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Information about python-turbogears from experimental


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    1414Note, that Bob Tanner, Gustavo Noronha, and Fredrik Steen are working on 
    15 official TurboGears packages at 
    16 http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-turbogears/ 
     15official TurboGears packages at http://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-turbogears/ 
     16and the resulting [http://packages.debian.org/python-turbogears python-turbogears] 
     17package has now entered the experimental distribution, and is expected to eventually 
     18enter unstable (Sid) and testing (Etch). 
    18 This will allow for a simple 'apt-get install turbogears' in the future. 
    19 There are some policy problems to solve first, however, so don't 
    20 hold your breath. 
     20Installing TurboGears on a machine tracking testing can thus be done as follows: 
     221. Make sure that the unstable and experimental distributions are available in `/etc/apt/sources.list`.  If `MIRROR` is your selected [http://www.debian.org/mirror/list mirror], then it should look like this: 
     25deb http://MIRROR/debian/ testing      main contrib non-free 
     26deb http://MIRROR/debian/ unstable     main contrib non-free 
     27deb http://MIRROR/debian/ experimental main contrib non-free 
     302. Make APT prefer packages from testing over packages from unstable and experimental by setting `/etc/apt/preferences`: 
     33Package: * 
     34Pin: release a=testing 
     35Pin-Priority: 900 
     37Package: * 
     38Pin: release a=unstable 
     39Pin-Priority: 800 
     41Package: * 
     42Pin: release a=experimental 
     43Pin-Priority: 700 
     46See the `apt_preferences(5)` man page for information about this file. 
     483. Install the python-turbogears package using `apt-get`, `aptitude` or whatever tool you prefer; this will pull in a lot of other packages from all three distributions. 
     50That should be it!  You now have a TurboGears installation which will automatically track the latest versions of all dependant packages and install them as needed.  Whenever a dependant package is available from both testing and unstable, then one from testing will be preferred. 
    2253== 2) Debian Sarge and Sid (unstable): Non-root installs ==