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17:34 Ticket #34 (Add downloadable docs) closed by chrisz
duplicate: moved to #2521
17:26 Ticket #1646 (Documentation Strategy) closed by chrisz
duplicate: moving to Sphinx is now #2521
16:23 Ticket #2374 (Replace TG 1.0 favicon with a prettier one) closed by chrisz
worksforme: I don't think anything will happen here any more.
16:22 Ticket #1744 (Create official doc about quickstarting a TurboGears project) closed by chrisz
15:53 Ticket #2482 (test_unsupported_method failing) closed by chrisz
fixed: The test has been activated again since it passes with WebTest >= 1.2.1.
15:30 Ticket #2494 (DuplicateEntryError: column visit_key is not unique) closed by chrisz
fixed: Your analysis was correct, it's a reace condition that might occur if the …
11:35 Ticket #2485 (New project tests failure) closed by chrisz
fixed: The traceback shows code from a project quickstarted before r6632. Should …
11:13 Ticket #2490 ([PATCH] Duplicate log output when multiple config file loads) closed by chrisz
fixed: Applied in r7170. Sorry for the delay.
10:57 Ticket #2478 ([PATCH] TG Widgets: Improve DataGrid widget, allow to use list/dict as ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: Thanks, applied in r7169. Sorry for the delay.
09:50 Ticket #2477 ([PATCH] TG Widgets: Move default value getting from adjust_value to ...) closed by chrisz
fixed: The real problem here is that you don't call super in your …
07:53 Ticket #2475 (Activate session_filter makes the quickstarted test_controllers tests ...) closed by chrisz
wontfix: Unfortunately, CP 2.3.1 has still not been released, but I'm closing this …
07:50 Ticket #2483 ([PATCH] Identity SecureObject does not proxy cherrypy attributes (like a ...) closed by chrisz


08:46 Ticket #2488 (DeprecatedWarning: pylons.h is deprecated: use your project's lib.helpers ...) reopened by amol
I can replicate the problem on an empty virtual environment with a new …


16:23 Ticket #2532 (install TG2.1 on Suse SLES11/64) closed by bobs
fixed: Hi, Sorry about duplicate to #2527 Their fix worked for me as well. …
02:35 Ticket #2532 (install TG2.1 on Suse SLES11/64) created by bobs
Can you help <b>after "install"</b> (tg2env)SLES11:~/tg2env/example # …


10:29 Ticket #2531 (Exception when trying to run turbogears2 project: ImportError: No module ...) created by nickpholden
[…] I fixed this by doing easy_install repoze.what_pylons


21:25 Ticket #2293 (a quickstart option to install elixir based rdbms interface.) reopened by nh2
Ported the patch to TG 2.1. …


07:16 Ticket #2457 ([PATCH] Make override_template work for all content types) reopened by chrisz
The checked in patch is flawed (see also …


14:28 Ticket #2528 (Form errors are cut off if they include a colon) created by silentsound
I'm using an EmailAddress validator within a FormEncode schema passed in …


16:01 Ticket #2527 (Installation for the Impatient does not function properly) created by basictheprogram
This might be related to: [TurboGears] #2509: Installation for the …


08:12 Ticket #2526 (Non-restful methods and subcontrollers not found in nested RestControllers) created by nils
When nesting RestControllers, the nested controllers don't dispatch …


18:03 Ticket #2525 (test_caching fails in TG 2.1) created by chrisz
When running the TG 2.1 test suite I get […]
14:07 Milestone 2.1.0 completed
13:56 Ticket #2454 (Need regression tests for authentication, particularly with non-ascii user ...) closed by percious
13:56 Ticket #2182 (Nag upstream maintainers to release final versions of our dependencies.) closed by percious
13:53 Ticket #2309 (ToscaWidgets / JSLink Thread Safety Issue) closed by percious
13:52 Ticket #1725 (Test accept languages functionality) closed by percious
13:47 Ticket #2515 (Problem with functional tests under Pylons 1.0) closed by percious
13:46 Ticket #2073 (Test Transaction middleware) closed by percious
wontfix: I'm satisfied that the transaction code is well-tested by the zope folks.
13:45 Ticket #2275 (loosely component architecture) closed by percious
wontfix: I think orion will be the answer to this.
13:45 Ticket #2281 (pylint the TG2 sources) closed by percious
13:43 Ticket #2421 (No apparent way to implement "remember me" into a login form) closed by percious
fixed: Thanks amol. fixed with r.who-quickstart 1.0.8
13:42 Ticket #2510 (nosetest fails) closed by percious
13:37 Ticket #2516 (Proper support for Pylons 1.0 in TG 2.1) closed by percious
13:28 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious
13:23 Ticket #2504 (Upgrade WebHelpers and Routes for 2.1rc1 Release) closed by percious
13:21 Ticket #2473 (fresh tg2 installation and using tw.dojo is not possible) closed by percious
duplicate: #2372
13:21 Ticket #2493 (admin system (/admin) fails with genshi and tw.dojo) closed by percious
duplicate: repeat #2372
13:19 Ticket #2488 (DeprecatedWarning: pylons.h is deprecated: use your project's lib.helpers ...) closed by percious
13:16 2.0/ChangeLog edited by percious


09:35 Ticket #2524 (problem raising HTTP exceptions in @expose decorated controller) created by nlaurance
I try to test a controller that raises a HTTPNoContent Error with a …
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