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15:37 Ticket #1651 (Need a way to include widgets on every page in an app) created by khorn
There should be an easy way to include a widget in every page of a TG2 …


12:15 Ticket #1426 (ToscaWidget integration) reopened by alberto
I've committed in [3866] changes which improve TW integration. I've …


23:33 Ticket #1650 (Document TG2+pyamf integration) created by mramm
Some TurboGears2 users will want to use flex to create RIA applications, …
23:04 Ticket #1649 (Port tg.url() to TG2) created by mramm
Port the tg.url function to tg2.
23:00 Ticket #1469 (Performance testing) closed by mramm
22:44 Ticket #1611 ("paster shell" broken) closed by mramm
14:59 Ticket #1648 (Paginate decorator for arbitrary list-like objects) created by lilspikey
Currently the paginate decorator accepts list objects for pagination, but …
13:29 Ticket #1647 (i18n: format_decimal does not work with num_places=0) created by Felix.Schwarz
I noticed that format_decimal implicitely asserts num_places > 0. Using …


12:09 Ticket #1646 (Documentation Strategy) created by lszyba1
Hello, Right now Turbogears biggest problem is no Documentation. We need a …


13:21 Ticket #1645 (TG2 Quickstart template uses fixed CSS link) created by khorn
The default quickstart template creates a fixed link to the site CSS in …


17:32 Ticket #1644 (displays_on="genshi" does not seem to work if the default template is ...) created by ccurvey
I tried using the "displays_on" parameter for a widget when the default …
05:24 Ticket #1643 ([PATCH] Duplicate lang files since CalendarLangFileLink does not normalize ...) created by chrisz
I noticed that turbogears/widgets/static/calendar/lang contains …


23:33 Ticket #1642 (tg2 quickstart fails on Windows when pyDNS installed) created by khorn
This isn't directly a TurboGears issue, but I thought I'd document it …


04:01 Ticket #1637 (typo in TG2 welcome page) closed by fredlin
fixed: fixed in [3849], thanks!


11:04 Ticket #1641 (pagination fails whe 0 rows returned) closed by roger.demetrescu
fixed: Replying to ondrejj: > Do you really need an example code? Can …


13:05 Ticket #1641 (pagination fails whe 0 rows returned) created by ondrejj
Page handler: <function _wrapper at 0xa86609c> Traceback (most recent call …
06:46 Ticket #1640 (Refactor and improve quickstart templates) created by chrisz
The quickstart templates of TG 1.0 should be refactored and improved in TG …
05:50 Ticket #1639 (tgbig quickstart broken again) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r3842.
00:11 Ticket #1639 (tgbig quickstart broken again) created by wyuenho
issuing "tg-admin quickstart -e -i -t tgbig -p example Example" gives the …


15:41 Ticket #1638 ([PATCH] AutoCompleteField spinner img should not have a "name" attribute) created by salty-horse
See …
15:30 Ticket #1637 (typo in TG2 welcome page) created by salty-horse
tg/templates/turbogears/+package+/templates/index.html "an distribution" …


15:59 Ticket #1632 (INSTALL.TXT errors) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: No, if you follow the the commands for checkig out Pylons from mercurial …
14:32 Ticket #1632 (INSTALL.TXT errors) reopened by kjcole
Still slightly off, I think: When I installed, it needed to be (as shown …
09:17 Ticket #1160 (Add JSLinkOnline widget) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: This is trivial to implement on your own. See the mailing list thread …
07:07 Ticket #1165 (welcome.kid en castellano) closed by Chris Arndt
invalid: Providing translated quickstart templates makes no sense. This is what the …
06:46 Ticket #1126 (cannot use genshi template with a widget) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: TG widgets only support Kid templates. ToscaWidgets supports multiple …
06:44 Ticket #1076 (Problem with CheckBox values) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: That's the way the Widget API for CompoundWidgets works. See …
06:39 Ticket #1276 (TurboGears not Buffet-compliant) closed by Chris Arndt
invalid: I don't quite get this. load_engines (previously called _load_engines) …
05:58 Ticket #1632 (INSTALL.TXT errors) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r3838.
05:06 Ticket #1342 (Adapt the failing (controller related) tests in trunk to a ...) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: This is probably obsolete since the trunk switched to a Pylons base.
04:14 Ticket #620 (html pages with \n in output) closed by Chris Arndt
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this anymore with TG 1.0.4b3. Closing this ticket now.


22:25 Ticket #1636 (Implement "Alberto style" validation decorator) created by mramm
The new TG2 validation decorator should be implemented as a hybrid of TG1 …
22:22 Ticket #1426 (ToscaWidget integration) closed by mramm
fixed: Closing this ticket and opening a new one to implement the new "Alberto …
17:28 Ticket #1635 (Website/Documentation is missing prominent and up-to-date information on ...) created by Chris Arndt
The information about the current status of TurboGears on the official …
15:41 Ticket #1633 (INSTALL.TXT error: easy_install -U mercurial) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Indeed, it does. I added a hint to INSTALL.txt (r3837). You should also …
12:23 Ticket #1634 (Inconsistent test on forms.SelectionField) created by alexandre
The test on line 930 of forms.py return false because the types are …


19:45 Ticket #1633 (INSTALL.TXT error: easy_install -U mercurial) created by kjcole
32 $ easy_install -U mercurial gives a bunch of errors. Going to …
19:39 Ticket #1632 (INSTALL.TXT errors) created by kjcole
37 $ python ./pylons/setup.py develop 38 $ python …
14:28 Ticket #1631 (locale directory is not found automatically) created by chrisz
Comment from rejoc in #1382: "locales are used only when starting the …
07:57 Ticket #1598 (Passing non-ASCII characters as kwargs or nested params to method with ...) reopened by streawkceur
Still crashes in 3830. Example controller: […] […]


15:30 Ticket #1630 (Warning about logger in unittests of freshstarted project with identity) closed by chrisz
fixed: Done.
11:27 Ticket #1630 (Warning about logger in unittests of freshstarted project with identity) created by chrisz
When I run the unit tests for a fresh project created with […] I get …


09:55 Ticket #1629 (Give tg_paginate_limit=0 a useful meaning) closed by roger.demetrescu
fixed: Applied a slightly version of your patch in r3824 and r3825. Thanks !


14:35 Ticket #1629 (Give tg_paginate_limit=0 a useful meaning) created by toshio
Currently, a paginated controller url allows the end user to specify …
12:41 Ticket #1616 (toolbox broken) closed by chrisz
fixed: I have now also patched the bug in tgMochiKit. You will need to uninstall …
04:11 Ticket #1407 (InternalRedirect conflict with nested variables and decoding filter) closed by chrisz
fixed: @salfield: This has been addressed in #1622 already.
03:48 Ticket #1628 (Identity fails without message when cookies are disabled) created by chrisz
When cookies are disabled in your browser, then Identity lets you log in, …


14:28 Ticket #1407 (InternalRedirect conflict with nested variables and decoding filter) reopened by salfield
The fix in changeset:3771 does not work for all possible (likely) nested …


11:12 Ticket #1627 (encode_utf8 visit/api.py error - 'list' object has no attribute 'encode') closed by Chris Arndt
duplicate: Duplicate for #1622


17:05 Ticket #1627 (encode_utf8 visit/api.py error - 'list' object has no attribute 'encode') created by mosi
Error in visit identity, this is what you get in TG ver. 1.0.4b3 File …


08:02 Ticket #1626 (Remove feed package from core TG distribution) created by Chris Arndt
Pursuing the goal to cut down the size and complexity of the TG core, I …
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