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    v1 v1  
     1= Change Log = 
     3== 1.0.1 == 
     5== Features == 
     7    * !CatWalk now handles SQLMultipleJoin and SQLRelatedJoin (#910) 
     8    * Pagination now supports SQLAlchemy, has better sorting, and works on compound widgets. (#1115) 
     10== Fixes == 
     12    * !AutoCompleteField widget now renders correctly on IE7. (#1176) 
     13    * !FeedController how redirects properly. (#1229) 
     14    * Identity `logout` now works with `set_identity_user` with SQLObject. (#1245) 
     15    * Added some workarounds for broken MySQLdb modules. (#1235) 
     16    * Cleaner starting and stopping of the visit api. (#1236) 
     17    * Default encoding fixed regarding the XMLHttpRequest object in Internet Explorer. (#1248) 
     18    * `CalendarDatePicker` now works in French. (#1240) 
     19    * Test suite now Python 2.3 compatible. (#1237) 
     20    * `hash` naming collision resolved. (#1231) 
     22== 1.0b3 == 
     24== Fixes == 
     26    * `turbogears.url` now works in absense of `cherrypy.request` (#1137) 
     27    * Data is now rolled back if an exception is raised in a controller method, even if flush has been called in the method. (#1209) 
     28    * Kid configuration settings in `config.py` or `devcfg.py` are now honored when initializing the template engine. (#468) 
     29    * `admi18n` no longer erroneously available when the toolbox is started from outside a project directory. (#1048) 
     30    * !TurboJson no longer requires SQLObject to be installed. (#1195) 
     31    * `jsonify.encode()` now always returns a string.  An iterable is available with `jsonify.encode_iter()`. (#1196) 
     32    * The "MySQL server has gone away" error caused by lack of thread safety in MySQLdb in combination with SQLAlchemy has been worked around. (#1197) 
     34== 1.0b2 == 
     36=== Changes === 
     38    * The !CalendarDatePicker widget allows a validator now. 
     40=== Features === 
     42    * introduced tgsetup.py which provides simpler installation and better error messages. tgsetup.py also provides a `--future` switch to get SQLAlchemy and Genshi for you. 
     44=== Fixes === 
     46    * SQLAlchemy quickstart projects with identity were missing an import 
     47    * SQLObject visit classes can be defined in your model.py 
     48    * Fixed a memory usage problem with large file uploads 
     49    * Corrected a Python 2.3 compatibility problem 
     50    * Identity + SQLAlchemy + PostgreSQL had a problem with timezones that has been corrected. 
     51    * JSLink now uses instead of to avoid problems when used with template languages that don't serialize XHTML->HTML 
     52    * A number of fixes and minor enhancements to the quickstart templates 
     53    * turbogears.url has a nicer default when you're not running within a request (ie when you're in a test) 
     55=== Project Updates === 
     57    * setuptools 0.6c3 
     59=== Contributors === 
     61Fred Lin, Jorge Vargas, Jorge Godoy, Alberto Valverde, Elvelind Grandin, Lee McFadden, Max Ischenko, Joseph Tate, Matthew Bevan, Roger Demetrescu, plus some small fixes from several others and a huge amount of documentation work from Karl Guertin and Adam Jones (in addition to the other contributors already mentioned). 
     63== 1.0b1 == 
     65=== Changes === 
     67    * The !CalendarDatePicker will no longer prefer the user's browser's language if a language has been explicitly specified. (#1056) 
     69=== Features === 
     71    * Calls to gettext inside kid templates are now detected by i18n. 
     72    * Can now pass tg_format in the output dict to override the one set by expose. 
     73    * Can now set the config option sqlalchemy.echo to toggle SA's query logging. 
     74    * Can now use field_for inside !FormFieldContainers templates to get child fields by name. 
     76=== Fixes === 
     78    * You can now conveniently use non-!ActiveMapper SQLAlchemy classes with identity. (#1041) 
     79    * Identity testing is now easier because the !DummyRequest now includes a remote_host. 
     80    * Default identity provider will be created if the request doesn't have one. (#876) 
     81    * Swedish translation file for the calendar has been fixed (#1055) 
     82    * testutil.DBTest will only drop tables that exist (#1094) 
     83    * Added validate_password to the SQLAlchemy identity provider to match the SQLObject one. (#1098) 
     84    * Corrected spelling at italian !CalendarDatePickers' i18n files. 
     85    * Fixed a bug with BLOBCols in Model Designer. 
     86    * Exceptions raised when SA flushes are now dispatched with TG's errorhandling. 
     87    * Can now use format (plus other internal named parameters) as a controller's method argument name. 
     88    * The toolbox will now launch the browser to point to the same port number as the server is listening at. 
