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15:19 Ticket #2449 (Template Namespace and `url`) created by rpetrello
I've just noticed this in TG2.1a3, verified in a recent quickstarted …
10:21 Ticket #2448 (Genshi xi:include Caching Issue) created by rpetrello
We're experiencing a caching issue with genshi when we include two …


21:28 Ticket #2315 (PATCH: Recipes :: Adding FirePython logger to Turbogears) closed by percious
21:26 Ticket #2409 (Bring Back Generic Function JSON, Optionally) closed by percious
21:17 Ticket #2444 (TG 2.1a3 dispatcher mistakenly assumes all required positional parameters ...) closed by percious
06:53 Ticket #2443 (Exception "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable" on render widgets) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed as suggested in r7007 for the TG 1.1 and 1.5 branches. Note that TG …


23:47 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
22:31 Ticket #2192 (Mako template loader for non-dotted template names fail to init) closed by percious
21:08 Milestone 2.1b1 completed
15:18 Ticket #2430 (Widgets should use lazy params initialization to prevent from ...) closed by chrisz
15:15 Ticket #2415 (turbokid reload templates problems) closed by chrisz
fixed: The new TurboKid version 1.0.5 which includes this patch is already …
02:17 Ticket #2447 (WidgetsList should not remove declared widgets from class scope) created by xaka
[…] Sometimes very convenient and usefull to refer to a specific …


23:48 2.0/ChangeLog edited by pedersen
22:05 Ticket #2446 (test_controllers broken with WebTest 1.2.1) created by chrisz
After upgrading from WebTest 1.2 to 1.2.1 (44:1d23a69a73fa at …
01:16 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
01:06 Ticket #2432 (call_on_startup functions do not successfully modify things in tg.config) closed by percious
01:01 Ticket #2445 (ignore_parameters not being included in TG-2.1 tip) closed by toshio
fixed: Confirm fixed in tip.
00:56 Ticket #2445 (ignore_parameters not being included in TG-2.1 tip) created by toshio
While testing #2432 against tip we found that ignore_parameters is …


22:54 Ticket #2444 (TG 2.1a3 dispatcher mistakenly assumes all required positional parameters ...) created by mcfletch
At line 145 of dispatcher.py, the code makes the assumption that it can do …
22:15 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
21:49 Ticket #2402 (use_dotted_templatenames = False does not work with genshi) closed by percious
19:29 Ticket #2398 (Dispatcher regression in TG2.1) closed by percious
18:26 Ticket #2401 (exception raised in _remove_argspec_params_from_params with 3 optional ...) closed by percious
fixed: Fixed when I fixed #2425
18:23 Ticket #2425 (TG 2.1 dispatch arg-value errors) closed by percious
16:51 Ticket #2313 ([PATCH] Validate decorator does not work with url args) closed by percious
fixed: see http://trac.turbogears.org/ticket/2429
16:49 Ticket #2371 (post_login in new project should not call tg.url() when calling redirect()) closed by percious
16:43 Ticket #2428 (TG 2.1a2 Routing Bug) closed by percious
15:43 Ticket #2429 (paginate() breaks when calling a method with multiple keyword arguments) closed by percious
fixed: okay, im pretty certain this ticket is no longer valid, because the code …
15:12 Ticket #2420 (paster quickstart -m does not produce the proper mako templates) closed by percious
14:33 Ticket #2431 (not updated text about tg2.1a3) closed by percious
01:43 Ticket #2410 (Model tests when not using SQLite) closed by percious
fixed: This is def. fixed in 2.1. I am closing.
01:43 Ticket #2423 (documentation error) closed by percious
00:48 Ticket #2387 ([PATCH]: RestController ignoring get on sub_controllers when remainder ...) closed by percious
00:45 Ticket #2190 (lookup() does not get executed in RestController) closed by percious
00:40 Ticket #2251 (flash_obj.render(use_js=False) uses HTML entity "apos") closed by percious
fixed: After reviewing the webflash 0.1a9 code, i believe this ticket is fixed.
00:38 Ticket #2324 (Increase length of Permission.permission_name) closed by percious
00:18 Ticket #2322 (Optionally Turn Off Request Extensions) closed by percious


20:25 Ticket #2425 (TG 2.1 dispatch arg-value errors) reopened by seedifferently
Chris, Just tested this with today's tip and am still getting a key …
13:28 Ticket #2351 (KeyError: '' in expose if Accept header doesn't match controller ...) closed by percious
fixed: I remember fixing this a while back when we were trying to sort out the …


19:15 Ticket #2425 (TG 2.1 dispatch arg-value errors) closed by percious
19:15 Ticket #2412 (TG 2.1a2 mishandling url parameters) closed by percious
18:27 Ticket #2341 (tw.forms version 0.9.6 does not display validation errors with Form, ...) closed by percious
fixed: i believe this was fixed in 0.9.8
08:02 Ticket #2443 (Exception "TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not callable" on render widgets) created by xaka
[…] Problem in turbogears.widgets.meta module. To generate template's …


09:03 Ticket #2442 (Debugging interface does not load in TG2.0 if PYTHONOPTIMIZE is set to 1 ...) created by aigarius
Steps to reproduce: Ubuntu 9.10, Python2.5. Install TG2.0 via the …


15:10 Ticket #2407 (Support Genshi in TG widget templates) closed by chrisz
fixed: This has now been merged back to the main 1.5 branch in r6989.
13:32 Ticket #2025 (tg.include_widgets doesn't work with toscawidgets) closed by chrisz
fixed: Added unit test in r6988.
07:04 Ticket #732 (admi18n does not pick up on ${_('xxx')}) closed by chrisz
fixed: I investigated this today and found that the problem existed for both …


05:50 Ticket #2441 (Doc error in ToscaSample tutorial) created by werner
To get genre_options from a database table following code is shown on this …
05:08 Ticket #2440 (Doc error in ToscaSample tutorial) created by werner
Page:  http://www.turbogears.org/2.0/docs/main/ToscaWidgets/forms.html


17:21 Ticket #2439 (Support ToscaWidgets resource variants and other TW config options) created by chrisz
ToscaWidgets 0.9.8 supports "variants" for Javascript and CSS resources …
16:50 Ticket #2438 (Authentication of non-ascii user names does not work in TG 2.x) created by chrisz
This actually seems to be a problem of the repoze.who stack, but it …
14:33 Ticket #2437 (tg.url() docstring does not match behavior, pagination problem) created by chrisz
Just noticed that the docstring of the tg.url() function does not match …
09:55 Ticket #2436 (Line numbers in documentation are incorrect) created by werner
 http://www.turbogears.org/2.0/docs/main/Wiki20/page5.html E.G. on the …
06:54 Ticket #2435 (quickstart helloworld - only 'ru' in i18n) created by werner
Following the helloworld tutorial I only get "ru" i18n files. Maybe to do …
06:52 Ticket #2434 (quickstart - documentation) created by werner
The "about" page generated section 3 is not matching what is generated. - …


12:17 Ticket #2433 (paste.util.mimeparse.best_match compatibility with '*' mime type) created by amol
Copying here the content of email I sent to the TG2 ML as it has been …


18:27 Ticket #2432 (call_on_startup functions do not successfully modify things in tg.config) created by toshio
I have a library that does a few things for a TG2 app. To make things …
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