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20:23 Ticket #2342 (security issue with repoze in Turbogears 2.0.x) created by cd34
I've forwarded a scenario that I've verified is exploitable to Mark Ramm …


19:40 Ticket #2341 (tw.forms version 0.9.6 does not display validation errors with Form, ...) created by cd34
If one uses a WidgetsList?, and assigns a validator to a field widget, the …


15:54 Ticket #2340 (port CustomQuery to Tg2) created by lszyba1
Hello, Can we somehow port "customQuery" out of trac to turbogears as an …
15:53 Ticket #2339 (replace admin from catwalk to rum) created by lszyba1
1. Was the issue with changing user password solved in catwalk? 2. When …


18:27 Ticket #2252 (TG2 Installation Issues) reopened by abelcodemonk
The install is broken again. Like before, it fails due to dependent …


14:07 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Problems when combining @paginate and @validate) closed by chrisz
fixed: Just for the record, this was fixed by percious in the 2.0 branch in r6567
13:00 Ticket #2338 (auth information unavailable in the error template) created by pitrou
It seems that, when generating a 404 page (or, I assume, any other error …


15:18 Ticket #2133 (AttributeError in beaker in tg2.0b2 python2.4) reopened by toshio
Sorry, I thought I cc'd myself but I was wrong :-(. Attaching a patch to …


23:43 2.0/changelog edited by mramm
23:36 2.0/announcement edited by jorge.vargas
23:33 2.0/changelog edited by jorge.vargas
23:13 2.0/announcement edited by mramm
23:09 2.0/changelog edited by mramm
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19:04 Ticket #2331 (Fieldsets HTML output escaped after Sprox, ToscaWidgets and tw.forms ...) closed by diegows
fixed:  http://toscawidgets.org/trac/tw.forms/ticket/32 is related to this bug. …


08:18 Ticket #2337 (RestController cannot handle non-ascii URLs) created by guest
Having a RestController? attached at /controller/, accessing …


23:15 Ticket #2313 ([PATCH] Validate decorator does not work with url args) reopened by anthonyt
There's a bug in the fix for this ticket in the 2.0 branch (revision 6567 …
08:37 Ticket #2336 (possible security hole in default error handler) created by diefans
Hello, It is possible to inject executable Javascript-Code into an error …


12:33 Ticket #2335 ([patch] tg.i18n.setup_i18n() doesn't set FormEncode translation when ...) created by TimurIzhbulatov
Please see …
00:35 Ticket #2334 (tw.forms 0.9.6 updates breaks the forms) created by shon
Please note: This is also reported on ToscaWidgets? however based on first …


20:39 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Problems when combining @paginate and @validate) reopened by anthonyt
There's a bug in the fix for 2.0. Off by one error, where the keyword …


17:10 Ticket #2333 (Sphinx 0.6 and higher won't build TG Docs) created by driscollis
When running "sphinx-build docs html" on the TG 2 docs, I get to 91% and …


23:41 Ticket #2332 (Fixes for the Using PyAMF with TurboGears 2 recipe) created by thijs
I'm one of the developers of the  PyAMF project and …


22:07 Ticket #2331 (Fieldsets HTML output escaped after Sprox, ToscaWidgets and tw.forms ...) created by diegows
I've been using TableFieldSet? without any problem until Sprox, …
00:53 Ticket #2330 (Toscawidgets addinhttp://toscawidgets.org/trac/tw/ticket/30g \ when using ...) created by cd34
Python 2.5 Debian Testing TurboGears2-2.0-py2.5.egg …


14:37 Ticket #2329 (Suggested Pagination doc) created by catherinedevlin
I suggest the attached new page of documentation on pagination. …


11:29 Ticket #2328 (Comment%20on%20index.html) created by khalid
in the first paragraphe of :  http://www.turbogears.org/2.0/ the link …


13:59 Ticket #2325 (Indexes not created on foreign keys on auth tables) closed by pitrou
fixed: Replying to chrisz: > I think this has been fixed in …


19:23 Ticket #2327 (index.html - Summer of Code links are bad) created by jeremymurray
The Summer of Code post has incorrect links. The Summer of Code page is: …
18:16 Ticket #2326 ("Using Jinja" docs typo) created by seedifferently
In the docs under "using jinja" there is a typo that causes the first …
14:12 2.0/announcement edited by mramm
12:00 Milestone 2.0 completed
TurboGears 2.0 involves a serious (but mostly backwards compatible) …
06:10 Ticket #2325 (Indexes not created on foreign keys on auth tables) created by pitrou
The default-generated auth tables (tg_user, tg_user_group, etc.) contain …
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