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     1== Debian Packaging == 
     3Ian Bicking noted that there is a python tool for creating Debian packages: 
     6== Debian Sarge and Sid (unstable): Non-root installs == 
     8Here $ is your prompt. 
     101.  Make sure you are a member of the 'staff' group.  This group 
     11has permission to write in the '/usr/local' tree.  Debian packages set 
     12up some empty directories in this tree with the correct permissions so 
     13that non-root installs of supplementary modules etc can be done. 
     15The 'id' program will show you what groups you are already a member of.  If your  
     16username is 'me' and your uid is 1001 then the output of 'id' will appear as shown and you need to 
     17list all the present additional groups as well as 'staff' when running 'usermod'.  If 'staff' is already listed 
     18then you can skip this step. 
     21$ id  
     22uid=1001(me) gid=1001(mygroup) groups=24(cdrom),29(audio),1001(mygroup) 
     23$ sudo usermod -G 24,29,staff me 
     26You need to log out and in again for this to take effect. 
     292. Install python2.4-dev.  [example: Debian provides methods other than sudo ...] 
     32$ sudo apt-get install python2.4-dev 
     353. Create a pydistutils.cfg file in your home directory. [or use vi/emacs/...] 
     38$ cat > ~/.pydistutils.cfg << EOF 
     40install_lib = /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages 
     47Please notice that the easy_install section does not support the $ variables. Just write the complete path. 
     494. Run ez_setup.py from the Turbogears download page. 
     52$ python2.4 ez_setup.py -f http://www.turbogears.org/download/index.html --script-dir /usr/local/bin TurboGears