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     1=== Beta 4 === 
     3We're doing a beta 4 release a bit ahead of schedule because there are a couple of important bugs that were found in b3, and which have already been fixed.   The most important of which was a thread-safety issue in repoze.what which could result in the wrong user getting an authentication denial message if two users were denied at the same time.  This has the potential to leak information to untrusted users, so it's a potential security risk, though the impact is not large.   Catwalk, tgext.admin, and repoze.who also have minor fixes to correct various smaller issues.  
     5Other than that, there are some updates to the docs, and there's a new docs frontpage.   We're still working on the TG2 documentation and most of the doc updates will be coming in b5 and the first couple of release candidates.  
     7To download 2.0 beta 4, simply follow the instructions here: 
     11If you're interested in the details of what's changed in this release, take a look at the changelog:  
     15=== Beta 3 ===  
    117I'm very excited to announce the next TG2 beta release.   And yes, it is a beta.