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20:55 2.0/changelog edited by percious


11:41 Ticket #2016 ([PATCH] Fix circular references on tg.png in docs build) closed by dlatornell
fixed: changeset:5602 moved tg.png from _static/ to docs/


22:45 Ticket #2022 (TG2.0 Wiki20 database initialization documentation is broken) created by llucax
I'm trying to follow the Wiki20 tutorial for TG 2.0 but I get this error …
22:05 Ticket #2021 ([PATCH] Trailing whitespaces in several tgdev files) created by llucax
There are several tgdev files that have trailing whitespaces, even in …
21:56 Ticket #2020 ([PATCH] Mixed end of line styles in devtools files) created by llucax
There are some files that have mixed end of line, or wrong ones. Here is …
21:33 Ticket #2019 (Small typo and omission in Quickstart documentation) created by llucax
In  http://turbogears.org/2.0/docs/main/QuickStart.html: It first say: …


19:51 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
See [5592] (diff)
11:29 Ticket #1882 (Hash algorithms with collision weaknesses) closed by Gustavo
duplicate: This is the same as #1824
08:14 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
renamed 1.9.7a5 to 1.9.7b1; included myself and Mark in the contributors … (diff)
02:04 Ticket #2018 (Add a config setting for using TG 1.0 with MochiKit 1.4) created by chrisz
In TG 1.1 and above, you can choose the MochiKit? version via TGMochiKit. …


18:00 Ticket #2017 ([PATCH] Update TG2 Contributing and DownloadInstall Docs) created by dlatornell
As discussed on the trunk list a while ago …
17:40 Ticket #2016 ([PATCH] Fix circular references on tg.png in docs build) created by dlatornell
There appears to be a circular reference condition in the docs/conf.py


14:02 Ticket #2015 (TG2 package index missing a dependency) created by a+turbogears@…
One of the packages in TG2's dependency chain depends on WebError?>=0.9. …


04:51 Ticket #1998 (outputformat="xhtml" is incompatible with some browsers.) closed by chrisz
fixed: Implemented option 3 in r5548. Sorry for the delay.


08:23 Ticket #2014 ([PATCH] WidgetLists do not inherit fields) created by chrisz
The attached patch (against TG 1.1) fixes two minor problems with …


10:37 Ticket #2013 ([PATCH] Add an (example) database bootstrap command to commands.py in ...) created by Chris Arndt
I have written an example command.py that provides a "bootstrap" function …


23:08 Ticket #1985 (Identity failure status getting overriden by CP3) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: Fixed in r5539


08:49 Ticket #2012 ([PATCH] tg-I18n and string collection) created by cgabriel
I found a problem in the i18n string collection in TG 1.0.x using the …


13:41 Ticket #2011 (toscawidgets deprecated and disabled retrieve_javascript and retrieve_css) closed by alexbodn
13:40 Ticket #2011 (toscawidgets deprecated and disabled retrieve_javascript and retrieve_css) created by alexbodn
however i disagree with the justness of this deprecation, tg should cope …
13:35 Ticket #2010 ([PATCH] Fix deprecation warning caused by using retrieve_javascrip/css ...) created by alexbodn
ToscaWidgets finally deprecated and disabled the retrieve_javascript


17:12 Ticket #1921 (Flash Message modifications) closed by mramm
16:59 Ticket #1935 (Add "full stack" tests to TG2 test suite) closed by mramm
fixed: Full stack testes added, though we are not yet testing everything we use, …


00:05 Ticket #1909 (TG2: CRUD templates non-functional/out of date) closed by mramm
fixed: Crud still needs some love. But I updated it not to use .w. anymore


23:54 Ticket #1920 (Documentation Changes regarding makeForm/dbsprockets) closed by mramm
23:43 Ticket #1798 (Use Pylons renderers rather than buffet) closed by mramm
23:39 Ticket #1884 (fix secure resource controller) closed by mramm
07:05 Ticket #2009 (Catwalk connection polling) created by paigeadele
Hello, I had some trouble with mod_proxy and catalk today. As you are …


18:55 Ticket #2005 ([PATCH] Need support for "204 No Response" statuses) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Applied in r5514 with test. Thanks!
17:02 Ticket #2007 ([PATCH] Fix path errors on 1.0/ExtendingQuickstart docs page) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Thanks for spotting this and taking the time to submit a patch! Fixed in …
11:32 Ticket #2008 ([PATCH] Turbogears does not support genshi.new_text_syntax option) created by kikidonk
Genshi>=0.5 supports a config option genshi.new_text_syntax (=0 by …


19:25 Ticket #2007 ([PATCH] Fix path errors on 1.0/ExtendingQuickstart docs page) created by dlatornell
When I tried to follow the instructions on the 1.0/ExtendingQuickstart I …
16:59 Ticket #2006 (redirect no longer works with a list of url components) closed by chrisz
fixed: Though this was not a documented feature of redirect(), this should work …
10:34 Ticket #2006 (redirect no longer works with a list of url components) created by PeterRussell
Sorry for snowing you under with bug reports! Since [5145] passing a list …
06:54 Ticket #2004 ([PATCH] Syntax error in CustomShellMixin) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r5509. Thanks for the Patch!


07:40 Ticket #2005 ([PATCH] Need support for "204 No Response" statuses) created by PeterRussell
In a REST API you're likely to want to return a 204 status, indicating …
07:33 Ticket #2004 ([PATCH] Syntax error in CustomShellMixin) created by PeterRussell
There's a syntax error in turbogears/command/base.py, where a class is …


10:57 Ticket #2003 ([TEST] Custom identity provider not available in unittest) created by kvdb
I'm using a custom identity provider. (Added to setup.py and …


17:52 Ticket #2002 ([PATCH] setup_genshi_renderer() fix) created by TimurIzhbulatov
A patch to fix the setup_genshi_renderer() method which is broken …
16:47 Ticket #2001 ([PATCH] Buffet default renderer is not configured) created by TimurIzhbulatov
The attached patch aims to fix the following regression issues in TG2: …
02:09 Ticket #2000 (Missing additional helpful instructions to install TG2 under ubuntu ...) created by venkatbo
Hello, While following the "Install Turbogears 2" instructions at: …


15:37 Ticket #1948 (Reconsider deprecation of config.get) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: config.get is now request-aware, and no longer deprecated. This …


12:55 Ticket #1999 ([patch] i18n fix for FormEncode & ToscaWidgets) created by TimurIzhbulatov
This patch sets a translator for ToscaWidgets? middleware and adds a …
11:30 Ticket #1997 (Toolbox does not start in TG 1.5) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: start_with_callback moved from server to engine in CP3. Fixed in r5486
08:20 Ticket #1998 (outputformat="xhtml" is incompatible with some browsers.) created by ondrejj
Updating to TurboGears-1.0.7 breaks compatibility with IE browsers. Also …
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