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18:17 Ticket #2361 ([patch] fix sql help failure) created by kagesenshi
[…] seems like theres a minor bug in base.py sqlobjcommand=command
17:20 Ticket #2360 (Documentation for app_globals unclear) created by europe72
When serving an application via paste/HTTP app_globals appears not to be …
10:54 Ticket #2141 (commands.py file conflicts with python standard library) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r6635 following chrisz's suggestion.
10:45 Ticket #2359 ([PATCH] Add emulation of SQLAlchemy Session.mapper to turbogears.database) created by Chris Arndt
Since Session.mapper is deprecated in SQLAlchemy >= 0.5.5 the attached …
03:37 Ticket #2358 (override_template does not work if @without_trailing_slash placed before ...) created by sbeilin
override_template does not work (just does not change the template) if …


15:38 Ticket #2357 (WSGI script_name variable not taken into account when dispatching a ...) created by dfalk
When deploying a tg2 app to a wsgi non-root wsgi path (e.g., /myapp), the …


09:39 Ticket #2356 (@validate decorator does not work if error_handler is not set.) created by vjaaskel
It seems that the @validate decorator doesn't do any validation if the …


05:35 Ticket #2292 ([Patch] Form widgets should have empty string for default action instead ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Makes sense. Applied in r6629.
05:21 Ticket #2271 ([PATCH] import of email.parser is incompatible with python 2.4 and earlier) closed by chrisz


01:05 Ticket #2355 (Documentation Updates and Upgrades) created by pedersen
This ticket is being made by me mostly to track the various phases of the …


12:05 Ticket #2354 (Collection of documentation suggestions) created by kvdb
As discussed with percious on IRC, I'll post anything that took me a long …
10:43 Ticket #2353 (CrudRestController does not respect plurals when creating urls.) created by percious
For instance: […] the json url for this will become companys.json it …


02:15 Ticket #2352 (Provide widget instance to callable default value) created by xaka
Good fix was provided in #1715 but not enough. I think that you should …


18:20 Ticket #2226 (Release TG2 to pypi) closed by percious
fixed: This was done a log time ago.
18:17 Ticket #2350 (TG2 Install fails to install nose) closed by percious
wontfix: You need to install tg.devtools as well. Turbogears2 by itself does not …


22:51 Ticket #2351 (KeyError: '' in expose if Accept header doesn't match controller ...) created by corvus
If a poorly behaved client (like a bot) sends an Accept header that does …


20:19 Ticket #2350 (TG2 Install fails to install nose) created by moore
I just tried to install TurboGears for the very first time using the …
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