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19:39 Ticket #1720 (tgsetup.py doesn't install SQLObject/SQLAlchemy) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: Works as designed. Since TurboGears version 1.0.4b3 installation of an ORM …
12:34 Ticket #1720 (tgsetup.py doesn't install SQLObject/SQLAlchemy) created by salty-horse
Using  http://turbogears.org/download/tgsetup.py version When …


08:52 Ticket #1719 (tg.defaultview = "genshi" and tg.mochikit_suppress = True raises Exception ...) created by dazzaredgrave
if you set these options in your app.cfg an AttributeError? is raised: * …


09:06 Ticket #1718 ([Patch] Inherited template params and member_widgets get mixed up) created by chrisz
Th params and member_widgets are lists with a certain order. However, …
08:21 Ticket #1090 ([PATCH] Safari XMLHttpRequest "fix" breaks JSON & other output) closed by poeml
fixed: Sorry, I think I misinterpreted this issue completely, when I found this …
08:18 Ticket #1090 ([PATCH] Safari XMLHttpRequest "fix" breaks JSON & other output) reopened by poeml
Hi, it seems the fix breaks with newer Safaris. It definitely breaks my …
00:45 Ticket #1691 (Traceback on 404 status code for quickstart project) reopened by khorn
shouldn't the ErrorDocuments? call also be removed? I was under the …


22:36 Ticket #1717 ([PATCH] Cannot separate savisit into its own database) created by toshio
According to #1238 having visit in a separate database from the …
14:21 Ticket #1691 (Traceback on 404 status code for quickstart project) closed by mramm
13:59 Ticket #1706 (Fix TG2 to work with WebOb exceptions on Python 2.4) closed by mramm
fixed: Everything seems to be working, and that result has now been verified by …
13:31 Ticket #1716 (Make twAjaxTools TG2/Pylons Compliant) created by percious
Currently twAjaxTools only works on TG1 because it is very CherryPy?


11:42 Ticket #1705 (FieldStorageUploadConverter doesn't support "not_empty" option to make it ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed now in r4106. Please let me know if is is still not working as …
06:02 Ticket #1715 (Ability to define widget default value as callable function.) created by ondrejj
When defining widgets, it's not possible to define default value for new …


12:29 WikiStart edited by Chris Arndt
Re-added help section (diff)
06:17 WikiStart edited by Chris Arndt
Add note about setting name and email for trac accounts (diff)
02:41 Ticket #1714 (tg-admin shell and unicode) created by mte
Consider this example (written in a normal python shell, not tg-admin …


09:10 Ticket #601 (tg-admin should expose command to call create_extension_model for ...) closed by Chris Arndt
duplicate: This is very closely related to #1263, so I'm closing this ticket to track …
08:49 Ticket #1089 (Login seems to cause toolbox to die) closed by Chris Arndt
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this error using the steps decribed above (I assume …
07:26 Ticket #1713 (No access to Toolbox when server.socket_host not set) created by Chris Arndt
When you run tg-admin tooolbox and server.socket_host is not set in …


16:36 Ticket #1712 (Need unit tests for scheduler module) created by khorn
There appear to be no unit tests for the scheduler module.
14:31 Ticket #1709 ([PATCH] adds scheduling for tasks to be run only once) closed by Chris Arndt
duplicate: Duplicate to #1710
14:20 Ticket #1711 ([twForms] Make label_text updateable during a request) created by alberto
14:03 Ticket #1710 ([PATCH] one-time task scheduler) created by khorn
from the trunk mailing list: (posted by Daniel Fetchison) […]
13:51 Ticket #1709 ([PATCH] adds scheduling for tasks to be run only once) created by fetchinson
Adds SingleTask?, ThreadedSingleTask?, ForkedSingleTask? classes and …
11:35 Ticket #1708 (Create section of the SVN Repo for the 20 min wiki code and ReST document.) created by mramm
11:34 Ticket #1707 (Fix flash to use the session rather than set it's own cookie) created by mramm
This is done, but the tests need to be updated to setup a beaker session …
08:01 Ticket #1706 (Fix TG2 to work with WebOb exceptions on Python 2.4) created by mramm
Webob Request and Response objects are new-style classes. WebOb?


20:21 Ticket #1705 (FieldStorageUploadConverter doesn't support "not_empty" option to make it ...) created by godoy
When specifying a FileField? widget and assigning to it a validator of …
07:16 Ticket #1704 (Front page of turbogears.org indicates wrong stable version) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: I updated the security note on the frontpage.


