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Deploying your TG application with an Egg and Easy Install

Q: How can I make a machine in which TG isn't installed, run an app written in TG?

If you quickstarted your application, you should have a file.

python bdist_egg

will give you an Egg file that you can copy over to your deployment machine and easy_install. When you do that, your start script is available to start up the TurboGears server. You also need a prod.cfg that you will call your start script with, as well as an existing database that your project will use (specified in prod.cfg). This can be the same database as the one you created with

tg-admin sql create

while developing your application.

Note also that as long as the lists TurboGears as a requirement, it should be possible for somebody to install your application with just the .egg and easy_install - including the installation of TurboGears itself, with all its dependencies.

This is a pretty killer feature for application deployment, especially since it will also upgrade TurboGears if you use an app that needs a later version of something, etc. If your application has other dependencies besides TurboGears, those can get installed too.

Google group discussion  here.