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Converting Between Cookie Types

There are two largely incompatible cookie types in the Python standard library. The Cookie library is used by CherryPy. Urllib2 (which is handy for accessing other websites as a client) uses cookielib. The code below is at least a start at converting between the two. It has only been lightly tested, but is hopefully better than starting from scratch. If you find a bug, please fix it. :-)

import cookielib
import Cookie
import time

class FakeRequest(object):
    """A request object that pretends it is a urlib2.Request.
    Not a full implementation, but enough to get by.
    def __init__(self, cherrypy_request):
        self.req = cherrypy_request
    def get_full_url(self):
        return self.req.browser_url
    def get_host(self):
        return self.req.headers['Host']
    def get_type(self):
        return self.req.scheme
    def is_unverifiable(self):
        # Assuming everything has been verified
        return False
    def get_origin_req_host(self):
        # Again, this is more of a client function, so punting
        return self.req.headers['Host']

def create_cookiejar(cherrypy_request):
    "Returns a cookielib.CookieJar based on cookies found in cherrypy.request"
    req = cherrypy_request
    cookiejar = cookielib.CookieJar()
    # fake request to make cookielib happy
    fake_req = FakeRequest(req)
    for cookie_name, morsel in req.simple_cookie.items():
        std_attr = {}
        # copy attributes that have values
        for attr in morsel.keys():
            if morsel[attr]:
        tup = (cookie_name, morsel.value, std_attr, {})
        new_cookie = cookiejar._cookie_from_cookie_tuple(tup, fake_req)
    return cookiejar
def create_simple_cookie(cookiejar):
    "Returns a Cookie.SimpleCookie based on cookielib.CookieJar."
    sc = Cookie.SimpleCookie()
    attrs = ('expires', 'path', 'comment', 'domain', 'secure', 'version')
    # Doesn't look like Cookie.SimpleCookie allows for nonstandard attributes, so 
    # we only deal with the standard ones.
    for path_dict in cookiejar._cookies.values(): #iterate through paths
        for cookie_dict in path_dict.values():    
            for name, cookie in cookie_dict.items():
                sc[name] = cookie.value
                for attr in attrs:
                    if getattr(cookie, attr):
                        if attr == 'expires':
                            # Cookies thinks an int expires x seconds in future,
                            # cookielib thinks it is x seconds from epoch,
                            # so doing the conversion to string for Cookies
                            fmt = '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT'
                            sc[name]['expires'] = time.strftime(fmt, 
                            sc[name][attr] = getattr(cookie, attr)
    return sc