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23:55 Ticket #2308 (Config setting toscawidgets.on vs tools.toscawidgets.on) created by kskuhlman
In TG 1.5, toscawidgets has been converted to a tool, so it is enabled …
15:41 Ticket #2307 (TG2 admin pages fail validation if 1:M backref relationships are empty) created by mwtb
Using the models below, on trying to create a Product with no …
15:06 Ticket #2301 ([PATCH] TG 2.0 assumes Unix path separator) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in  http://bitbucket.org/mramm/tg-21/changeset/dd64ee9e6060/
11:24 Ticket #2305 (WebError is not Unicode safe) closed by digulla
duplicate: You're right, this is a duplicate of #2238. Closing.
11:05 Ticket #2306 (tw.dynforms is not unicode safe) created by digulla
tw.dynforms can't handle unicode labels for widgets. The source code is …
11:03 Ticket #2305 (WebError is not Unicode safe) created by digulla
If the stacktrace contains umlauts (non-ascii characters), then the code …


13:07 Ticket #2304 (Invalid production conf file in paster make-config) created by lszyba1
paster make-config myapp production.ini Generates: creates: [app:main] …


15:47 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Problems when combining @paginate and @validate) created by chrisz
In TG 2.0, if you add a paginate decorator to a controller that has …
15:20 Ticket #2302 ([PATCH] Improved TG2 paginate decorator) created by chrisz
This patch improves the TG2 paginate decorator in several ways: * it …
12:15 Ticket #2301 ([PATCH] TG 2.0 assumes Unix path separator) created by chrisz
Found two problems when running the TG 2.0 test suite under Windows …


16:15 TG2.1DispatchDifferences created by percious
12:42 Ticket #2300 (Generate session secret when quickstarting) created by pitrou
This is just a nice-to-have. When quickstarting a project it would be cool …
10:21 Ticket #2299 (flash() doesn't display anything when message is too long) created by pitrou
flash() doesn't display messages longer than 2500-3000 chars and doesn't …


20:05 Ticket #2298 (Documentation error: python setup.py development) created by brainsik
In the QuickStart docs -- …
00:22 Ticket #2297 (Public name Controller in tg.lib.base not defined) created by sanjiv
The template for tg.lib.base has public names defined as […] But …


20:35 Ticket #2286 (SyntaxError in catwalk/tg2/_controller.py (missing closing parenthesis)) closed by percious
20:09 Ticket #2245 (Params passed as None even if defined when mixing POST request with ...) closed by percious


18:46 Ticket #2296 (sqlite db creation error in wiki20 tutorial) created by xpixelz
when initializing database with paster setup-app development.ini
10:48 Ticket #2255 (Language support in session lacking) closed by aigarius
fixed: Looks fixed for me with r6489


16:01 Ticket #2295 (cp720 encoding not supported by default) created by xpixelz
OS : Windows Vista Home Edition Python :


12:49 Ticket #2294 ([PATCH] WSGIAppController - test and fix for WSGI compliance) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: fixed in r6546
12:29 Ticket #2294 ([PATCH] WSGIAppController - test and fix for WSGI compliance) created by alex.morega
The TGController provides a mostly-WSGI-compliant API; this patch fixes …


21:37 Ticket #2293 (a quickstart option to install elixir based rdbms interface.) created by alexbodn
hello friends, as a happy elixir user, i'm happy to have made a small …


12:53 Ticket #2292 ([Patch] Form widgets should have empty string for default action instead ...) created by PeterRussell
Just a little HTML compliance niggle: If you display a form without …


05:26 Ticket #2291 (Missing index method raises unrecoverable 404 instead of calling the ...) created by amcgregor
Howdy! == Previous Behavior == As of b2, I am able to omit the index …


23:54 Ticket #2290 (tg2rc1 does not seem to function) closed by martinmeba
fixed: Please disregard. I didn't realize that I needed to rerun python setup.py …
23:29 Ticket #2290 (tg2rc1 does not seem to function) created by martinmeba
I had tg2b6 installed and working on my system - linux, ubuntu 8.10. It …
04:59 Ticket #2289 (Don't transmit cleartext passwords over the network) created by pitrou
Current login forms created by TurboGears transmit the password as a …
04:27 Ticket #2288 ([PATCH] Typo in quickstart instructions) created by clemens
Extraeneous period in intructions for running python setup.py develop in a …


23:11 2.0/changelog edited by mramm
12:01 2.0/announcement edited by mramm
11:41 2.0/changelog edited by mramm
07:32 Ticket #2287 ([PATCH] No simple way to make TurboGears 2 produce HTML) created by chrisz
In TG 1.0, switching between HTML and XHTML output was the matter of only …


