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Implementing and using CompoundWidgets


In this section I'll descrbe how to build compound widgets and use them. For the time being, here's a commented CompoundWidget? demo TG widget's package. To install:

$ tar xvjf compounddemo.vN.tar.bz2
$ cd compounddemo
$ python develop
$ tg-admin toolbox

And watch the four eight examples at the toolbox's widget browser.

How was the egg built?

tg-admin can create the skeleton of a widget's egg like this:

tg-admin quickstart -ttgwidget compounddemo

It's the best way to reuse widgets among projects and to modularize your apps for easier maintenance. Best of all, they are easily re-distributed.

Once you install the resulting egg just import the widgets in your app and enjoy.

from compounddemo import MyCompound

w = MyCompound()