     90=== Project Updates === 
     92    * !SyntaxHighlighter 1.4.0 
     93    * setuptools 0.6c2 
     95== 0.9a9 == 
     97=== Features === 
     99    * tg-admin toolbox now accepts a `--conf` argument 
     100    * Catwalk now provide some feedback on ajaxcalls 
     101    * The quickstarted welcome page are updated and looks much better 
     103=== Fixes === 
     105    * Adding users with Catwalk should now work 
     106    * Admi18n now works with non-ascii translation and html entities 
     108=== Project Updates === 
     110    * SQLObject 0.7.1dev-r1860 
     111    * !PasteScript 0.9.7 
     112    * !ConfigObj 4.3.2 
     113    * Nose 0.9 
     114    * !TurboJson 0.9.9 
     116== 0.9a8 == 
     118=== Fixes === 
     120    * Some problems with the calendar widget that were introduced in 0.9a7 have been addressed 
     121    * Some people have reported getting an SQLObject 0.8 dev package, which is not at all tested with !TurboGears. The setup file for !TurboGears will now restrict to < 0.8. 
     123=== Project Updates === 
     125    * Kid 0.9.3 (addresses problems that people had with comments in base templates) 
     127=== 0.9a7 === 
     129Backwards Incompatibilities 
     131    * Former LocalizableJSLink is now !CalendarLangFile. New LocalizableJSLink is simpler but backwards-incompatible. 
     132    * Catwalk no longer accepts an allowHost argument. To restrict access to it use Identity.!SecureObject instead. 
     134=== Deprecations === 
     136    * Use of `entrys` is now deprecated in the !FeedController. You should use `entries` instead. 
     138=== Features === 
     140    * Syntax highlighter is used in the widget browser to make the code snippets look nice (#843) 
     141    * Logging configuration produces better errors and also has access to the !RotatingFileHandler and !TimedRotatingFileHandler (#866, also fixes #820) 
     142    * The validate decorator now accepts a state_factory parameter which should be a callable that returns the initial state for validation (the same state parameter !FormEncode validators use). The final state after validation can be accessed at cherrypy.request.validation_state inside controller methods. 
     143    * tg-admin commands can state if they need to be run in a project dir. 
     144    * Toolbox now uses entrypoints so site-specific tools can be added. 
     145    * tg-admin shell now asks if it should commit changes to the database on exit. 
     146    * Widgets can be listed at the tg.include_widgets config. list to send them to every template (a la tg.mochikit_all). 
     147    * DBTest now drops tables after each test so they don't interfere with others. 
     148    * Toolbox is now secured using Identity 
     149    * SQLAlchemy support not only works again with the latest SQLAlchemy, but quickstart works properly and `tg-admin sql create` now works for SQLAlchemy databases for the first time. 
     151=== Fixes === 
     153    * The sample-prod.cfg file had an incorrect logging configuration. 
     154    * Simplified visit queue handling which solves some mysterious bugs. 
     155    * QUICKSTART: model.py now includes SQLObject¿s requirements when identity is off. 
     156    * !DateTimeConverter now handles dates < 1900. 
     157    * Catwalk now handles gracefully !UnicodeCols. 
     158    * QUICKSTART: start-project.py now detects correct python binary¿s path in the system. 
     159    * Kid¿s base templates are now (re)loaded properly. 
     160    * Config file selection is now smarter. 
     161    * tg-admin update now finds correct identity provider. 
     162    * Catwalk now handles InheritableSQLObjects with mixins gracefully. 
     163    * Output encoding wasn't set based on the config value under some circumstances (#972) 
     165=== Changes === 
     167    * If tg.empty_flash is True in the app's configuration, then tg_flash = None will be sent to the template when it's not set. Otherwise it will not be sent at all. 
     168    * QUICKSTART: Now supports python2.3 with PEAK's [] decorator syntax. 
     169    * !DateTimeConverter validator now raises Invalid('empty') exceptions properly and uses the usual not_empty parameter. allow_empty is deprecated. 
     171=== Contributors === 
     173(My apologies if your name belongs here and is not!) 
     175Roger Demetrescu, Elvelind Grandin, Rune Hansen, Sean De La Torre, Alberto Valverde, Max Ischenko, Joseph Tate, Elvelind Grandin, Charles Duffy, Matt Good, Ksenia Marasanova. 
     177== 0.9a6 == 
     179=== Backwards Incompatibilities === 
     181    * i18n.runTemplateFilter in the config file has been renamed i18n.run_template_filter (#796) 
     182    * For people using !FastData (experimental): get_add_url, get_edit_url and get_delete_url all are passed the row instead of the ID now, allowing you to use something other than the ID if desired. 
     183    * In widgets, if you were using a dictionary as a params be aware that now the dictionary is not updated at construction or display/render time but simply replaced with the new one. If you were using it to provide default attributes for your widget, take a look at how the !TableForm does that. 
     185=== Features === 
     187    * A new function, turbogears.util.find_precision, to tell you how many decimal places of precision are required. (To help with i18n.format.format_decimal which needs to know the precision.) 
     188    * tg-admin info shows which eggs require !TurboGears 
     189    * In widgets, !SelectionField now supports grouped options, !SingleSelectField and !MultipleSelectField widgets take advantage of this to provide an optgroup tag. The format of a grouped options list is like the following: 
     191      options = [(None, [(1, "a"), (2, "b")]), ("Others", [(3, "c"), (4, "d")])] 
     192    * The Widget Browser now displays the source of the example and the template provided by default in the widget (to allow for easier complete customization) (#840, #841) 
     193    * Tabber and Syntax Highlighter widgets are now included 
     195=== Changes === 
     197    * sqlite database URIs can now be specified as sqlite:///c:/foo/bar on Windows, which is more natural for users. (The sqlite:///c|/foo/bar syntax still works.) 
