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Beta 6

TurboGears 2.0 beta 6 comes with lots of fixes, and a total feature freeze in preparation for the first Release Candidate. From here on out to 2.0, we'll only be doing bugfixes and improving our Docs. Speaking of Docs, Beta 6 comes on the heals of this last weekend's doc sprint, so it already comes with new and improved documentation.

One thing which you should be aware of in Beta 6 is that after you install tg.devtools and quickstart a new application you have to do python develop on your quickstarted app because some of the dependencies for the app are not installed until that time. This allows you to remove optional dependencies from your application if you're not using them.

Jorge Vargas has completely rewritten the Install doc:

Anita has done great work on the Wiki 20 doc, which is providing an every improved introduction to TG2:

Christoph Zwerschke has update the ToscaWidgets? forms doc:

Chris Perkins has documented the new RestController? stuff which simplifies common Create, Read, Update, Delete operations:

Mark Ramm has created an overview of the TurboGears 2 stack:

There are also new docs on the alternative template engines:

And many, many smaller updates spread across the TG2 docs.

Beta 4

We're doing a beta 4 release a bit ahead of schedule because there are a couple of important bugs that were found in b3, and which have already been fixed. The most important of which was a thread-safety issue in repoze.what which could result in the wrong user getting an authentication denial message if two users were denied at the same time. This has the potential to leak information to untrusted users, so it's a potential security risk, though the impact is fairly limited.

Special thanks goes out this week to Alberto Valverde, who found and submitted patches for the threadsafety issue in repoze.what, and who helped with fixes to repoze.who and the turbogears middleware stack to solve a couple of other issues.

Catwalk, tgext.admin, and the TurboGears mimetype system also have fixes to correct various smaller issues, thanks to Chris Perkins.

Other than that, there are some updates to the docs, and there's a new docs frontpage. We're still working on the TG2 documentation and most of the doc updates will be coming in b5 and the first couple of release candidates.

To download 2.0 beta 4, simply follow the instructions here:

If you're interested in the details of what's changed in this release, take a look at the changelog:

Beta 3

I'm very excited to announce the next TG2 beta release. And yes, it is a beta.

In light of all the fantastic new stuff that got added in our last sprint, we've decided to release this version as beta 3.

Next week we will have beta 4 because I expect there may be some remaining kinks to be ironed out in this release, depending on how some of these new features are received.

New in this release:

  • Brand new "mimetype" style system for requesting a particular response type. Now you can have links to index.html (for html) and index.pdf (for pdf), etc.
  • Brand new REST style controller that makes dispatching on GET, POST, etc much easier.
  • Brand new tgext.crud app to help with making restful crud interfaces easier
  • Brand new WSGIAppController to make mounting WSGI apps inside TG even easier.
  • Creation of a sister package tgext.wsgiapps <link> who's goal is to provide "one liners for all mayor wsgi apps" <link to wsgiapp announcement>
  • Updated wiki 20 doc to improve some recent issues, typos and more.
  • Updated url function to more natively handle unicode parameters
  • Updated beaker to work on python 2.4

To download 2.0 beta 3, simply follow the instructions here:

If you're interested in the details of what's changed in this release, take a look at the changelog: