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22:07 Ticket #2053 (tgsetup.py doesn't work) created by hiratara
I ran source:branches/1.0/tools/tgsetup.py@5755 and got following error: …
14:08 Ticket #2052 (Errors on generated (X)HTML prevent Strict validation) created by entfe001
There are two errors on the generated XHTML code that prevent a page to be …


15:55 Milestone 1.1b2 completed
A second beta along the road to the final 1.1
10:42 Milestone 1.9.7b2 completed
02:22 Ticket #2038 (Work on the CSS to clean up the dom structure) closed by faide
duplicate: duplicate of #1992


22:52 Ticket #1951 (Backport use_wsgi_app from 2.0) closed by kskuhlman
14:34 Ticket #2051 ([PATCH] Make the wrap_app argument to make_base_app actually work.) created by lmacken
Currently, the wrap_app argument to the make_base_app method wraps the …
08:41 Ticket #2008 ([PATCH] Turbogears does not support genshi.new_text_syntax option) closed by faide
fixed: Added tests in r5791


12:43 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
mentioned a couple of missing features (diff)
08:00 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
typo fix (diff)
07:57 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
Updated to TG 1.9.7b2 (diff)


00:52 Ticket #2050 ([PATCH] Add production.ini to tg.devtools) created by lszyba1
Can you add a production.ini file to a tg.devtools. This way deploying …


15:43 Ticket #2014 ([PATCH] WidgetLists do not inherit fields) closed by chrisz
fixed: Applied in r5764. Also updated the widgets form tutorial for TG 1.1.
15:21 Ticket #2049 (Quickstarted TG 1.1 project with --no-identity still adds identity stuff) created by chrisz
When I quickstart a TG 1.1 project with with --no-identity (or enter …


12:45 Ticket #2048 (Drive letter separator in Windows dburi not substituted when using package ...) created by tg_werner
When not using the standard "sqlobject.dburi" in e.g. dev.cfg because of …


15:00 Ticket #2047 (Default Elixir model does not support transparent password encryption) created by Chris Arndt
The default SQLAlchemy identity model adds a special property for the …
14:31 Ticket #2046 ('tg-admin update' does not detect if project uses Elixir model) created by Chris Arndt
The current (r5735) implementation of command.quickstart.update is not …
10:34 Ticket #2031 ([PATCH] Catwalk can't create "/catwalk-session" when deploying using ...) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Applied in r5733 with modifications. I changed the name of the config …


17:42 Ticket #2045 (Document REST controllers) created by faide
See #1996 and particularly the tests for a usage example. And also …
17:41 Ticket #1996 ([PATCH] Support for dispatching based on HTTP method for REST APIs) closed by faide
fixed: applied to r5727 thanks a lot to Peter Russel and Rick Copeland!
13:03 Ticket #2044 ('turbogears.access' logger does not conform to common/combined log format) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Ok, commited in r5725. BTW, the date is always in GMT format, since there …
10:23 Ticket #2044 ('turbogears.access' logger does not conform to common/combined log format) created by Chris Arndt
In turbogears.controllers the RootController base class for root …


11:29 Ticket #2041 (test.cfg has become the default configuration file over dev.cfg) closed by kvdb
fixed: Chris, thanks for you suggestions. I get the 'testutil' output you …
11:13 Ticket #2043 (Revisit loading of test configuration in turbogears.testutil) created by Chris Arndt
The code in turbogears.testutil to load the configuartion from …
10:40 Ticket #1733 (i18n does not collect strings from genshi templates) closed by faide
fixed: I implemented a Genshi extractor to make everything work as it is right …
10:33 Ticket #2042 (Use Babel instead of our own collectors for i18n) created by faide
We now have implemented a (basic) Genshi extractor. The task for 1.5 is to …
09:23 Ticket #2041 (test.cfg has become the default configuration file over dev.cfg) created by kvdb
If I start a project using the quickstart generated ./start-project.py and …


19:25 Ticket #2040 (Need to refactor pygettext) created by faide
- move it and depent files in a submodule of i18n - merge duplicated …
19:22 Ticket #2039 (Need to provide translation context in the genshi extractor) created by faide
at the moment the context is not provided (see TODO in source)
12:20 Ticket #1455 (quickstart project without identity should not require a database) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: This is fixed with r5493 and r5494.
08:39 Ticket #316 ([PATCH] Modify turbogears.url so that it can return an absolute path) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: * Added description of absolute_url to …


