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16:55 Ticket #2510 (nosetest fails) created by basictheprogram
Followed instructions "Installation for the Impatient" […]
16:52 Ticket #2509 (Installation for the Impatient does not install all requirement eggs to ...) created by basictheprogram
 http://turbogears.org/2.1/docs/main/DownloadInstall.html […] Using …


16:24 Ticket #2508 (Exilir support) created by diegows
I think that Elixir support would be great for TG2.1 or TG2.2. SQLAlchemy …


16:01 Ticket #2488 (DeprecatedWarning: pylons.h is deprecated: use your project's lib.helpers ...) reopened by amol
With last commit of tg-dev helpers seem to be always empty. This seems …


20:53 Ticket #2408 (Toolbox templates should be converted to Genshi) closed by chrisz
fixed: Finished in r7083.
12:37 Ticket #2446 (test_controllers broken with WebTest 1.2.1) closed by cito
fixed: This has [ http://bitbucket.org/ianb/webtest/changeset/ded87c86cd00 now …


23:50 Ticket #2507 (Turbogears 2.1b1 tgext.admin Doesn't Handle Boolean Options) created by lionel
I'm using tgext.admin with Mako templates and Turbogears v2.1b1. How can …
06:59 Ticket #2499 (__repr__ methods of Classes in auth.py return Unicode) reopened by cito
Ah, I hadn't noticed that it was changed again during the last sprint …
05:20 Ticket #2499 (__repr__ methods of Classes in auth.py return Unicode) closed by cito
fixed: Replying to mramm: > Replying to chrisz: > And by …


15:43 Ticket #2499 (__repr__ methods of Classes in auth.py return Unicode) reopened by cito
I need to dissent: * The …


04:42 Ticket #2506 (Genshi render template as xhtml even for document with content type ...) created by Elias
I'd like to provide some xml things with Genshi, so I added the following …


20:25 Ticket #2505 (Genshi is too d*** slow) closed by rick446
fixed: Kajiki has been added to the renderer list as of 2660f1d9ac18
18:11 Ticket #2505 (Genshi is too d*** slow) created by rick446
We should have a fast, xml-based templating solution, and genshi is just …
17:43 Ticket #2470 (SQLAlchemy is still required in 2.1) closed by mramm
wontfix: sqlalchemy requirement is not a blocker
17:41 Ticket #2449 (Template Namespace and `url`) closed by rick446
wontfix: Actually, Mark, you are wrong ;-) . Pylons (pylons.templating) is the …
17:28 Ticket #2503 (TG 2.1b2 Routing Crash) closed by rick446
fixed: This is fixed in [f9701cf1f4ce]
16:41 Ticket #2499 (__repr__ methods of Classes in auth.py return Unicode) closed by mramm
invalid: Replying to chrisz: > I would just replace the %s by a %r. …
16:38 Ticket #2497 (post request not passing proper list parameter) closed by mramm
invalid: Replying to chrisz: Well, it should come through as a string, …
16:13 Ticket #2504 (Upgrade WebHelpers and Routes for 2.1rc1 Release) created by pedersen
For 2.1rc1 release, we need to use Routes 1.12.3 and WebHelpers? 1.2. No …
15:29 Ticket #2481 (tg.url docstring reports that is still based on pylons.url but this isn't ...) closed by pedersen
fixed: Fixed by percious in rC345086F9280 on Feb 23, 2010. Resolving. Commit …


10:16 Ticket #2503 (TG 2.1b2 Routing Crash) created by rpetrello
I've encountered a specific routing scenario which will cause a Turbogears …
07:26 Ticket #2502 (Rename of default and lookup methods in TG 2.1) created by chrisz
After updating one of my apps to the latest TG2.1 dev version, I was …


11:22 Ticket #2501 (Renaming a task doesn't actually rename it) created by bochecha
The task objects have a name attribute, and the current implementation of …
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