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     1=== Release Candidate 1 === 
     3Just in time for PyCon the TurboGears Development team is proud to announce TG2 Release Candidate 1.  
     5I'm personally very happy to see this release, as it's the culmination of a long process.  I think TG 2 scales up to solve complex enterprise problems with multiple legacy databases, and down to creating simple projects and rapid prototypes, and is going to provide a great platform for the future of the TurboGears project.   We've managed to add major features like a full featured session manager, a solid transaction management system, and much more -- all while reducing the total number of lines of code in the project, and creating reusable components that are now a shared part of the python WSGI Web ecosystem.  
     7Thanks everybody who contributed!   I'm also very happy to see that some very good work is already going into creating add on components (like a lightweight cms) for TG2 and work has already started on making this even easier in tg 
     8To download 2.0 RC 1, simply follow the instructions here: 
     12There are just two small bugfixes in RC1, but you're interested in the details, take a look at the changelog:  
    116=== Beta 7 === 
    1530TurboGears 2.0 beta 6 comes with lots of fixes, and a total feature freeze in preparation for the first Release Candidate.   From here on out to 2.0, we'll only be doing bugfixes and improving our Docs.  Speaking of Docs, Beta 6 comes on the heals of this last weekend's doc sprint, so it already comes with new and improved documentation.  
    1832One thing which you should be aware of in Beta 6 is that after you install tg.devtools and quickstart a new application you have to do {{{ python setup.py develop }}} on your quickstarted app because some of the dependencies for the app are not installed until that time.   This allows you to remove optional dependencies from your application if you're not using them.