     198    * !ValueError is raised if an !InputWidget contains "." or "-", which are reserved for use by the widgets 
     199    * Package name is used instead of your_project in the quickstart logging config. 
     201=== Fixes === 
     203    * QUICKSTART: an exception comes up if a user logs in but is not in a group that is required for access. The line with if not identity.current.anonymous and identity.was_login_attempted() in controllers.py or root.py needs an additional and not identity.get_identity_errors() condition. (#834) 
     204    * QUICKSTART: quickstart projects that used identity would generate a table called `user`, which is invalid for some databases. The new quickstart model.py generates tables called tg_user. #805 
     205    * QUICKSTART: there were problems with the model template for SQLAlchemy (#801) 
     206    * SQLAlchemy's identity provider was not selected by default when you quickstart a new project. (#806) 
     207    * Core widgets all include !WidgetDescriptions now and appear in the Widget Browser in the Toolbox (#727) 
     208    * Access logging to a file wasn't working correctly (#816) 
     209    * Bug fix for convert/from_python for compound and repeating widgets 
     210    * User name is now encoded to the DB encoding before a query is run in the SQLObject identity provider 
     211    * JSLink widgets can now specify a location 
     212    * LocalizableJSLink (and the calendar widget) now work in IE (#846) 
     213    * Added scheduler to `turbogears.__init__.__all__` so that references to it work properly. 
     214    * tg-admin info and Toolbox info commands now work properly and show the same information. 
     216=== Project Updates === 
     218    * !MochiKit updated to 1.3.1 (#804) 
     220=== Contributors === 
     222Max Ischenko, Claudio Martinez, Matt Good, Rune Hansen, Michele Cella, Jorge Godoy, Alberto Valverde González, Simon Belak, Jeroen Dekkers, Mark Ramm-Christensen, Ronald Jaramillo, Richard Standbrook, Roger Demetrescu, Patrick Lewis, Jorge Vargas, Bob Kuehne. 
     224== 0.9a5 == 
     226=== Backwards Incompatibilties === 
     228    * An identity login form must have a submit button having the name specified in the config file (identity.form.submit). If you have a commented identity.form.submit value and used the default login.kid file, you will need to add `name='login'` to the login.kid submit button. 
     229    * In widgets, the base Widget class no longer supports a validator. If you need a validator you should use the !InputWidget class 
     230    * In widgets, the display and the adjust_value methods have a slightly different signature (if you happen to use the `convert` parameter, you just need to use it as a keyword parameter and not a positional one.) 
     231    * decorator() should be applied to the function accepting the function being decorated (`entangle` by convention), not the caller. 
     232    * Removed keyword argument ¿argsink¿ from decorator(), weak_signature_decorator() should be used instead. 
     234=== Deprecations === 
     236    * In widgets, template_vars in widgets are now called `params` and options_for has been renamed params_for 
     237    * In widgets, the update_data method has been renamed update_params 
     238    * Identity has moved to PEP8 style naming. Changed userId, groupId, and permissionId to be user_name, group_name, and permission_name. 
     239    * visit_id has been deprecated in favor of visit_key 
     240    * SQL scripts to migrate PostgreSQL and MySQL identity databases are available (#737) 
     242=== Features === 
     244    * Dramatically improved and unified logging configuration. Config files can now use the options in Python's logging module for log formats and output. 
     245    * !TurboGears now includes an enhanced version of Irmen de Jong's Kronos scheduler, allowing you to schedule tasks that run in separate threads or processes periodically. 
     246    * For Python 2.3 users, there is a convenient new decorator syntax that comes from Phillip Eby's PEAK. 
     248Here's is the equivalent of @expose(): 
     251    def index(self): 
     252        pass 
     255    * Added a new turbogears.start_server function which will help ease the transition to 1.1 and adds the ability to use Ian Bicking's !EvalException. You must turn on tg.fancy_exception to use it at this point. 
     256    * In widgets, if the widget you are using provides a default validator, for example a !SelectionWidget, you can tweak its parameters by just passing a dictionary of those parameters as validator (for example, validator=dict(not_empty=True)) 
     257    * In widgets, every attribute listed inside params now supports callables automatically (the attribute will be called for computation at request time) 
     258    * Some improvements to the !ImageButton widget 
     259    * More customization hooks for !CheckBoxList, !RadioButtonList, !TableForm and !ListForm 
     260    * Decimals are properly jsonified (#472) 
     261    * datetime.date instances are properly jsonified (#759) 
     262    * Commas are supported in number validation (#720) 
     263    * It's now possible to determine what permissions are required for a given controller method (#603) 
     265=== Changes === 
     267    * Identity model classes are now placed directly into the model.py of a quickstarted project. This new setup is much easier to change, since requirements for the identity model vary dramatically. Another advantage is that quickstart projects that don¿t need identity start off with cleaner code, and projects that do need identity need almost no additional configuration or setup. 
