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23:41 Ticket #1884 (fix secure resource controller) created by mramm
There appears to be a problem with the secure resource controller and …
12:40 Ticket #1883 (extend object dispatch to use HTTP verb info) created by mramm
I think we should provide a way to specify which method is called based on …


18:07 Ticket #1882 (Hash algorithms with collision weaknesses) created by kless
TG2 creates a model for identity with md5 and sha1 hash algorithms. Since …
17:59 Ticket #1881 (Left out an import) created by kless
'identity. py' file has: from clsdb.model import metadata and must be: …
06:07 Ticket #1880 (Provide pre-compiled binaries for zope.interfaces) created by faide
This will prevent ubuntu/redhat/windows users from being unable to compile …


11:05 Ticket #1879 (Identity should use a sql query to get the user's permissions) created by Janzert
Currently Identity iterates through all of a user's groups and …
03:55 Ticket #1786 (TurboJson should use PEAK-Rules instead of RuleDispatch) closed by chrisz
fixed: TurboJson 1.2 using PEAK-Rules has been released in the meantime, so we …


19:24 Ticket #1873 (TurboJson 1.1.3) reopened by Chris Arndt
Actually, TurboJson 1.1.3 introduced a slight backward incompatibility. …
15:14 Ticket #1878 (PATCH: Kid crashes on 1.0.5) created by mw44118
I just upgraded from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5 this morning. Every page I loaded …


20:28 Ticket #1873 (TurboJson 1.1.3) closed by lmacken
worksforme: I am unable to reproduce this with TurboGears 1.0.5
09:20 Ticket #1877 ([PATCH] When controller returns list of widgets, widget JS and CSS are not ...) created by mw44118
I have a controller like this: […] My template is really boring: […] …


16:14 Ticket #1681 (write doc on debugging tg2 apps) closed by mramm
15:56 Ticket #1876 (Installation of TG2 Missing Dependencies) closed by mramm
fixed: New pypi style index resolves this issue.
04:19 ChangeLog edited by faide
04:16 ChangeLog edited by faide


12:07 Ticket #1876 (Installation of TG2 Missing Dependencies) created by nmcbride
Doing a new install today, and the past couple days, I have noticed there …


14:45 Ticket #1869 (Fix the TG2 page on the website) closed by mramm
fixed: Looks OK to me on  http://browsershots.org/
13:49 Ticket #1871 (SecureController) closed by mramm
13:46 Ticket #1838 (Fix the TG2 logo) closed by mramm


09:55 Ticket #1829 (Go through the controller introduction and make sure all the code samples ...) closed by mramm
09:54 Ticket #1865 (update the template namespace (buffet)) closed by mramm


11:27 Ticket #1875 (Calendar Picker javascript gets position wrong when scrolled in IE7) created by nickmurdoch
Hi all, I've been writing out pages using Genshi's xhtml renderer, which …


12:07 Ticket #1181 (Update TurboGears to CherryPy 3) reopened by kskuhlman
I've gone through & cherry-picked the diffs from the old CP3 branch & …
09:33 Ticket #1631 (locale directory is not found automatically) closed by chrisz
fixed: This problem bugged me for long enough in my TG 1.0 projects, so I …


17:05 Ticket #1619 (TurboJson with SQLAlchemy support breaks use of explicit __json__) closed by faide
fixed: TJ as been released. Closing ticket.
14:33 Ticket #1874 (QuickStart ToscaWidgets Projects) created by paj
It would be great to have a flag to quickstart to make the project use …
10:54 Ticket #1684 (Add some simple test helpers) closed by mramm
wontfix: We just need to make the testutil class work like 1.1.


14:15 Ticket #1864 (errors in TG2 How to Install page) closed by mramm
13:46 Ticket #1873 (TurboJson 1.1.3) created by lmacken
After upgrading to the latest TurboJson? release, my unit tests are all …
06:53 Ticket #1872 ([PATCH] Newer version of pkg_resources is broken to locate static objects) created by godoy
Last weekend I switched from the 32 bit version of OpenSuSE 10.3 to the 64 …


11:58 Ticket #1827 (Core test failed -- simplejson >= 1.8) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: chrisz fixed this in r4731


19:37 Ticket #1859 (Small Changes to 20 Minute Wiki) closed by mramm
fixed: patch applied in r4800


