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The Documentation Playground

This is a place to toss around ideas, write up simple recipes and create drafts of things that may eventually go into the official documentation.

If you add something here, please be sure to specify which TurboGears version you're using at the top of the document. Wikis can get stale very easily.

Installation and Deployment Tips

More Tutorials

  • FileUploadTutorial : Adding File Upload to the Tutorial
  • WikiDiffTutorial : Adding 'diff' capabilities to the Tutorial
  • ExtendingQuickstart : how do extend the tg-admin quickstart with your own files
  • IdentityManagement : Tracking users' identities with group-based permissions
  • CachingTechniques : different ways to add caching to your app
  •  Database agnostic SQL : Ben Bangert's great article on using SQLObject to generate database agnostic SQL, for those times when working with objects isn't what you need
  • SelectingInASelectControl : how to set one OPTION as "selected"

Development Ideas