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    11= Change Log = 
     4== 1.1 (October 4, 2009) == 
     6=== Fixes === 
     8    * Name error in `identity.SecureResource` when `require` attribute not set 
     9      (r6686). 
     10    * Unit test for model bootstrap functions in standard quickstart template 
     11      should not run when identity model can not be imported (r6692). 
     12    * When a visitor requested a page shortly before the `visit.timeout` and 
     13      then again shortly afterwards, he could sometimes be logged of at the 
     14      second request because the visit manager had not yet updated the database. 
     15      This has now been fixed by first looking up visits cached in memory (#2346). 
     16    * Added `save_on_init` as alias for `autoadd` kwarg of `database.session_mapper` 
     17      for backward-compatibility and fixed a bug occuring when mapping a class a 
     18      second time with session_mapper (r6747). 
     19    * Genshi now uses adds correct doctype declarations to HTML and XHTML. By 
     20      default, the `'strict'` variant is used (#1963). 
     21    * Genshi engine now correctly changes the encoding when configured to do 
     22      so (r6787). 
     23    * Added tests for Genshi template engine integration and separated test for 
     24      Kid engine in `test_view.py` from engine-independant tests (r6788). 
     26=== Features === 
     28    * There is a new config setting `visit.interval` allowing you to change 
     29      the visit manager time interval for updating the visit table in the database. 
     30      The setting must be specified in seconds; the default value is 30 seconds 
     31      (r6751). 
     32    * The `genshi.default_doctype` configuration setting can now be a dictionary 
     33      mapping format names to doctype names. For details see the examples in 
     34      `app.cfg` in the default quickstart templates (r6787). 
     36=== Changes === 
     38    * Updated PyPI trove classifiers to give stable status and supported Python 
     39      versions (r6691). 
     40    * !PasteScript version requirement is now >= 1.7 for Python 2.6 compatibility 
     41      (r6691). 
     42    * !TurboCheetah is not installed by default anymore (but Cheetah dependency is 
     43      pulled by PasteScipt). To install !TurboGears with !TurboCheetah support, use 
     44      `easy_install TurboGears[compat]` (r6691). 
     45    * The `turbogears.feed` package is deprecated and using `FeedControlller` will 
     46      issue a deprecation warning (r6695). 
     47    * The config setting `"tg.defaultview"` now has the default value `"genshi"`. 
     48      This means that to use kid templates, one has to set `tg.defaultview = "kid"` 
     49      in the application's configuration or prefix template names with `"kid:"` 
     50      in the expose decorator (r6696). 
     51    * A missing or faulty dburi raises a `DatabaseConfigurationError` exception 
     52      in most cases when trying to establish a database connection (r6714). 
     53    * Default identity provider code cleanup and aligning. Changes to 
     54      `identity.*.encryption_algorithm` are now effective immediately (r6715). 
     55    * Identity tests now use `SqlAlchemyVisitManager` (r6716). 
     56    * Instantiating `SqlObjectVisitManager` fails correctly if visit data model 
     57      tables can not be created (r6717). 
     58    * Loading the template engine options from the configuration was changed so 
     59      that all options whose first part of the option name (i.e. everything before 
     60      the first dot) matches the start of the tempalte plugin name are passed to 
     61      the template engine when it is instantiated in `view.load_engines`. This 
     62      means, for example, that the plugin named `"genshi"` will receive all 
     63      `genshi.*` settings and the `"genshi-markup"` plugin will recieve those 
     64      as well and all `genshi-markup.*` settings too (r6756). 
     65    * `expose` and `view.render` now take arbitrary keywords arguments, which are 
     66      passed as keyword args to the `render` method of template plugins, which 
     67      may use them as options for this rendering process. This replaces the 
     68      `mapping` keyword arg previously supported by `expose` and `view.render` but 
     69      which was never passed to the template renderer (r6783). 
     70    * The config setting ``genshi.encoding`` is now ``genshi.default_encoding``. 
     71      If you used this setting and it was set to something other than `"utf-8"`, 
     72      you need to change your configuration (r6787). 
     73    * New provisional favicon in quickstart templates. This may be replaced again 
     74      in a 1.1 bugfix release (r6789). 
     76=== Contributors (in alphabetical order) === 
     78Christopher Arndt, Christoph Zwerschke 
     80See also the list of contributors for version 1.1rc1. 
    383== 1.1rc1 (September 20, 2009) ==