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15:38 Ticket #2405 (Scheduler WeekdayTask reschedule broken by [6886]) closed by chrisz
fixed: Done in r6944.
06:32 Ticket #2406 (Workaround for i18n bug) created by victorlin
I notice that TurboGears2 can't pick correct language automatically by …


23:34 Ticket #2405 (Scheduler WeekdayTask reschedule broken by [6886]) created by nic.bellamy
The patch for #1702 committed in [6886] has a typo in the …
11:56 Ticket #2202 (rewrite DevStatus.rst) closed by mramm


10:38 Ticket #2404 (Model initialisation fails while running functional tests) created by goodgravy
When testing controller methods that have interactions with the database, …


12:25 Ticket #2403 (Provide a TGCommand base class within TurboGears 2.x core) created by mcfletch
I've got a recipe for setting up a TurboGears CLI command. It sets up …
07:29 Ticket #2402 (use_dotted_templatenames = False does not work with genshi) created by robert
with tg 2.1a2 the config setting […] does not have any effects when …
05:36 Ticket #2401 (exception raised in _remove_argspec_params_from_params with 3 optional ...) created by robert
in tg 2.1a2 controller methods with 3 optional parameters will cause an …


22:21 Ticket #2400 (Document webflash aka tg.flash) created by jorge.vargas
We need documentation on how flash works and how to configure ut. …


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Added 1.1.1 milestone tickets link (diff)


15:45 Ticket #2399 ([PATCH] Enable "delete" on on parental relations RestController) created by vinces1979
After some searching it appears that the delete method is not handled on …
06:38 Ticket #2398 (Dispatcher regression in TG2.1) created by pipoun
I'm experiencing some dispatcher regression in TurboGears 2.1a I'm well …


18:40 Ticket #2397 (TG2 Google App Engine compatibility.) created by splee
Some imports need to be deferred until they are used because certain …
10:39 Milestone 2.1a2 completed
05:11 Ticket #1675 (Create "meaningful" field types for SQLAlchemy table definitions) closed by jorge.vargas
fixed: +1 use sprox


15:14 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious


04:16 Ticket #2396 (TG1 Scheduler : Kronos has been updated upstream, we need to reflect ...) created by jon
Irmen de Jong has taken the code from TG (making it standalone) and …


15:15 Ticket #2395 ([PATCH] Mako bytecode caching only works when use_dotted_templatenames = ...) created by seedifferently
If you are using Mako templates in your project, Mako bytecode caching …
04:14 Ticket #2394 (Configuration value "base_config.serve_static" sthould be set in *.ini ...) created by martin.vejmelka
The configuration value "base_config.serve_static" can be set in …


13:37 ChangeLog edited by chrisz
Changelog for 1.0.9 (diff)
11:16 Ticket #2390 ([PATCH] Displaying nested TG widgets from Genshi templates may give ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: I think so.
11:03 Ticket #2393 (Forms with nested schemas) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Applied to all 1.x branches in r6887.
09:49 Ticket #1702 (Scheduler doesn't ever shut down if interval_task was executing when ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Applied in r6886.
09:21 Ticket #1761 (https authentication raises exception if the forward_url has FileField ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Solved as suggested by faide in r6885.


23:55 Ticket #1985 (Identity failure status getting overriden by CP3) reopened by kskuhlman
I'm having problems merging r6665, r6671, r6672, and r6717 because of …
11:57 Ticket #1745 ([Recipe] RESTful pagination using the @paginate decorator) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Added to the doc wiki as …
11:41 Ticket #2024 (Using CherryPy Filters to handle the same parameter on each controller ...) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Adde to the doc wiki as …
11:22 Ticket #1768 (TurboGears egg can not be built from non-svn directory) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in 1.0 and 1.5 branch in r6883 as well.


01:41 Ticket #2393 (Forms with nested schemas) created by guest
Given a form with schemas (stripped down excerpt below): […] This …


18:53 Ticket #2228 (Document Mako Template loader optimizations) closed by percious
18:41 Ticket #2267 (Error on object dispatch with unicode paths) closed by percious
fixed: I believe this works fine in 2.1 and there is even a test for it: …
18:31 Ticket #2293 (a quickstart option to install elixir based rdbms interface.) closed by percious
wontfix: Okay, I'm going to close this for now, come find me on IRC, and we will …
18:26 Ticket #2167 (Catwalk did not recognise constrain on multiple columns) closed by percious
18:11 Ticket #2367 (Document i18n procedures for Genshi templates) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: I now created  http://docs.turbogears.org/1.1/Internationalization which …
15:32 Ticket #2307 (TG2 admin pages fail validation if 1:M backref relationships are empty) closed by percious
fixed: I just verified this works with the current tgext.admin, tgext.crud, and …
15:19 Ticket #2069 (Add caching tests) closed by percious
fixed: It appears by this: …
15:09 Ticket #2347 (2.0.1 broken with mod_wsgi) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Since this is fixed in 2.0.3 closing as fixed.
13:38 Ticket #2392 (Enabling i18n.run_template_filter does not enable translation filter in ...) closed by Chris Arndt
fixed: Fixed in r6872. kid.i18n.run_template_filter now defaults to True if …
13:37 Ticket #2357 (WSGI script_name variable not taken into account when dispatching a ...) closed by percious
fixed: We may/may not want to backport this to 2.0 See …
10:46 Ticket #2392 (Enabling i18n.run_template_filter does not enable translation filter in ...) created by Chris Arndt
Currently, you need to set […] in the configuration as well, to make …
10:07 Ticket #2391 (Integrate CherryPy logging with Turbogears's logging configuration) created by Chris Arndt
CherryPy 3 sets up the following loggers: - cherrypy.access - …


16:57 Ticket #1463 (Compile kid templates on installation) closed by chrisz
fixed: Better late than never: Implemented in r6869 for all TG 1.x branches now. …
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