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18:03 Ticket #2525 (test_caching fails in TG 2.1) created by chrisz
When running the TG 2.1 test suite I get […]
14:07 Milestone 2.1.0 completed
13:56 Ticket #2454 (Need regression tests for authentication, particularly with non-ascii user ...) closed by percious
13:56 Ticket #2182 (Nag upstream maintainers to release final versions of our dependencies.) closed by percious
13:53 Ticket #2309 (ToscaWidgets / JSLink Thread Safety Issue) closed by percious
13:52 Ticket #1725 (Test accept languages functionality) closed by percious
13:47 Ticket #2515 (Problem with functional tests under Pylons 1.0) closed by percious
13:46 Ticket #2073 (Test Transaction middleware) closed by percious
wontfix: I'm satisfied that the transaction code is well-tested by the zope folks.
13:45 Ticket #2275 (loosely component architecture) closed by percious
wontfix: I think orion will be the answer to this.
13:45 Ticket #2281 (pylint the TG2 sources) closed by percious
13:43 Ticket #2421 (No apparent way to implement "remember me" into a login form) closed by percious
fixed: Thanks amol. fixed with r.who-quickstart 1.0.8
13:42 Ticket #2510 (nosetest fails) closed by percious
13:37 Ticket #2516 (Proper support for Pylons 1.0 in TG 2.1) closed by percious
13:28 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
13:23 Ticket #2504 (Upgrade WebHelpers and Routes for 2.1rc1 Release) closed by percious
13:21 Ticket #2473 (fresh tg2 installation and using tw.dojo is not possible) closed by percious
duplicate: #2372
13:21 Ticket #2493 (admin system (/admin) fails with genshi and tw.dojo) closed by percious
duplicate: repeat #2372
13:19 Ticket #2488 (DeprecatedWarning: pylons.h is deprecated: use your project's lib.helpers ...) closed by percious
13:16 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious


09:35 Ticket #2524 (problem raising HTTP exceptions in @expose decorated controller) created by nlaurance
I try to test a controller that raises a HTTPNoContent Error with a …


12:17 Ticket #2523 ([PATCH] possibly bug in TurboGears2-2.0.3-py2.5.egg/tg /controllers.py) created by nguyenqmai
My RestController? caused `TypeError?: 'tuple' object does not support item …


04:00 Ticket #2522 (tg.decorators.https improperly handles 405) created by seedifferently
When TG's @https decorator throws a 405 error, I believe the appropriate …


17:57 Ticket #2521 (Port the 1.x wiki docs to Sphinx) created by chrisz
The Wiki should be phased out. The content should be consolidated, rough …
17:50 Ticket #2520 (TG 1.5 wiki docs) created by chrisz
We need to create the basic pages in the MoinMoin Wiki for the TG 1.5 …
17:43 Ticket #1949 (Issue warnings/errors for invalid config keys) closed by chrisz
fixed: Added in r7142.
17:41 Ticket #1874 (QuickStart ToscaWidgets Projects) closed by chrisz
wontfix: I think he meant the ET() calls in the master template that were necessary …


20:23 Ticket #2308 (Config setting toscawidgets.on vs tools.toscawidgets.on) closed by chrisz
fixed: The same problem applies to the visit subsystem that has also been …
17:17 Ticket #2391 (Integrate CherryPy logging with Turbogears's logging configuration) closed by chrisz
fixed: Removed _cp_log_access in r7130 since it's no longer necessary. The …
17:08 Ticket #1712 (Need unit tests for scheduler module) closed by chrisz
fixed: TG 1.5 uses the external tg.scheduler package which hsa its own tests. …
17:03 Ticket #1778 (1.0/RoughDocs/GettingStartedTemplate Document Review: A replacement for ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Made some changes and merged it with …
13:54 Ticket #2512 (TG's i18n doesn't properly interpret various browser's request languages) closed by chrisz
fixed: You patch looks good, except that you should use a.append(b) instead …
13:51 Ticket #2406 (Workaround for i18n bug) closed by chrisz
fixed: Should be fixed in [ http://hg.turbogears.org/tg-dev/changeset/5508bd96904c
11:49 Ticket #2506 (Genshi render template as xhtml even for document with content type ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: I can confirm that the problem still exists in 2.1rc1. If you want to …
11:44 Ticket #2519 (TG2 expose() does not allow passing options to the render function) created by chrisz
In TG1 the expose decorator passed the format and fragment
10:25 TicketQueries edited by chrisz
10:24 Ticket #2501 (Renaming a task doesn't actually rename it) closed by chrisz
fixed: I noticed the same problem last week when adding more tests to the …
08:47 Ticket #2518 (Kid is not a dependency for TG1.1.1 anymore but is still needed for TG ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Fixed in r7136. Note that this is only needed for the TG 1.1 branch since …


05:27 Ticket #2518 (Kid is not a dependency for TG1.1.1 anymore but is still needed for TG ...) created by zafy
The kid templating engine is used for TG widgets and particularily …


11:08 Ticket #2474 (Cron-like way of scheduling tasks in TGScheduler) closed by chrisz
fixed: Merged in to tgscheduler and tg1.1 in r7124 and r7126.


10:00 Ticket #2517 (paging issue in mako template for tgadmin crud interface (tgext.crud)) created by kashif
Working with tg2.1rc1, the tgext.crud mako template for displaying all …


09:08 Ticket #2516 (Proper support for Pylons 1.0 in TG 2.1) created by chrisz
Have we accounted for all points mentioned in …
09:04 Ticket #2515 (Problem with functional tests under Pylons 1.0) created by chrisz
The functional tests of a quickstarted project are broken in TG 2.1rc1 …


08:53 Ticket #2514 (quickstart graphics aren't easy to modify) created by MagerValp
The quickstart project template is a nice starting point for a project, …
07:57 Ticket #2513 (Problems with custom render functions and missing JSONP support) created by chrisz
Currently, TG 2.1rc1 does not come with a templating engine for JSONP. …


19:16 Ticket #2512 (TG's i18n doesn't properly interpret various browser's request languages) created by seedifferently
TG's handling of a browser's requested language is pretty bare-bones with …


22:12 Ticket #2511 (Helpers are broken when using Jinja2) created by seedifferently
I have not tested this with other template files, but with Jinja2 you will …
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