     268    * quickstart projects include a `json.py` file as a home for JSON view code. 
     269    * i18n `scan` command has been changed to `collect` to match the admi18n Toolbox tool 
     270    * If you quickstart a project while in an svn checkout, files are no longer automatically `svn add`ed. This corrects some problems that people ran into with that behavior. 
     271    * The `prod.cfg` file in quickstart projects is now called ¿sample-prod.cfg¿ to reflect that it is just used as a sample that you copy to your real production servers (#762). 
     272    * The various classes used to make dictionaries look like normal objects have been replaced by turbogears.util.Bunch (#779) 
     274=== Fixes === 
     276    * Model Designer can now handle joins to the same table (#769) 
     277    * Unicode values sent to the turbogears.url function are utf8 encoded. 
     278    * !NotEmpty validator works with !CheckBoxList now. (#696) 
     279    * Grid widget's css has been improved to not interact with other widgets (#729, thanks to mark@cyberware) 
     280    * the `self` parameter is no longer accidentally removed by validation 
     281    * tg_format is properly stripped out for JSON requests (#740) 
     282    * calendar widget language fixes (many language files needed patching) 
     283    * !DataController's float columns are properly converted (#707) 
     284    * str values in Kid templates are now assumed to be utf8 rather than ASCII (changeable via kid.encoding) (#743) 
     285    * The flash message set on the current request takes precedence over the one in the cookie (#747) 
     286    * py:match was being used in the default templates in a way that would drop the text from the first node. (#785) 
     287    * !AutoCompleteField widget¿s only_suggest now works correctly when there is only one item listed (#750) 
     288    * Lots of HTML cleanup 
     290=== Project Updates === 
     292    * !TurboGears now uses !ConfigObj 4.3.0 for configuration 
     293    * !MochiKit upgraded to 1.3 
     294    * simplejson upgraded to 1.3 
     295    * !CherryPy upgraded to 2.2.1 
     296    * Kid upgraded to 0.9.1 
     297    * !FormEncode upgraded to 0.5.1 
     298    * !PasteScript upgraded to 0.5.1 
     300=== Contributors === 
     302Alberto Valverde González, Jeff Watkins, Max Ischenko, Michele Cella, Simon Belak, Jorge Godoy, Patrick Lewis, Jorge Vargas, Joost Moesker, Joseph Tate, Philip Walls, Bob Ippolito, Steve Bergman, Andrey Lebedev, Brian Beck, Roger Demetrescu. 
     304== 0.9a3 == 
     306=== Changes === 
     308    * !FastData is no longer included with the !TurboGears core package. You can install it with !TurboGears by easy_install-ing `TurboGears[exp]` instead of `TurboGears`. 
     310=== Features === 
     312    * You can find out if login was attempted during this request by calling identity.was_login_attempted 
     313    * Added tg.strict_parameters option that will cause an exception to be raised if extra parameters are passed to a controller method. (#694) 
     315=== Fixes === 
     317    * Base template (eg `master.kid`) now reload automatically when changed (#55) 
     318    * identity.Any was missing an error_message attribute (#667) 
     319    * Identity provides a more explicit error about wrong username/password (#616) 
     320    * !CatWalk no longer has a problem changing more than one foreign key label in `manage columns` (#690) 
     321    * plain_gettext is now exported from the i18n package. 
     322    * !DataGrid.column fields are supported by !FastDataGrid (#706) 
     323    * The tg_errors variable sent to a controller now has the correct value even if the controller method doesn¿t have keyword arguments. (#698) 
     324    * DBURIs with notrans_ now work properly with tg-admin sql create. (#702) 
     325    * Dutch and German calendar translations have been fixed. (#700) 
     327=== Project Updates === 
     329    * setuptools 0.6a11 
     330    * !CherryPy 2.2.0 
     331    * SQLObject to 0.7.1dev-r1675 
     333=== Contributors === 
     335This update brought to you by Michele Cella, Jeff Watkins, Simon Davy, Baruch Even, Simon Belak, Claudio Martinez, Max Ischenko, Jason Chu, Roger Demetrescu, Joost Moesker, plus Phillip Eby for setuptools and Remi Delon and the others working on !CherryPy. 
     337== 0.9a2 == 
     339=== Backwards Incompatibilities === 
     341    * Due to Python 2.3 issues and some additional discussion, the config files have gone back to an INI-style format. This means that some minor changes are needed if you were using the 0.9 `.py` config files, but no changes are required for people using 0.8 ¿.cfg¿ config files. See the upgrading guide for details. 
     342    * If you used !CompoundWidgets in 0.9a1, `widgets` has changed to `member_widgets`. 
     343    * If you are using a Form or a !FieldSet widget you must explicitly pass the `fields` parameter, the first positional parameter expected since 0.9a2 is `name`. 
     344    * If you are using a Form or a !FieldSet widget with a custom template you must update your template accordingly to the new templates TG is using. 
