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Change Log

7.9.7a3 (July, 29, 2008):


  • TurboGears 2 now defaults to making multiple request parameters into a list that's passed to the controller (emulating the tg1 behavior).
  • The base_config object now has a number of methods for those who need very fine grained control of how the middleware and environment are setup.
  • tg2 now uses sphinx extensions to import code samples from svn, as well as to test the example code.
  • new support of calling wsgi_apps from a TG2 controller method (see the use_wsgi_app function)
  • added tg_vars to template namespace to more closely match tg1
  • Lots and lots of new docs covering:
    • Updated TW docs
    • Updated config docs
    • Updated PyAMF integration docs
    • Updated install and offline install docs


  • updated by splee to act more like tg1
  • pep 8 compiance
  • Fix for #1885 development.ini now runs only on localhost to avoid security issues related to the debugging interface being turned on.
  • Added missing package requirement while using develop
  • updated Paste dependencies, in order to work around an import appconfig issue mentioned on the mailing list
  • updated the default quickstart project to look a bit nicer (thanks to Lukasz Szybalski)

Contributors (in alphabetic order)

Florent Aide, Bruno J. M. Melo, Lee McFadden?, Christopher Perkins, Mark Ramm, Sanjiv Singh, and Lukasz Szybalski.

Upgrading from 1.9.7a2