defined encryption algorithms) closed by renier
fixed: This has commited: http://trac.turbogears.org/changeset/3049
07:05 Ticket #1399 ([PATCH] Default behaviour of i18n changed with (for the worse)) created by Puck
Hi all, the behaviour of i18n changed (presumably) with …


15:17 Ticket #1398 (cherrypy dependency problem with easy_install) created by hydr0g3n
Hi, I just installed turbogears by typing "easy_install turbogears" and …
13:07 Ticket #1397 ([PATCH] Support unicode string in kid for i18n) created by tlg
This tiny patch adds support for utf8 strings in kid, so that one can have …


10:22 Ticket #1396 ([PATCH] turbogears.util.call_on_stack sometimes returns True where it ...) created by tlg
If call_on_stack finds 2 identical func_names but with different args, it …


17:33 Ticket #1395 (CalendarDatePicker doesn't work correctly in Japanese.) closed by faide
fixed: Thanks for the fix! It is now in the SVN :)
03:14 Ticket #1395 (CalendarDatePicker doesn't work correctly in Japanese.) created by tmatsuo
CalendarDatePicker? widgets doesn't work correctly when calendar_lang='jp'. …


07:39 Ticket #1394 (Bind the scheduler to the WSGI app) created by alberto
This is another module globals related issue... ATM, we can only have one …
07:35 Ticket #1393 (Avoid module-globals in database.py) created by alberto
database.py uses some module globals which assume there's only one TG app …
07:30 Ticket #1392 (Implement "tg-admin serve") created by alberto
Add a new command to tg-admin to start up a TG app without the need of …
07:18 Ticket #1181 (Update TurboGears to CherryPy 3) closed by alberto
fixed: TG trunk is already running on CP3. I'll close this coarse grained ticket …
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