     346=== Deprecations === 
     348    * !WidgetsDeclaration (introduced in 0.9a1) has been renamed !WidgetsList for clarity. (#607) 
     349    * turbogears.config now has get() and update() functions that should be used in place of their cherrypy.config counterparts. This change was made knowing that there will be more powerful, !TurboGears-specific configuration in !TurboGears 1.1. (#670) 
     350    * The field_for method of a Form (introduced in 0.9a1) has been deprecated and it's use is highly discouraged and error prone, use display_field_for or render_field_for instead. 
     351    * In the turbogears.view module variableProviders has been renamed variable_providers. 
     352    * turbogears.fastdata.formmaker¿s sqlwidgets function (introduced in 0.9a1) has been renamed fields_for. 
     354=== New Features === 
     356    * Controller methods can now have multiple expose() decorators, allowing you to define different output formats (even with different template engines) that can be chosen via tg_format or the Accept header. 
     357    * New !AjaxGrid widget provides a grid in !JavaScript that is populated via an Ajax call. 
     358    * Three new base widgets to manage forms have been introduced: !CompoundFormField, !RepeatingFormField and !FormFieldsContainer. 
     359    * Experimental support for SQLAlchemy. For more complicated databases or certain database requirements, SQLAlchemy handles the database more gracefully. The main database layer for !TurboGears remains SQLObject and SQLObject is more fully supported within !TurboGears. However, for those who need it, SQLAlchemy support is there. 
     360    * display_field_for and render_field_for are automatically added to the template scope of any !FormFieldsContainer widget and can be used to easily display/render a field with the corrects value and options. 
     361    * The basis for creating repeating sets of widgets has been created (see !RepeatingFormField and !RepeatingFieldSet for an example) 
     362    * Catwalk can filter the data you see 
     363    * When using widgets, you can now have more than one form on a page while retaining validation sanity. 
     364    * With widgets, required fields automatically get a CSS class 
     365    * !CompoundWidgets/Forms now use !FormEncode schemas, which provide a number of additional validation options. 
     366    * !AutoCompleteFields can now pass an ID back to the server when submitted (instead of just passing the matching search string). (#654) 
     367    * quickstart includes a `release.py` file where you can put your project information (including version number). This is the safe mechanism for allowing your project itself to access the version number while your setup script also has access to the same information (Don't Repeat Yourself) 
     368    * quickstart has a new `tgbig` template designed for larger projects. This adds a controllers package to the basic !TurboGears template. (#676) 
     369    * CSSLink and CSSSource widgets now support `media` 
     370    * The !AutoCompleteField now has an `only_suggest` flag which makes it so that the first item on the list is not automatically submitted when you press return. This is useful for search boxes (as opposed to data entry fields). (#636) 
     371    * The turbogears.startup now contains callonstartup and callonshutdown lists. You can append callables to these to have them executed at the right time. 
     372    * If you are using the i18n support, the _ function (alias of the gettext function) is now properly mapped to lazygettext if needed, this means you can use " for everything. 
     373    * Added LocalizableJSLink widget that allows scripts to be chosen based on the user's locale. 
     375=== Changes === 
     377    * log_debug_info_filter is now turned off by default (this is the !CherryPy filter that lists the request time). This filter causes problems with things like JSON output. You can still turn it back on via the config file. 
     378    * Unless you specifically configure the decodingFilter yourself, !TurboGears will automatically turn on !CherryPy's decodingFilter (expecting utf-8 input). (#164) 
     379    * cherrypy.lowercase_api is set to True in new quickstarted projects. This should result in a performance boost, and requires that you use PEP 8 style names when calling !CherryPy APIs/config values. 
     380    * Table forms now use TH tags for the field labels, making it easier to apply appropriate styling to the tables. 
     381    * !AutoConnectHub used to support a `processConnection` (something it inherited from SQLObject). This is not really a supported model of operation, so it has been removed. If you do want to work that way, use SQLObject's own !ConnectionHub class. 
     382    * The test_model test has been commented out from the quickstart template, because some projects don't have databases. (#669) 
     384=== Fixes === 
     386    * The !TextArea widget now posts properly within a !RemoteForm. (#671) 
     387    * Catwalk styling cleanup 
     388    * Catwalk no longer has problems with empty tables with foreign keys 
     389    * !ForEach validator added to turbogears.validators namespace 
     390    * Catwalk will show related joins in the edit view 
     391    * SQLObject identity provider passwords are automatically encrypted (this was in 0.9a1). This didn't work properly when identity wasn¿t fully running (as in the tg-admin shell). This has been fixed. (#593) 
     392    * The !AutoCompleteField turns off the browser's own autocompletion. (#637) 
     393    * A nicer error message is provided if you return something other than a string or a dict from your controller method. (#643) 
     394    * admi18n does a better job of grouping files in the correct folder when collecting strings and skips over folders like `.svn`. (#512, #678) 
     395    * The turbogears.url() function was flipping around path elements in the application root. Applications roots are not commonly used right now, but this was noticeable if you used the !FeedController. (#683) 
     396    * Various fixes for !CatWalk's database access (see tickets #568, #249, #213, #618, #673) 
     397    * !ModelDesigner and admi18n can find your model.py file even if you change your package name at quickstart time. 