18:27 Ticket #1746 (tg-admin commands should exit with proper error message if SQLObject is ...) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: That should be r5491, r5493 and r5494 (r5490, r5495 and r5496 are also …
17:49 Ticket #2038 (Work on the CSS to clean up the dom structure) created by faide
A new css stylesheet has been introduced but needs some cleanup work.
17:34 Ticket #1914 (Improper SPAN/DIV nesting in FieldSet widgets) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Ok, I changed the root element of the CalendarDatePicker, …
15:05 Ticket #2012 ([PATCH] tg-I18n and string collection) closed by faide
fixed: applied after adding some tests.(basic tests)
14:20 Ticket #2035 (setup.py runs under IDLE but command line 'python setup.py' dies) closed by faide
invalid: I could not reproduce your bug with tg 1.1 nor tg 1.0.7... closing as …
14:01 Ticket #2003 ([TEST] Custom identity provider not available in unittest) closed by faide
invalid: Closing this ticket as invalid since we now have another set of problems. …
09:35 Ticket #2037 (Update repoze.who requirement to 1.0.7) created by GustaV
- With the official beta 1.9.7 - Quickstart project - Served under …


14:46 Ticket #1648 (Paginate decorator for arbitrary list-like objects) closed by chrisz
fixed: This works already, since I've implemented something similar already in …
14:07 Ticket #2036 (TG gives 500 server error instead of 403 or 404) created by chrisz
In TG 1.x, when you have a JSON controller (e.g. for an autocomplete …


23:53 Ticket #1783 ([PATCH] Decode the response in testutil.BrowsingSession) closed by kskuhlman
fixed: Added documentation for BrowsingSession? (including unicode_response) in …
23:50 Ticket #2017 ([PATCH] Update TG2 Contributing and DownloadInstall Docs) closed by mramm
23:19 Ticket #1989 (Stacked @expose() does not work) closed by mramm
worksforme: If anybody can reproduce this, please reopen the ticket.
21:32 Ticket #2035 (setup.py runs under IDLE but command line 'python setup.py' dies) created by GeorgeFLeCompte
The following file runs under IDLE but using a command line I get an …
13:36 Ticket #1988 ([patch] add "erroneousfield" class to not validated form's fields) closed by rejoc
fixed: fixed in revision 5668
13:31 Ticket #1974 ([PATCH] Ordering of JS and CSS widgets at render time) closed by rejoc
13:01 Ticket #2034 (json array support) created by j_king
 paste Using recent easy_install …
09:50 Ticket #2033 (tg2 not wsgi compliant with public/static content) created by lszyba1
Can turbogears2 add a patch to make sure below works..... Thanks, Lucas …
06:15 Ticket #1953 ([PATCH] Add request filter to handle file uploads from buggy Flash clients) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Added documentation to 1.1. configuration reference at …
06:15 Ticket #2032 (Add test for SafeMultipartFilter) created by Chris Arndt
See the implementation ticket #1953 for SafeMultipartFilter for …
05:06 Ticket #2010 ([PATCH] Fix deprecation warning caused by using retrieve_javascrip/css ...) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Applied (with minor fix to tests) in r5665.


17:55 Ticket #2031 ([PATCH] Catwalk can't create "/catwalk-session" when deploying using ...) created by llucax
Hi. I've just upgraded to Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) which comes with TG …


18:30 Ticket #1963 (Pages of quickstarted TG 1.1 app do not validate) closed by faide
wontfix: closing as wontfix…
18:05 Ticket #1892 ([PATCH]: apply all constraints in testutil.dbtest after creating all tests) closed by faide
fixed: Applied in r5662 I did not see how to test test testutil sytem itself, so …
17:15 Ticket #1764 ([PATCH] Add SQLAlchemy support to testutil.DBTest) closed by faide
fixed: Created a new ticket for the documentation task referencing this one. …
17:14 Ticket #2030 (Document new testutil.DBTestSO and testutil.DBTestSO classes) created by faide
The new test functionalities provided for SA should be documented …
15:56 Ticket #2029 ([PATCH] Inconsistency of not_anonymous condition implementation) closed by faide
fixed: applied in r5661 thx!
12:37 Ticket #2029 ([PATCH] Inconsistency of not_anonymous condition implementation) created by cdevienne
As mentioned in this thread: …


18:23 Ticket #2028 (Install fails with incompatable dependency on decorator) created by a+tg2@…
Nose depends on decorator>=2.2.0. Something else installs decorator 2.0.1. …


18:28 Ticket #2019 (Small typo and omission in Quickstart documentation) closed by mramm
fixed: Fixed in latest (currently unpublished docs)
17:51 Ticket #2015 (TG2 package index missing a dependency) closed by mramm
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