23:54 Ticket #1704 (Front page of turbogears.org indicates wrong stable version) created by khorn
The second section of the main page of the website includes the text: …
19:29 Ticket #901 (py23 test failures) closed by khorn
fixed: Closing as fixed. The related tickets have been closed and no further …
19:22 Ticket #1132 (Meta tag disappears when kid.outputformat='xhtml') closed by khorn
fixed: fixed in Kid ticket 133:  http://www.kid-templating.org/trac/ticket/133
19:00 Ticket #507 (Relative Imports) closed by khorn
fixed: Ticket #1119 has been closed, so I'm presuming this has been fixed. If …
18:52 Ticket #16 (Improved Kid error reporting) closed by khorn
fixed: It appears that this ticket is no longer needed. A fix of sorts has been …


03:21 Ticket #1494 (Toolbox barfs when run from a TG project that uses Genshi) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r4079.


22:19 Ticket #1643 ([PATCH] Duplicate lang files since CalendarLangFileLink does not normalize ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: I should have known that this ticket opens a whole can of worms. It …
22:08 Ticket #1323 (CalendarDatePicker choose wrong javascript encoding) closed by chrisz
fixed: Point 2 is now implemented in r4061. Problem #1643 has also been solved in …
05:56 Ticket #1492 (tg-admin toolbox starts a browser) closed by chrisz
wontfix: Yes, the pasture is always looking greener on the other side. We're trying …


17:05 Ticket #1472 (Error when updating TG project to TG NameMapper.NotFound: cannot ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: This has been fixed in r3638.
16:33 Ticket #1275 (Kid error with three level widget injection) closed by chrisz
invalid: I don't think this is a bug. The real problem is that you set the params …
15:49 Ticket #1638 ([PATCH] AutoCompleteField spinner img should not have a "name" attribute) closed by chrisz
fixed: Though I can't reproduce the negative effects mentioned above, the name …
12:41 Ticket #971 (widget browser's calendar -- display problems on Safari) closed by chrisz
worksforme: Just checked this with Safari 3.0.4 on Win, and everything looks perfect …
08:50 Ticket #1703 (Merge changes from 1.0 to 1.1) created by chrisz
After the 1.0.4 release and the feature freeze in 1.0, we need to merge …


23:54 Ticket #1702 (Scheduler doesn't ever shut down if interval_task was executing when ...) created by xentac
If you ctrl-c a turbogears process that has interval_tasks running in it, …
20:17 Ticket #1701 ([PATCH] Put an init model function in the models __init__.py) created by mramm
Follow Pylons lead here to make introspecting tables from the database …
20:16 Ticket #1700 (add form as a keyword argument for the validate decorator.) created by mramm
20:15 Ticket #1699 (Make it possible to pass in a callable to the validate decorator) created by mramm
DBSprockets needs this since the exact form may not be know at validation …
20:14 Ticket #1636 (Implement "Alberto style" validation decorator) closed by mramm
wontfix: Unless there's a need for change, let's go with the current version. But …


20:11 Ticket #85 (SQLObject cache needs to be cleared in a multiprocess server) reopened by mramm
I'm guessing that we aren't using expireAll() even though it's been in …


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15:57 Ticket #1486 (Support Pylons >= 0.9.6 "render" function, not only "render_response".) closed by alberto
fixed: Yeah, render() is already available in pylonshf. Alberto
15:54 Ticket #1692 (Bug in ToscaWidgets-0.2rc3dev_r3795) closed by alberto
fixed: Fixed is [4009]. Thanks! Alberto
09:38 Ticket #242 (Problems with I18N and (X)HTML entities) closed by Chris Arndt
09:32 Ticket #1697 (server side map (eg <img ... ismap="ismap" ...>) not handled) closed by Chris Arndt
wontfix: ISMAP is not part of the HTML 4 standard and therefore not supported. …
02:20 Ticket #1698 (saprovider query attribute) created by brickenstein
Using Turbogears 1.41 and SQLAlchemy 0.4.2p3 I get exceptions in the …


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16:27 Ticket #1697 (server side map (eg <img ... ismap="ismap" ...>) not handled) created by mettwoch
Hi, I need to know the coordinates of where a user has clicked in an …
10:28 Ticket #1598 (Passing non-ASCII characters as kwargs or nested params to method with ...) closed by faide
fixed: Fixed in 1.0.4. Fixed also the tests to really test if the params are …
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09:30 Milestone 1.0.4 completed
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21:29 Ticket #1696 (Better Debugging output for Genshi Template errors) created by percious
Whenever I create a Genshi Error I get a traceback that looks like this: …
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