     400=== Project Updates === 
     402    * Kid 0.9 / !TurboKid 0.9.2 
     403    * !CherryPy 2.2.0rc1 
     404    * !PasteScript 0.5 
     405    * !TurboGears' JSON output now comes from the !TurboJson plugin 
     407=== Contributors === 
     409This release comes to you thanks to the work of Michele Cella, Elvelind Grandin, Ronald Jaramillo, Simon Belak, Jeff Watkins, Alberto Valverde González, Jason Chu, Owen Mead-Robins, Dan Weeks, Dennis Brakhane, Heikichi Umahara, Patrick Lewis, Joost Moesker, Roger Demetrescu, Liza Daly. 
     411== 0.9a1 == 
     413=== Backwards Incompatibilities === 
     415    * turbogears.expose no longer provides JSON by default. You need to turn on JSON via the config file or by the allow_json parameter to expose. 
     416    * The server.webpath configuration variable will not only properly set outgoing URLs, but will also "fix" incoming URLs if !TurboGears is running as some path underneath another webserver. If you were previously running a !CherryPy filter to handle this, you no longer need to. 
     417    * Directories of static files need an absolute path. The new configuration file format makes it easy to provide an absolute path without truly being tied to that path. 
     418    * Previously, if you were using a !FormEncode Schema for validation for an exposed method, validation would fail if a value was missing but the method had a default value for that parameter. Now, if that value is missing, the method will get called with the default just as it is normally called in Python. 
     420=== Deprecations === 
     422    * In templates the "std" object that holds common values and functions has been changed to "tg". 
     423    * turbogears.controllers.Root has now become turbogears.controllers.RootController for clarity's sake. Root continues to work, but its use is deprecated. 
     424    * Error handling has been greatly improved. Use of the validation_error method has been deprecated. It will still be called if it exists, but a !DeprecationWarning will be displayed. 
     425    * turbogears.tests.util has been moved to turbogears.testutil 
     426    * !CherryPy has switched to PEP8-style names for things. The old names still work. However, they are deprecated. 
     427    * expose(html=.. is now deprecated in favor for expose(template=.. 
     428    * the old config file format is deprecated in favor of the new Python module format. 
     430=== Features === 
     432    * The !TurboGears Toolbox wraps a number of useful tools in one web interface. The toolbox can be extended with additional tools. Run the Toolbox with tg-admin toolbox. 
     433    * !CatWalk model/database browser is now part of the !TurboGears Toolbox. Thanks to Ronald Jaramillo. 
     434    * Identity management and access control now provided via turbogears.identity module. Includes basic classes for User, Group, and Permission objects via turbogears.identity.model. Thanks to Jeff Watkins. 
     435    * There is a new internationalization package that allows you to use to conveniently localize your application via gettext. Thanks to Dan Jacob. 
     436    * Internationalization can be managed via the Toolbox (thanks to Ronald Jaramillo) or the command line (thanks to Max Ischenko). 
     437    * Each request is implicitly wrapped in a Transaction. This solves caching issues and reduces boilerplate code. It also helps codify a best practice so that bad data does not end up in your database. 
     438    * Error handling for a method can be specified with an error_handler decorator thanks to Simon Belak. 
     439    * !TurboGears now has a feed object that can generate rss2.0, atom0.3 and atom1.0 feeds 
     440    * Template encodings other than utf-8 can be selected with the new kid.encoding variable 
     441    * tg-admin now uses !PasteScript and can now supports user specific templates 
     442    * tg-admin now have a update command 
     443    * !TurboGears is now compatible with Python 2.3, thanks to Paul Clifford. 
     444    * !TurboGears supports plugins for template engines, tg-admin commands 
     445    * A plugin for Cheetah templates has been released separately 
     446    * !TurboGears now uses nose for testing 
     447    * Templates can now be specified relative to the current package by preceding the template name with ".". For example, if you have a controller in "yourpackage" with templates in a package under that package, you can use "yourpackage.templates.templatename" or ".templates.templatename". Thanks to David Bernard. 
     448    * New commands can be added to tg-admin via the turbogears.command entry point. Thanks to Elvelind Grandin. 
     449    * Controllers that subclass controllers.Controller (including the standard !RootController) can automatically use positional parameters for the methods. This means that "/entry/MONTH/DAY/YEAR" can be interpreted easily by a method entry(self, month, day, year). 
     450    * !MochiKit can now be included in your final HTML output by putting turbogears.mochikit in your output dictionary (it doesn't matter what the key assigned is). The advantage to doing this is that it helps to ensure that !MochiKit is included only once, even if you're using widgets that require it. 
     451    * !MochiKit can be enabled everywhere by setting tg.mochikit_all to True in your config file. 
     452    * Added new "cycle" object to std in template usage. This makes it easy to cycle through a number of values (and it also lets you retrieve the current value). This is useful for things like even and odd row classes, etc. Thanks to Karl Guertin. 
     453    * You can send a random value in to the controller (tg_random) that will be automatically thrown out to get around issues with Internet Explorer caching data too aggressively. 
