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11:05 Ticket #1590 (DataGrid doesn't support customizations.) created by guest
While other widgets in twForms supports providing css_class and attrs …
08:10 Ticket #1115 ([PATCH] paginate.py SA support, better sorting and bug fix for compund ...) reopened by vhata
There's a slight bug in sorting: the tg_paginate_order parameter does not …


08:51 Ticket #1589 (Identity Login fails when using SQLAlchemy) created by simpsomboy
when using SQLAlchemy, 0.3.1 or 0.4beta6 login attemps fail. it not occurs …


22:56 Ticket #1435 ([PATCH] Login.kid doesn't honor multiple inputs with same name) closed by roger.demetrescu
fixed: Fixed in [3288], [3289], [3520] and [3521]. Thanks !


18:27 Ticket #1588 (paginate for non-select result objects) created by cck197
I'm building a web front end for a system where the model is defined by a …
12:17 Ticket #1587 (Identity bug: Form field names with dots in the name don't work) created by streawkceur
As ToscaWidgets concatenates the named of nested form widgets by dots, …


05:01 Ticket #1586 ([PATCH] testutil.py DbTest: attribute model.soClasses should be used if ...) created by ghorvath
I use the the SQLObject soClasses attribute in my model to define the …


06:39 Ticket #1508 ([PATCH] Paginate may cause SA to raise an exception in a specific scenario) closed by roger.demetrescu
fixed: Fixed in [3510] and [3511]


20:18 Ticket #1585 ([PATCH] Use TurboGears[future] when quickstarting an sqlalchemy project) created by toshio
When quickstarting a TurboGears project with sqlalchemy, it would be great …


18:00 Ticket #1437 (Make new FastData release) closed by faide
fixed: was done just before beta1 of 1.0.4


13:12 Ticket #1583 ([PATCH] Extending identity with special groups) created by cdevienne
Here is a first patch against the 1.0 branch which implement the …


23:57 Ticket #1582 ([PATCH] Paginate should allow ordering by attributes from related objects ...) created by roger.demetrescu
The current implementation from paginate + Query (sqlalchemy) doesn't …
01:39 Ticket #1508 ([PATCH] Paginate may cause SA to raise an exception in a specific scenario) created by roger.demetrescu
= Steps to reproduce = 1. Apply vhata's patch from #1434 (required) 2. …


14:22 Ticket #1507 ([PATCH] CalendarDatePicker ignores the validator passed in to its ...) closed by rick446
fixed: Fixed in r3504, r3505
14:18 Ticket #1507 ([PATCH] CalendarDatePicker ignores the validator passed in to its ...) created by rick446
The CalendarDatePicker? constructor silently ignores the "validator" …
05:43 Ticket #1506 (Downloadable 20 Minute Wiki tutorial contains error) created by Felix.Schwarz
On  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.0/Wiki20/Page6 you can download all files …


19:45 Ticket #1496 (SQLAlchemy: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute ...) closed by faide
fixed: Should be present in 1.0.4beta1. Thanks for the patch and time!
19:43 Ticket #1497 (Missing files from after build) closed by faide
fixed: This is because the zip files are generated on a Windows machine :-/ When …
19:37 Ticket #1499 (Ticket's #1311 and #1312 have become victims of cmoment spam) closed by faide
fixed: done. We will try to add some akismet support. I wanted to do this last …
19:20 Ticket #1505 ([PATCH] fix a (very) little typo in branch 1.0) closed by faide
fixed: fixed in r3503


07:15 Ticket #1505 ([PATCH] fix a (very) little typo in branch 1.0) created by cdevienne


23:21 Ticket #1504 (Pagination doesn't always work with prod.cfg) created by toddm
Pagination doesn't always work with prod.cfg. This problem has been …
05:05 Ticket #1503 (SQL Alchemy Objects are not automatic saved anymore) created by ivolooser
Since i test using Turbogears 1.0.4Beta i have to add session.save(g) to …
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