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11:55 Ticket #1483 (Make TG support SA 0.4) created by paj
SA 0.4 has some backwards-incompatible changes. We need to make sure TG …


21:48 Ticket #1482 (Problem of using new and save in one form - Crud) created by georgehu
A bug in tgcrud: error_handler(new). What if there is validate error in …
21:22 Ticket #1481 (Assigning None to SQLObject column generates SQL syntax error with ...) created by brolston
This Python code... […] generates this SQL query: […] The result …
15:39 Ticket #1170 ([patch] On windows 'tg-admin sql create' with sqlalchemy cause 'database ...) closed by paj
fixed: Since this ticket was submitted, the quickstart template has been …
15:33 Ticket #1452 (Cannot change user data with SA in TG 1.0.3) closed by paj
fixed: The fix for #1419 was never needed; it has been reverted and this should …
09:46 Ticket #1480 (send charset with text/javascript JSON replies) created by wmark
Controllers returning JSON data do set the content-type to …


18:31 Ticket #1419 ([PATCH] session.clear needed before each request) closed by paj
fixed: Sorry for the delay in looking at this. I have just added a test in …
10:19 Ticket #1475 (Little bug on setup.py) closed by pike


22:26 Ticket #1479 ([Recipe] RepeatingFieldSet with custom legend and field names) created by glezos
The current implementation of RepeatingFieldSet? creates a set of fieldsets …


06:15 Ticket #1478 (paster tginfo - Pylons template) created by pike
At run *paster tginfo* I've seen that it shows in the 'Template Engines': …
05:48 Ticket #1477 (Elixir) created by pike
TG 2.0 requires: Pylons, Genshi and SQLAlchemy. But I think that has been …
05:44 Ticket #1476 (Doc to installing TG2) created by pike
 http://docs.turbogears.org/2.0/RoughDocs/InstallingFromDev The correct …
05:26 Ticket #1475 (Little bug on setup.py) created by pike


17:06 Ticket #1474 ([PATCH] database.py to allow for rollback within controller) closed by guest
invalid: Scratch this, the latest version of TG already does this.
16:21 Ticket #1474 ([PATCH] database.py to allow for rollback within controller) created by guest
If a transaction is rolled back within a controller like this: trans = …


15:01 Ticket #1473 (Implement Changes to Content Negotiation system) created by mramm
We need to modify the expose decorator in pylons to set overide the accept …
09:15 Ticket #1472 (Error when updating TG project to TG NameMapper.NotFound: cannot ...) created by mikl
Repost of …[…]


09:59 Ticket #1471 (wsgi_app should use UnicodeString from toscawidget valdators) created by waltercruz
If I modify the wsgi_app.py to render a form with a object that has some …
09:34 Ticket #1470 (error with tg-admin quickstart) created by djmwlv
downloaded latest turbogears (as of 8 aug 07) using tgsetup.py. Created …


01:13 Ticket #1469 (Performance testing) created by mramm
In particular it has been suggested that we test the impact of re …
01:11 Ticket #1468 (Make default template engine configurable) created by mramm
Genshi is currently hardcoded as the default engine, we should fix this to …
01:09 Ticket #1467 (Post Example of port to TG2) created by mramm
Post a port of the 20 min wiki, as a sample of how to port an application …
01:04 Ticket #1466 (TG1 Test migration strategy) created by mramm
If people's tests don't port easily to TG2 it will be much harder to …
01:01 Ticket #1465 (Create Transaction Middleware) created by mramm
It would be great to have transaction middleware that is more configurable …
00:53 Ticket #1433 (Fix up wording around "controller" in controllers.py/dispatch.py) closed by mramm
fixed: I think I found all the mixed up stuff in the the controller method …
00:50 Ticket #1432 (Document "lookup" function in 2.0 style Object Dispatch) closed by mramm
fixed: Extended documentation added to docstrings


16:53 Ticket #1464 (Passing a Kid Serializer instance in TurboKid 1.0.2 does not work) created by chrisz
The format parameter of the TurboKid? render method has been modified in …
06:12 Ticket #1463 (Compile kid templates on installation) created by chrisz
When a TG project is installed as an egg on a server, then the .py sources …
05:27 Ticket #1462 (DatePicker cs translation does not work) created by z3ro
missing: Calendar._FD = 1; in files …


05:10 Ticket #1461 ([PATCH] Genshi and i18n) created by dbrattli
In order to get rid of explicit gettext _() calls in Genshi templates, …