     454    * The expose decorator has been split into input and output functions. expose continues to handle output, and the new validate decorator handles input (validation and form handling). This new setup makes it easier to mix in your own decorators if you need to. 
     455    * Added turbogears.redirect which wraps the cherrypy.HTTPRedirect exception to automatically call turbogears.url to help ensure properly formatted URLs. You can either call turbogears.redirect or "raise turbogears.redirect" if that makes the intent clearer to you (as happens with the existing usage of cherrypy.HTTPRedirect) 
     456    * There is a new configuration file format that are slightly specialized Python modules. This allows you to run Python code to determine your configuration. 
     457    * You can now specify that you're generating a fragment of a page (rather than an entire page) at expose time by passing fragment=True in to expose. This is useful if you want Kid to generate part of a page for an XMLHttpRequest, for example. 
     458    * There's a new validator, JSONValidator, that reads/writes JSON, which is convenient for parameters that are coming in via JSON. 
     459    * new test stuff (expand) 
     460    * There is now a tg-admin info command that shows all the version info for the tubogears components. 
     462    * Additional enhancements: #326, #593, #590, #604 
     464=== Fixes === 
     466    * setup.py tests for Python 2.4 (thanks to Elvelind Grandin for the idea and Bob Ippolito for the simplest implementation possible) 
     467    * base templates reload automatically (thanks to David Stanek) - NOTE this ticket has been reopened ****** support for this is experimental until the issues are ironed out. 
     468    * Kid no longer puts blank space in textareas. 
     469    * turbogears.flash handles unicode values properly 
     471    * Additionally fixes bugs: #600, #584, #602, #116, #117, #326, #346 
     473=== Project Updates === 
     475    * replaced json-py with Bob Ippolito's simple_json 
     476    * the !RuleDispatch package is new to !TurboGears 
     477    * !TurboGears has moved to !CherryPy 2.2, which is not yet stable. We will use the most stable snapshots possible in !TurboGears 0.9 releases. 
     478    * !MochiKit upgraded to 1.2 
     479    * setuptools upgraded to 0.6a10 (#606) 
     481=== Contributors === 
     483The following people made this release possible: 
     485Elvelind Grandin, Ronald Jaramillo, Jeff Watkins, Dan Jacob, David Stanek, Jared Kuolt, Paul Clifford, Lee McFadden, Michele Cella, Karl Guertin, Max Ischenko, Mark Godfrey, Simon Belak, Jorge Godoy, Patrick Lewis, Joey Smith, David Bernard, Simon Davy, Gary Godfrey, Jason Chu, Liza Daly, Ryan Forsythe, Jeremy Jones, Egor Cheshkov, Claudio Martinez, Leandro Lucarella, Bob Ippolito, Alberto Valverde González, Brian Bockelman, Stephen Thorne, Robin Bryce, Ksenia Marasanova, Ori Avtalion, Martina Oefelein, Ian Bicking, Rick Richardson, Luis Bruno, Joost Moesker, BJörn Lindqvist. 
     487A special thanks to Cliff Wells of Develix for sponsoring a bug bounty! 
     489== 0.8.9 == 
     491    * Fixes a warning message that appears with each quickstart (#347) 
     493== 0.8.8 == 
     495    * A security flaw was discovered in !CherryPy's static filter. This !TurboGears update changes the !CherryPy requirement to 2.1.1. 
     497== 0.8.7 == 
     499This update primarily solves installation issues and is not required otherwise. 
     501    * quickstart corrected to properly produce egg-info directories (previously, directories could be created with "-" when it should have a "_"). Note that setuptools 0.6a9 will warn you if you have a - in your egg-info directory name. Just rename the directory, and you'll be fine. 
     502    * Installation issues that people may have had earlier are resolved in this setuptools update. 
     503    * version number set to 0.8.7 to reflect that this is considered the "stable" version of !TurboGears vs. the current 0.9 code in svn. 
     505=== Project Updates === 
     507    * setuptools 0.6a9 
     508    * sqlobject 0.7.1dev_r1457 (updated to handle the setuptools change, but also includes other bugfixes) 
     510== 0.8a6 == 
     512    * Chained validators will now cause an Invalid exception to be raised as appropriate. (#44) 
     513    * When validation would fail, previously an unexpected exception may be raised when an Invalid exception is expected. (#190) 
     514    * quickstart didn't look out for .pyo files in the same way that it did .pyc files. (#260) 
     516=== Project Updates === 
     518    * json-py updated to 3.4 
     520== 0.8a5 == 
     522    * setup has been changed to ensure that people properly get the !CherryPy 2.1 release version. 
     524=== Project Updates === 
     526    * Kid updated to 0.8.0 
     527    * !MochiKit updated to 1.1 
     528    * !FormEncode updated to 0.4 
     529    * setuptools updated to 0.6a8 
     531== 0.8a4 == 
     533=== Project Updates === 
     535    * setuptools 0.6a6 
     536    * !CherryPy 2.1 final 
     537    * !MochiKit 1.0 
     539=== Fixes === 
     541    * On some servers, !TurboGears can take a minute to start answering connections due to the way the OS handles incoming connections to ports that have nothing listening on them. 
