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13:45 Ticket #2488 (DeprecatedWarning: pylons.h is deprecated: use your project's lib.helpers ...) created by clayg
I've got a fresh install of TurboGears2-2.1b2, when I do a fresh …


16:40 Ticket #2487 ("ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack" in parse_mime_type with ...) created by corvus
Hi, The Accept header "text/html, image/gif, image/jpeg, *; q=.2, */*; …


13:31 Ticket #2486 (Tests failure with session enabled) created by bochecha
Enabling the cherrypy session breaks the tests. It can be easily …
13:30 Ticket #2485 (New project tests failure) created by bochecha
A shiny-out-of-the-oven new project fails to pass its auto-generated …[…]
11:41 Ticket #2484 (Auto-generated files should not be version controled) created by bochecha
Building an egg of TGScheduler with: […] I get an egg without most of …


13:30 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
13:28 Milestone 2.1b2 completed


03:16 Ticket #2483 ([PATCH] Identity SecureObject does not proxy cherrypy attributes (like a ...) created by xaka
[…] No one filter from _cp_filters list will be applied because of the …


17:05 ChangeLog edited by chrisz
Added 1.1.1 release. (diff)
13:34 Ticket #2482 (test_unsupported_method failing) created by chrisz
The test_unsupported_method unit test in turbogears.tests.test_restmethod …
06:06 Milestone 1.1.1 completed
The first maintenance release of the 1.1 branch. Will contain mostly …


22:41 Ticket #2481 (tg.url docstring reports that is still based on pylons.url but this isn't ...) created by amol
tg.url seems not to be based on pylons.url anymore, this might be fine, …


10:18 Ticket #2480 (wrong date in 2.0 Change Log) created by teceha
http://trac.turbogears.org/wiki/2.0/ChangeLog shows: 2.1b1: …


15:12 Ticket #2479 (Port to the new Bunch package) created by lmacken
Instead of rolling our own, we should see if we can easily drop in the new …


11:47 Ticket #2478 ([PATCH] TG Widgets: Improve DataGrid widget, allow to use list/dict as ...) created by xaka
there is no way to redefine attrwrapper in child classes […] …
10:56 Ticket #2477 ([PATCH] TG Widgets: Move default value getting from adjust_value to ...) created by xaka
Now default value getting implemented at adjust_value method level. I …
09:58 Ticket #2469 (Python2.4 issue when the uuid package is not installed) closed by lmacken
fixed: Applied. Thanks for the patch!


11:21 Ticket #2476 (documentation) created by nil
Hi, I opened an account at the documentation web site, my home page is …
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