11:38 Ticket #1403 (ToscaWidgets paths mounted wrong when server.webpath used) reopened by alberto
Patch breaks whe using multimple RootControllers?. See this …
06:07 Ticket #1460 (TG crashes after a random amount of time not related to mysql connection) created by gamegiants
Upgraded from 1.0.1 to TurboGears- TG crashes at random …


20:11 Ticket #1459 (Need a consistent way to request JSON output) created by abadger1999
Currently, using the two forms of expose create different URLs for …
11:43 Ticket #1352 ([PATCH] Update FastData to work with TG 1.0.x) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r3387.
08:02 Ticket #1458 (SQLAlchemy 0.4 support) created by sanjay
SQLAlchemy 0.4 is having many crucial differences than the previous …


12:38 Ticket #1457 (quickstart: tggenshi template overwrites the Elixir model) created by nickmurdoch
tg-admin quickstart -i -e -t tggenshi starts an project with a …


03:57 Ticket #1352 ([PATCH] Update FastData to work with TG 1.0.x) reopened by yvesjmt
(I'm reopening this ticket, I'm sorry if I should have opened a new one …


17:57 Ticket #1456 ([PATCH] url allow key with multiple values) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Applied in r3383 and r3385. Thanks!
13:04 Ticket #1456 ([PATCH] url allow key with multiple values) created by imix
This patch modifies the url function (in controllers.py) so that it is …
06:56 Ticket #1454 (InvalidRequestError not handled properly in SQLAlchemy transaction ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r3380.
06:55 Ticket #1377 ([PATCH] prevent un-completed transactions when using SQLAlchemy) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r3380.


18:51 Ticket #1372 (Toolbox broken with CherryPy 3.0.1) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: TG 1.1 will still use CherryPy 2.2, TG 2.0 Pylons
18:34 Ticket #1439 (can't install turbogears, small path setup.py) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed by r3376
15:47 Ticket #1455 (quickstart project without identity should not require a database) created by Chris Arndt
A quickstarted project without identity should not require a database by …
13:58 Ticket #1440 (tg-admin quickstart breaks) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r3370 and r3371. Can also be fixed by using Cheetah>=2.0r7. …
12:12 Ticket #1414 ([PATCH] turbogears.url changes tgparams parameter) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r3368 and r3369 and tests added.


14:50 Ticket #1381 (the missing "u": tg tg-admin shell cannot input unicode string) closed by Chris Arndt
invalid: I think you are mixing up the encoding of the terminal with the internal …
10:58 Ticket #1454 (InvalidRequestError not handled properly in SQLAlchemy transaction ...) created by Chris Arndt
In database.py in function 'sa_rwt', lines 365-369 if an …
01:28 Ticket #1424 (unknown links didn't dispatch to 'default' method) closed by fredlin
invalid: never mind, it worked :p
01:27 Ticket #1420 (Typos in TG2 setup.py) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [3271], thanks


21:20 Ticket #1453 (Create unit tests for identity provider with SQLAlchemy) created by chrisz
The unit tests in turbogears/identity/tests/test_identity.py test the …
20:27 Ticket #1419 ([PATCH] session.clear needed before each request) reopened by chrisz
I think this needs to be reconsidered. See ticket #1452.
20:25 Ticket #1452 (Cannot change user data with SA in TG 1.0.3) created by chrisz
Sometimes you need to change attributes of the current user in the …
16:27 Ticket #1022 (IdentityFailure Redirect - Cherrypy causes 500 error if passing compound ...) reopened by thesamet
The is not a CherryPy? bug because CherryPy? does not expect the params to …


14:25 Ticket #1451 ([Patch] TurboCheetah's compiled templates cache not thread safe) created by guest
TurboCheetah?'s compiled template cache has concurrency issues: one thread …
06:14 Ticket #1450 (Turbogears trac is being spammed) created by alastair
Please see e.g. #1327, #1318, #1319, #1321, #1320. Please take additional …


16:05 Ticket #1444 ([PATCH] Genshi configuration not passing through lookup_errors) closed by faide
fixed: done. This is now included in TG and has been applied in r3326
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Update changelog for (diff)
14:29 Ticket #1449 (setup.py broken for python < 2.5) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Please make sure that you state against which branch your patch is. The …
05:49 Ticket #1449 (setup.py broken for python < 2.5) created by cdevienne
A syntax error in the sqlobject requirement string makes setup.py fail …


17:14 Ticket #1448 (Create a script that converts SVN log messages into trac wiki format to ...) created by Chris Arndt
For a rationale see the comments on #1300.
17:11 Ticket #1300 (Update/remove changelog page) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: We're probably getting rid of the CHANGELOG.txt file in the repository …
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07:00 Milestone 1.0.3 completed
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