     543== 0.8a3 == 
     545=== Fixes === 
     547    * setup.py was not using setup_requires in a productive way. This has been changed, so tg-admin quickstart will no longer need to go to the internet to function. 
     548    * turbogears.database.setdburi was not properly putting the setting in the global config section. By Robert Leftwich. 
     549    * some people have had trouble with the url function not being able to find cherrypy.request.approot. This may be due to older classes that do not extend controllers.Root. This was not listed as a requirement for the URL function. The documentation for the url function has been updated, and the code has been updated to always set the approot to the top of the site at least. 
     551== 0.8a2 == 
     553=== Fixes === 
     555    * tg-admin quickstart was missing the appropriate egg-info for the sql commands to work properly 
     558== 0.8a1 == 
     560=== Backwards Incompatibilities === 
     562    *  All of the "turbogears*" variables have been changed to "tg_". These are tg_template, tg_format, tg_flash and tg_js. (Note that turbogearsfmt has become tg_format and tg_html has become tg_template.) 
     563    * The !StringBoolean validator (which has moved into !FormEncode proper) now returns strings for from_python. For example, from_python(True) now returns 'true'. It used to return True. (#4) 
     564    * turbogears-admin.py is now called tg-admin and is automatically generated by setuptools (#10)/ 
     565    * The tg-admin sql commands now require a properly setup .egg-info directory to automatically find the model classes. If the egg info is not properly set up, the command can fix it automatically. 
     566    * The view.render method's "html" parameter has been renamed "template" to reflect that the templates might be for XML presentations. Most people don't call view.render directly. 
     568=== New Features === 
     570    * There is a new !PackageHub that is designed to allow different parts of a site to use different databases. Use of the !PackageHub works just like the !AutoConnectHub. 
     571    * Added a new function: turbogears.database.set_db_uri. This is a more pleasant wrapper around the cherrypy config variables that can be used in command line tools and the like. 
     572    * IPython is used in tg-admin shell, if it's available. By David Guaraglia. 
     573    * You can specify a default format via the new format parameter to expose. For example, expose(format="json") will cause the method to output JSON by default, even if HTML is available. By Elvelind Grandin. 
     574    * You can specify the Content-Type via expose. Example: expose(content_type="text/javascript"). By Elvelind Grandin. 
     575    * expose now has a "template" parameter that can be used in place of "html". This is more pleasant for non-HTML applications. 
     576    * On Macs, if you're running in development mode the server will be advertised via Bonjour. If you enable Bonjour bookmarks (via the Bookmarks Preferences tab in Safari), you'll see your development server show up automatically. By Bob Ippolito. 
     577    * There is now a url function that can be used to generate URLs conveniently and, more importantly, with an appropriate view of where the root of the web application is. 
     578    * validators can now be specified with a dict (the 0.5 way) or with a !FormEncode Schema, which provides more options. By Fabian Neumann. 
     579    * Quickstart now provides a basic static files skeleton. By Elvelind Grandin. 
     580    * Added config setting to determine Kid's output format (HTML/XHTML). By Fabian Neumann. 
     581    * In quickstart, project-start.py now takes a config file on the command line. By Elvelind Grandin. 
     582    * project-start.py is also made executable automatically. By Fabian Neumann. 
     583    * Added turbogears.tests.util.call function to allow you to call a controller method and get the dictionary back without processing to HTML or JSON. This allows you to test controller logic independent of presentation. (#31) 
     585=== Project Updates === 
     587    * setuptools updated to 0.6a5 
     588    * !SQLObject updated to 0.7 final (#2) 
     589    * !FormEncode updated to 0.2.3dev-r1108 
     590    * !CherryPy updated to 2.1-rc2 (#22) 
     591    * !MochiKit updated to 0.9 (#23) 
     592    * Kid updated to 0.7adev-r186 
     594=== Notable Improvements in the Projects === 
     596Kid can now generate plain text output using the !PlainSerializer. 
     598=== Fixes === 
     600    * All of the sqlobject-admin commands now work through the use of egg metadata. (#3) 
     601    * If a template was specified in the returned dictionary from an exposed method, but not in the parameters to expose itself, that template was not applied. By Ronald Jaramillo. 
     602    * The content-type meta tag in the quickstart files is now automatically stripped out, because Kid's HTML serializer puts one in. 
     603    * Improved comments in the quickstart config files. 
     604    * There is a temporary hack to handle threadsafety issues with sqlite. This has been changed to only affect sqlite. (#24) 
     605    * JSON output should work for Opera now (Opera appeared to have a problem with the text/javascript content-type and utf-8 encoding.) By "Lethalman". 
     606    * All files needed for a project to install and run from an egg should be installed properly based on the quickstart setup script. (#13) 
     607    * The flash cookie was not always deleted. Setting the path on the cookie corrected this. By Nick. (#32) 
     609== 0.5.1 == 
     611Relaxed version requirements and changed version numbering for 
     612included !ElementTree packages to ease installation troubles. 
     614== 0.5.0 == 
     616 * Initial public release