19:16 Ticket #2286 (SyntaxError in catwalk/tg2/_controller.py (missing closing parenthesis)) created by brainsik
To reproduce: 1. Create a fresh virtualenv for 2.0b7 1. …


23:30 Ticket #2279 (TGController doesn't handle __before__ and __after__ correctly) closed by percious
20:13 Ticket #2284 (custom routes don't work in TG2) closed by carl
20:12 Ticket #2285 (custom routes don't work in TG2) created by carl
The instructions in the …
20:08 Ticket #2284 (custom routes don't work in TG2) created by carl
The instructions in the …
16:40 2.0/changelog edited by Gustavo
added rc1 and [6520] (diff)
09:13 Ticket #2283 (In model.auth.User, expose password-hashing mechanism) created by pitrou
This is how I've modified the default XXX/model/auth.py in order to expose …
06:05 Ticket #2282 (Authentication and authorization settings should be customizable on ...) created by kikidonk
A TG2 quickstarted project will be setup to use auth_tkt mechanism, and …
00:01 Ticket #2281 (pylint the TG2 sources) created by jorge.vargas
We need to clean up our code base a lot. It's fill with inconsistencies …


14:41 Ticket #2280 (@expose(content_type="text/plain") does not work) created by ondrejj
After making new quickstart template and adding this: […] my content …


12:06 Ticket #2279 (TGController doesn't handle __before__ and __after__ correctly) created by kikidonk
There seems to be several problems with TGController in the way it handles …


05:14 Ticket #2278 (Provide documentation on how to create a tgext package) created by jorge.vargas
This is what I have so far :) […]


21:03 Ticket #2177 (Provide a way to mount two controllers at the same URL) closed by mramm
20:58 Ticket #2233 (TG2 installation always crashes on the virtualenv step) closed by mramm
invalid: This probably isn't a tg bug and since it's reported and will hopefully be …
20:54 Ticket #2228 (Document Mako Template loader optimizations) reopened by mramm
20:54 Ticket #2228 (Document Mako Template loader optimizations) closed by mramm
20:52 Ticket #1833 (Add screenshots and images to docs) closed by mramm
20:52 Ticket #2270 (TG2b6's update and the project template's encoding) closed by mramm
20:47 Ticket #2265 (Use `metadata.bind` rather than `db_session.configure` in `init_model`) closed by mramm
20:42 Ticket #2148 (Document RestController with MovieDemo) closed by mramm
fixed: Would be if the zip file was available for download. ;)
20:27 Ticket #2221 (Mako template engine always escapes html) closed by mramm
wontfix: We've now documented how to make a text_mako renderer (or other render …
20:26 Ticket #2213 (Reflection tables on model for tg2.) closed by mramm
fixed: There's even an example of how to do this in quickstart now.
20:25 Ticket #2133 (AttributeError in beaker in tg2.0b2 python2.4) closed by mramm
20:24 Ticket #1759 (Add docs for Schema Validation (FormEncode)) closed by mramm
fixed: We should push (with pylons) for better FE docs in FE itself
20:23 Ticket #2241 (webob request.copy() != request) closed by mramm
wontfix: This issue needs to be addressed in webob, or perhaps somewhere else (the …
20:09 Ticket #2084 (Add documentation on how to use the beaker session) closed by mramm
fixed: We have some session docs now, but we should also link to pylons docs on …
20:09 Ticket #2082 (Make dotted notation work with Jinja template lookups) closed by mramm
fixed: We may actually deprecate dotted notation, so this could go away.
20:08 Ticket #1758 (Add docs about chaining validators with FormEncode) closed by mramm
fixed: FE docs should be updated not tg docs created…
20:07 Ticket #2061 (Clean up form tutorial and use live code) closed by mramm
fixed: Further updates to this should be done under a new ticket, as the original …
20:06 Ticket #1757 (Add a doc for handling Checkboxes (FormEncode)) closed by mramm
20:05 Ticket #1756 (Add a TG2 Tutorial for FormEncode) closed by mramm
20:04 Ticket #2262 (.allow_only doesn't distinguish 401s vs. 403s) closed by mramm
fixed: This is fixed in trunk as of this evening.
19:59 Ticket #2259 (Model tests are broken in quickstarted applications) closed by mramm
10:07 Ticket #2277 (Authz notification (WebFlash) messages are broken when TG2 doesn't ...) created by Gustavo
If I configure repoze.who and repoze.what manually, when authorization is …
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