23:53 Ticket #1664 (Add sample tests to TurboGears paster template) closed by mramm
fixed: Chris fixed this.
23:52 Ticket #1676 (Update URL dispatch page in TG2 docs) closed by mramm
23:49 Ticket #1825 (could not locate 'repoze.who' while building tgrepozewho) closed by mramm
23:48 Ticket #1755 (Add a basic overview of Form Encode) closed by mramm
23:44 Ticket #1871 (SecureController) created by mramm
Update object dispatch to look for a callable that identifies a controller …
23:36 Ticket #1870 (sphinx docs not rendering properly on ie6) created by mramm
23:35 Ticket #1869 (Fix the TG2 page on the website) created by mramm
Does not render properly on IE6
23:34 Ticket #1868 (Rename the "idenity" stuff in config) created by mramm
We should stop using the term identity in the config system. I propose …
23:32 Ticket #1867 (Get the quickstart test working again) created by mramm
tg.devtools has some paster machenery to test the quickstart template. …
23:30 Ticket #1866 (Write config system docs) created by mramm
We need to document how app_cfg, middleware, and environment.py work. …
23:18 Ticket #1865 (update the template namespace (buffet)) created by mramm
We need a simple way to add values to the template's global namespace for …
23:16 Ticket #1841 (There needs to be a way to extend the template namespace easily.) closed by mramm
fixed: This is done for the new renderers (just define super-simple render …


20:27 Ticket #1864 (errors in TG2 How to Install page) created by iainduncan
Some errors and fixes regarding download and install of packages for TG 2
14:47 Ticket #1863 (Include tg.ext.geo in egg_plugins to support tg.ext.geo paster commands) created by sanjiv
The tg.ext.geo supports three additional paster commands for creating of …
09:25 Ticket #1839 (Sample paver+cog code-sample extraction doc) closed by mramm
05:16 Ticket #1862 ([Patch] correct formatting of URLs by tg.url if parameters are already ...) created by wmark
Invoking tg.url twice on a URL results in a malformed URL in the sense of …


15:46 Ticket #1821 ([PATCH] testutil guesses wrong module name) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r4741.
15:00 Ticket #1779 ([Patch] tg-admin i18n collect does not work for nested packages) closed by chrisz
fixed: Applied in r4740.
13:31 Ticket #1730 ([PATCH] FeedController atom1_0.kid template doesn't include proper author) closed by chrisz
fixed: Looks good to me. Applied in r4737.
12:57 Ticket #1647 (i18n: format_decimal does not work with num_places=0) closed by chrisz
fixed: Applied in r4736.
06:33 Ticket #1480 (send charset with text/javascript JSON replies) closed by chrisz
fixed: This has been fixed in r4678, r4724 and r4726.
06:14 Ticket #1459 (Need a consistent way to request JSON output) closed by chrisz
fixed: I think this makes sense. Fixed in r4727.


18:00 Ticket #1842 (Determination of the right content type for template engines) closed by chrisz
fixed: Issues 1-3 have now been solved in r4724. The content type is now …
11:45 Ticket #1713 (No access to Toolbox when server.socket_host not set) closed by chrisz
fixed: Checked this in as discussed above in r4721. Reorganization of tg.util is …
11:41 Ticket #1861 (Reorganize turbogears.util into a package) created by chrisz
turbogears.util has become such a large mixed bag already that we might …


01:48 Ticket #1822 (TG2 installation documentation needs to mention paver) closed by mramm
fixed: setup.py added even in trunk (not just as part of the build process).
01:47 Ticket #1847 (Consolidate TG2 docs) closed by mramm


15:03 Ticket #1762 ([PATCH] Use WebTest for unit tests) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: Applied in r4694 & r4695. Thanks for all the work, Luke!


22:14 Ticket #1860 (Integration of the Dejavu ORM in TurboGears) created by jrodrigo
As you can imagine I have Alchemy, SQLObject and Dejavu; with the known …
14:39 Ticket #1243 (tg-admin causing problems with SQL Object and different registry for ...) closed by godoy
fixed: The attached file works with current TG (svn. 4688 - 1.0 branch). Today I …


13:57 Ticket #1404 ([PATCH] test_nested_widgets fails in isolation) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: I fixed this in the 1.1 branch in [4596] by creating an actual request, …
07:28 Ticket #521 (Making turbogears.expose("xml-rpc") work) closed by faide
wontfix: xml-rpc is the role of tgws
05:38 Ticket #1482 (Problem of using new and save in one form - Crud) closed by faide
wontfix: tgcrud maintainer
05:34 Ticket #1401 ([PATCH] tg-admin sql does not work on a deployed egg) closed by faide
04:38 Ticket #1774 (nosetests fails when pylons in installed) closed by faide
fixed: I have pylons trunk installed on my machine and I can run tests in one of …
03:21 Ticket #872 (MySQLdb/gears does not reconnect if mysql drops connection) closed by faide
fixed: Using the latest packages for mysqldb SO or SA should now handle this …
03:13 Ticket #1418 (Improve "tg-admin sql" for SQLAlchemy) closed by faide
03:08 Ticket #1816 (easy_install fails on CentOS 4.6 (python 2.3.4)) closed by faide
wontfix: anyone else got problem with ConfigObj? ? Maybe this should be reported to …
03:04 Ticket #1770 (List RuleDispatch package on PyPI) closed by faide
wontfix: We are removing RD from our dependencies real soon, so the problem will …
02:45 Ticket #1340 (Raising IdentityFailure fails if a unicode string was posted) closed by faide
fixed: same as #1598 and fixed…
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