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16:42 Ticket #1502 ([PATCH] Controller and fileupload field.) created by mconte
Using TurboGears with the upload bar example from: …
13:34 Ticket #1501 (Hard dependency on SA) created by fredc
There is an hard dependancy on SQLAlchemy […] This also break …


12:40 Ticket #1500 (Remember to update "upgrade instructions" page when releasing) created by tlesher
Currently, the "upgrade instructions" page linked from the main TurboGears


12:55 Ticket #1499 (Ticket's #1311 and #1312 have become victims of cmoment spam) created by Omnifarious
The subject says it all, ticket #1311 and #1312 need to be cleaned up and …


21:41 Ticket #1498 (Multiple input fields with the same name do not yield multiple values in ...) created by jype
When using MultipleSelectField? or CheckBoxList? in a RemoteForm, ajax.js …
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19:52 Ticket #1497 (Missing files from after build) created by lmacken
I'm trying to get packaged up for Fedora, but `python setup.py …


20:23 Ticket #1496 (SQLAlchemy: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute ...) created by renier
I get this when using TurboGears and SQLAlchemy 0.4beta5 by just …
19:42 Ticket #1495 (ToscaWidgets: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'copy') created by renier
Hello, I get the following with TurboGears- and …


14:47 Ticket #1494 (Toolbox barfs when run from a TG project that uses Genshi) created by mikl
I just tried to start the toolbox from one of my projects that use Genshi, …


21:32 Ticket #1493 (complex validators only allow a single render of a field or form) closed by kvaml
invalid: The simple fix was to add […] to the top of the controlers.py file! …
17:40 Ticket #1493 (complex validators only allow a single render of a field or form) created by kvaml
Normally we can render a field repeatedly. […] However, if we add …


12:21 Ticket #1374 (widgets.SingleSelectField()) closed by kvaml
worksforme: Replying to kvaml: > Replying to alberto: > > Hmm, …
08:01 Ticket #1374 (widgets.SingleSelectField()) reopened by kvaml
Replying to alberto: > Hmm, I've tried to reproduce and found …


18:05 Ticket #1355 ([PATCH] Widgets automatically call ET() in Genshi templates) closed by paj
fixed: Ok, committed in [3455]
14:16 Ticket #1470 (error with tg-admin quickstart) closed by paj
fixed: This is now fixed in the 1.0 branch - although I don't know who fixed it. …
14:10 Ticket #1238 ([PATCH] Allow TurboGears to save visit to a separate db) closed by paj
fixed: This should have been fixed by a recent change that makes database.session …


13:58 Ticket #1406 ([PATCH] visit cookie should set max-age to visit.timeout) closed by faide
fixed: Applied to r3443 (1.0) and r3444 (1.1). Thanks!
07:23 Ticket #1492 (tg-admin toolbox starts a browser) created by mikl
When I run tg-admin toolbox, my computer insists on starting up Firefox. I …


16:23 Ticket #1185 (controller method trying to flush the database session(sqlalchemy) even if ...) closed by paj
fixed: I looked into this some more, and someone had already had a go, I guess …


17:07 Ticket #1485 (SA Transaction Rollback Check) closed by paj


11:20 Ticket #1434 ([patch] @paginate should handle SQLAlchemy Query objects) reopened by vhata
The above patch still doesn't work - it assumes that Query objects have a …
07:29 Ticket #1488 (SAContext deprecated in SA 0.4) closed by paj
duplicate: This is covered by ticket #1483


18:35 Ticket #1491 (ToscaWidgets should wrap Dojo) created by n-org
toscawidgets.widgets.mochikit and the like are nice. I see more and more …
18:15 Ticket #1490 (pylons.h deprecated in Pylons 0.96) created by n-org
On a plain quickstarted project, I get: …
18:13 Ticket #1489 (Helpers has moved in Pylons 0.96) created by n-org
When trying to run an unmodified quickstart project, I get: …
18:11 Ticket #1488 (SAContext deprecated in SA 0.4) created by n-org
I created a default TG 2.0 quickstart project and get the following: …


16:31 Ticket #1417 (toscawidgets display_rules problem (+workaround)) closed by shi
worksforme: Hello. First the embarassing fact: that's exactly what I thought I had …
07:36 Ticket #1471 (wsgi_app should use UnicodeString from toscawidget valdators) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed in [3410] Thanks for the report! Alberto
06:04 Ticket #1487 (Empty DIV element when there's no hidden fields in TableForm/ListForm) created by guest
Currently, in default twForms templates (mako and genshi) if there is no …


17:21 Ticket #1486 (Support Pylons >= 0.9.6 "render" function, not only "render_response".) created by guest
Currently, ToscaWidgets provides a TW-specific render_response function …
13:52 Ticket #1485 (SA Transaction Rollback Check) created by paj
If you have manually committed/rolledback the transaction inside a …
13:29 Ticket #1052 (jsonify for SQLAlchemy mapped objects) closed by paj
fixed: Ok, in changeset [3418] I have added SQLAlchemy support to TurboJSON, …
12:24 Ticket #1484 (Decouple twForms from Genshi (widgets converted to Mako)) closed by alberto
fixed: Hi Roger, Thanks for the patches! I've committed some changes into …


01:00 Ticket #1484 (Decouple twForms from Genshi (widgets converted to Mako)) created by roger.demetrescu
Inspired by the thread below, this is my first attempt to convert all …


11:55 Ticket #1483 (Make TG support SA 0.4) created by paj
SA 0.4 has some backwards-incompatible changes. We need to make sure TG …
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